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  • Victory Road League Announced!


    Earlier this morning, Burnside took to Twitter to bring exciting news for Pokkén Tournament fans around the globe. With the help of Raikel, Mewtater, Munster, ALLISTER and Fumu, Burnside announced the next installment in the Victory Road series of tournaments - the Victory Road League!


    For those unaware, the three previous Victory Road tournaments have all been massive online tournaments hosted with particular goals in mind. For the first Victory Road, participants raised funds to get Pokkén into EVO 2017. Victory Road 2 was a community effort to raise enough money to get Doghouse Esports to DreamHack Austin. Finally, Victory Road 3 gave participants the chance to try out Team Battle mode shortly after the 2019 Championship Series format was announced.


    This time around, Victory Road promises to be bigger than ever with multiple phases, a prize pot provided by Mewtater that grows with each new entrant, a Consolation Bracket, and more. If you have a stable internet connection, this is an event you don't want to miss! Regardless of your skill level, make sure you're a part of Pokkén Tournament history.



    The details for the Victory Road League are as follows:



    • Format

      • Starting with League Pods, players will be assigned to pools and have two weeks to play and report a best of three set against each player in their pod

      • Players with the strongest records in their pods will advance to the Top 64 phase, round robin pools with two weeks to play and report matches

      • Finally, two players from each pool will advance to the League Finals


    • Schedule

      • League Pods | Saturday, September 14, 2019

        • All assigned League Pod round robin matches must be completed by 11:50 p.m. PT on Friday, September 20

      • Top 64 | Saturday, September 21, 2019
        • All assigned Top 64 round robin matches must be completed by 11:50 p.m. PT on Friday, October 18

      • League Finals | Saturday, October 19, 2019


    • Prizes
      • For each entrant up to 150 entrants, the North America International Champion, Mewtater, will be donating $2 to the prize pool. That means a potential $300 in prizes!
      • 1st place: 50% of pot
      • 2nd place: 30% of pot
      • 3rd place: $20% of pot


    • Rules
      • Single Battle Mode ON
      • Best of 3 games each tournament set
      • All matches should be played in a mutually agreed upon group
      • Fixed Battle Arena ON
      • Points OFF
      • Winner is character locked, however, they may change Cheer and Supports. Loser may alter any or all characters used in the subsequent game.
      • You must verify the game and set results as well as character data on Smash.gg!
      • Unplayed sets at the end of each round robin phase will be recorded as ties
      • In cases where a disconnect occurs mid-game, players should simulate round wins and meter gain up to the round in which the disconnect occurred and replay the match from the start of that round.
      • All disconnects must be reported in the #Victory-Road-League channel to a judge. If a player is disconnected more than 2 times in a phase they will forfeit their participation in the event.
      • Be kind and practice good sportsmanship.


    • Consolation Bracket
      • The bottom (TBD #) of participants from each pod during the League Pods phase will have a chance to play each other for a consolation prize as a thank you for participating! More info to come.


    For more information on the Victory Road League and to sign up, be sure to check out the official smash.gg event page.

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