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    Pokkén Arena North America DX Season 2: Feedback & Update


    This update is going to be a bit different. In this update there will probably be some things you don't like and there may be some things you do like. The entire point of this update is to bring as much clarity as possible to the community. It is no secret the rankings took much longer to release this year compared to the previous year. 


    Why was the ranking shortened from Top 25 to Top 10?
    I'm a go ahead and bring this up again. We didn't have TPCi tournaments count this time because they were a different format and it didn't make sense for 3v3 to count in a 1v1 ranking ladder. Doing this meant that players who decided to go to a TPCi tournament over a 1v1 tournament didn't get points towards the 1v1 ladder.


    We also had a handful of tournaments either overlap each other or so close together that players had to pick and choose tournaments. This meant less overall tournaments for players to use to meet the tournament requirements. It also meant players didn't get to face each other if they went to different tournaments so not only did it affect tournament rankings but also head to head values.


    Once we saw the final data it became very clear that after a certain point Top10 was just the most competitive section while the bottom of the ladder became more inconsistent and/or harder to rank. Top 5 ended up being like last year Top 10 where it was the most competitive section.


    Why did it take the rankings long to release?
    The simplest answer is the team shrunk dramatically over the course of time starting around the end of DX Season 1 rankings. What started as a team of 10+ people very quickly became Fumu, Raikel and Myself. I could go into detail about it all but all that matters is that we had to take over everything while our personal lives were causing us to shift priorities away from the rankings. Even then we still put as much time as we could into the rankings. However it became increasingly harder to work on the rankings as the workload continued to pile and we were busy with things in our personal lives. Fumu got a new house, Raikel job has been keeping him busy, I was looking for a job and even ended up in the hospital earlier on in the year.


    The silent recruitment of Jin.
    Jin was brought on to help take off some of the workload. It was clear that the workload was becoming too much and Jin was someone we thought could help us out. Jin is someone who clearly cares and wants to take initiative in Pokkén and is someone we think can learn to understand what type of work going into the rankings. There isn't much else to say besides we needed help and Jin was willing to provide that help.


    Ranking related content.
    This is mostly about the data/statistics and feedback posts. At the time of this write up these contents will be seeing an indefinite hiatus.
    In regard to stats. It was a solo project using my own free time. The work that goes into a single tournament can take weeks to calculate data. I was lucky enough to have filters that did math and track points for me. Even then I still found myself putting in 20 hours a week sometimes in the work I was doing for some tournaments. Like even small things like tracking when the timer stops for each round can easily add minutes depending on various factors. Since this was a solo project with no one able to take over this content has been archived from the community projects.


    As for the feedback posts, there weren't many because I felt the points were hit pretty quickly and easily. These posts were meant to help give as much clarity as possible to the rankings. I don't know if anyone will take over the posts at the current moment so for now this will also be joining the indefinite hiatus.


    The periodic power ranking updates. There is no clear answer on this one. With the ranking team shrinking it's hard to say who would even have time to take over. On top of that with a small team it's harder to keep up with updating the rankings in a timely manner so there are multiple variables at play making it tough.


    Going forward.

    The most direct answer is that the rankings will now be a slow process. If you look at the current team of Myself, Fumu, Raikel, and Jin that is currently only four people. Myself and Raikel will both be stepping down so that will only leave two people on the team. Rebuilding will take time and then making adjustments to the rankings system as it still has its flaws. All that I ask is that everyone please be patient with us as we try to get things back up and running. I'll personally be trying to leave the team in the best position possible before I fully step down.

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