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    Morning Discussion: Synergy Burst

    Blue Link

    Pokken Synergy chart.jpgToday, we will be starting a new type of thread here in Pokkén Arena called "Morning Discussion". Once in a while, our front page team will pick a relevant topic about the game and invite people in the community to discuss about it.


    Let's begin with a subject that a lot of people are discussing lately, Synergy Burst Meter. As you all may know, every character has a different size for their Synergy Burst Meter, meaning each character takes a different amount of points to fill that Meter. Additionally, every Synergy Burst has a different duration time, with some ending quicker than others. BurnsideBH (one of the most active players of the community) did two amazing charts that illustrates how that work:


    What are your thoughts about it? Do you think the developers did a good job balancing this unique and important mechanic? Or maybe some adjustments are necessary? Let's discuss on the comments section below!Pokken Synergy chart.jpg

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    I think synergy burst is a great mechanic that plays a great role in the balance of this game in your options to deal with bursted opponents, how easy it is for you to get burst, and how strong your burst is. It also gives everyone a really good defensive reversal that reduces the influence of guessies in the game, while also not being broken because it deals no damage and requires a full meter to use. There are also many supports and cheer skills that revolve around synergy, adding yet another level of depth to deciding what you bring to a match. As for the stat buffs, I believe that the stat buffs are enough to make a big difference, but not enough to be broken. Added moves that are ridiculous serve for further balance of the synergy burst characters, as a 150 cc character should be better in burst than a 100cc character if they are just as good in every other aspect. When it comes to the burst armor, I would like to point out that if Mr. Harada wanted to, he can give a pokemon all strong attacks so that they just don't care about burst armor. It serves as further balance for the characters as a whole, making some better against bursted opponents than others, and serves as incentive to win or keep up in the synergy race, or to bring a support that lets you do better against bursted opponents. Most burst attacks being frame 5 invulnerable is perfectly fine if you ask me, it gives bursted characters an out for pressure when they should be in control of the match anyway, and it's not like you cant play around the 4 frames where it is vulnerable. As for the burst attacks themselves, I think they are fine because they further deter risky play from the opponent,  and allow the bursted opponent to control the match that they deserve to control for winning the synergy race. Overall, I think that the synergy burst mechanic is well balanced, and that if it were changed to be worse it would take away a lot of the game's depth.

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    On 10/18/2017 at 10:36 AM, Bolimar said:

    It also gives everyone a really good defensive reversal that reduces the influence of guessies in the game

    reduces the influence of guessies in the game


    And here I was so sure that nobody actually said the word "guessies".

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