• ReyDelEmpire Posting Pokkén DX Gameplay from Nintendo NY!


    Community members ReyDelEmpire and Mins got the chance to play the demo of Pokkén Tournament DX at Nintendo NY earlier today, and they were able to get some footage of the game. Rey has uploaded these recordings to his YouTube channel for us all to enjoy and dissect!


    The footage shows a few new things, including Decidueye having the ability to lock his opponent's supports, Popplio giving a double jump, Latios being a fast charging support, and more.


    Expect a post later on compiling all of the new findings!


    ReyDelEmpire (Decidueye) vs. Mins (Decidueye)


    Mins (Shadow Mewtwo) vs. Nice Guy (Decidueye)


    ??? (Decidueye) vs. ??? (Machamp)


    Mins (Decidueye) vs. ReyDelEmpire (Blaziken)


    Be sure to follow ReyDelEmpire and Mins on Twitter and thank them for getting this footage for us!

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    Decidueye looks very rushdown-y from what I see of the moves. An invincible forward dash, airdash + glide, and lots of mixup tools from the multitude of divekicks (regular divekick, grab divekick, counter divekick....) as well as that Rashid projectile which curves upwards to catch people backjumping.

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    Guest Edward


    I'm thinking his moveset could look something like this:

    8A- fury attack (special cancellable into Leafage or Leaf Blade)

    6A- Spirit shackle

    4A- Frenzy plant

    2A- Smack down

    jA- Sucker punch

    Charged A- Grass pledge

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