• Community Roundup #1!


    Good evening guys! The Pokkén Arena staff has been discussing this idea for quite awhile now, and I'm happy to finally be posting the first Community Roundup!


    We can't make a new post for every single thing that happens in the community, so these Roundups are intended to be daily posts that highlight everything the community is doing - from art, to Twitch streams, to tournaments, to whatever!


    If you've made a contribution to the community, no matter how small, let us know so we can share it in the next Roundup! There's no way for us to know everyone that Ranked Up on a given day, for example, so make sure that we know what you accomplished!


    Remember that you can submit content to Pokkén Arena here.



    Community News

    For anything special going on in the community today!


    Ghav Leaves for Bolivia

    Ghav, a competitive Braixen/Lucario player from Arizona, leaves today for a two year religious service mission. He will be in Bolivia until June/July 2019. We all wish you the best, Ghav!




    Send us a link to your past broadcast if you streamed Pokkén and we'll share it, helping you get more viewers for future streams!





    If you're a TO, be sure to send in your tournament bracket link so we can share the results and celebrate players improving and having fun together!


    Hitbox Arena Pokkén Weekly #66 | Stream | Bracket


    1. HBA | Oreo  favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    2. HBA | Rokso  favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    3. HBA | WhiteyWhite  1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    4. madluk  favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    5. HBA | EveryDamnDay favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    5. KandiSAI favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    7. Cat Fight favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    7. Shippo 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png



    Pokkén Meetups

    Are you and some friends planning to meet up to play some Pokkén? Or maybe a group of you are planning to stop for dinner after a tournament? Take a picture of the group and send it in so we can feature it in the day's Roundup!



    YouTube Videos

    Do you make Pokkén videos for YouTube? Link them to us the day you upload them so we can share your channel and help you gain a wider audience!


    Lucario + Lapras Support Combos

    Some awesome combos utilizing Lapras by Croza7!



    Tuberanza uses a bunch of different Pokémon on Ranked and gets Ranked Down. Ranked is tough!


    I Wanna Be A Pokkén Master #49 - Nearing The Goal!

    DualDEATHLucario tackles Ranked Mode as he tries to reach S5!


    [THAI] Pokkén Tournament #101 "Spirit Lightning!"

    OverBoot and NomaiZ - two A Rank players - face off in some Friendly Battles!



    Audaxation plays some Ranked as he tries to get back into Pokkén before the release of Pokkén Tournament DX!




    Have you made Pokkén fanart? Got yourself a custom controller? Made a Pokkén music remix? New overlay for your stream? Send us your creative works!


    "Sceptile-Kun <3" - by Triss





    Rank Ups

    Did you Rank Up today? Be sure to send it in so we can share it in the day's Roundup! It doesn't matter if it's Ranking Up to S1 or E3, let's celebrate your accomplishment!


    (There's nothing here yet! You should submit something for tomorrow's Roundup.)




    Got something else related to Pokkén? Send it in! The Roundups are meant to celebrate the community and everything we're doing.


    (There's nothing here yet! You should submit something for tomorrow's Roundup.)



    That's all for tonight! Remember, you can submit content to Pokkén Arena here. Maybe your contribution to the community will show up in tomorrow's Roundup, or maybe it will even have its own separate post!

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