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  • Victory Road 2 Takes Place Today! Last Chance To Sign Up, Plus Where To Watch


    The second Victory Road tournament will be taking place today, Saturday, May 12!


    For those who aren't caught up on Victory Road 2, the tournament is the sequel to the incredibly successful online Victory Road tournament that took place during the #PokkenEvo campaign. When Pokkén was announced as one of the titles in running for the final Evo 2017 slot, the Pokkén community worked together to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the donation drive. While Pokkén did not secure the final slot, the campaign was a massive success that showed the perseverance and passion of our community, and Victory Road was one (of many) reasons for the campaign's success!


    Like its predecessor, Victory Road 2 was announced as part of a campaign to raise funds for a worthy cause. The sequel event was created to help raise funds to get Doghouse Esports to Dreamhack Austin 2018, and it was a success! Now, any future donations for Victory Road 2 will be going towards making the Pokkén event at Dreamhack Austin even better, including getting talented players and casters such as Burnside to the event!


    Also like with the first Victory Road, the tournament is free to enter, but donations are strongly encouraged in place of a bracket entry fee. Please consider supporting the event and the campaign it's supporting however you can!


    Victory Road 2.png


    Victory Road 2
    May 12, 2018




    Not all of these players are guaranteed to stream their matches during Victory Road 2, but there is a good chance that at least some of them will be. Alternatively, check out Pokkén's Twitch game directory to see all of the streamers broadcasting the event!



    (Times are in Eastern Time)


    6:30 PM: Check-Ins Start

    7:00 PM: Tournament Starts



    1. Donate your desired entry donation here (minimum $0, suggested $10).
    2. Click on this link to register for the event.
    3. Read the information on the event page to prepare yourself for today's competition.


    A reminder that donating is strongly encouraged, as one of the main purposes of this event is to raise funds. Donating will also get your name entered into the raffle for the event!



    All entrants who also make a donation will be entered into a raffle to win a Pokkén Tournament HORI Pad signed by the Top 8 of the Dreamhack Austin 2018 Pokkén bracket*!


    *Prize to be shipped in early June.


    Notable Entrants Include:

    • :Mewtwo: StDx ALLISTER Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Decidueye: StDx Munster Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Suicune: Burnside Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Blastoise: PG Coach Steve Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Garchomp: InC RoksoTheSavage Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Chandelure: BxA Twixxie Twitch-Icon.png
    • :ShadowMewtwo: Mins Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Garchomp: ICN KandiSAI Twitch-Icon.png
    • :Blaziken: LiveWithDave Twitch-Icon.png
    • :PikachuLibre: slippingbug
    • :Sceptile: ThankSwalot
    • :Decidueye: Bolimar
    • :Mewtwo: Oreo
    • :Weavile: UDL
    • :Scizor: teapS
    • :Aegislash: INGY Wingtide
    • :Gengar: JGG madluk
    • :Gardevoir: kaloncpu57
    • :Garchomp: OrlandoFox
    • :Scizor: Six
    • :Garchomp: SKDale
    • :Decidueye: MasK


    Please understand that even with the above list being as long as it is, it barely scratches the surface when it comes to how many high level players are competing in Victory Road 2. Don't stop at the list above - go look at the full attendees list on smash.gg!


    Bracket and More Information:



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