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  • Pokkén DX Demo Announced + 2017 World Championships Results


    Sorry for this being late, all. Our writers were unavailable to cover this over the weekend, but better late than never!


    The 2017 Pokémon World Championships concluded this weekend, with Pokkén's Top 16 concluding this past Saturday. The Pokémon Company often likes to make announcements during this annual event, and this year one of the announcements was that Pokkén Tournament DX will receive a free downloadable demo soon™!



    Read on for the results of the 2017 Pokkén Tournament World Championships Top 16.




    1. Tonosama (JP)
    2. Mikukey_Homura (JP)
    3. Azazel (JP)
    4. Elm (JP)
    5. Apollo (JP)
    5. Thulius (NA)
    7. Xabsoluted (EU)
    7. SlippingBug (NA)


    9. Messa (JP)
    9. Goreson (EU)
    9. Wzurds (NA)
    9. Fabilous (EU)
    13. Ito (JP)
    13. Rasenryu (NA)
    13. S-Ki (JP)
    13. Suicune Master (NA)


    Be sure to check back for more news regarding the Pokkén Tournament DX downloadable demo.

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