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  • MomoCon and COMBO BREAKER: This Weekend's Tournament Results


    This weekend featured two excellent Pokkén Tournament DX events, with many great players fighting for first place.


    First, Pokkén was one of the official tournaments for MomoCon 2018 - a massive "all-ages geek culture convention" in Atlanta, Georgia. The Pokkén bracket featured 18 entrants - including some of Georgia's best players, such as Scatz and Ouroboro. Also, the Pokkén community hosted a side tournament for the game at COMBO BREAKER this weekend. The side tournament featured 20 entrants, with names such as ThankSwalot and Double in attendance.


    Don't forget: The next major Pokkén event is this coming weekend at DreamHack Austin, where over 100 players will be competing for the prize.


    MomoCon 2018: Full Results

    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/momocon-2018-1/events/pokken-tournament-dx/overview

    1. Scatz :Charizard:

    2. jda7 :Pikachu:

    3. Ouroboro :Gardevoir::Blastoise::Aegislash:

    4. Psyanide

    5. NG-Obscure

    5. Nexas

    7. Tate wolf

    7. HazMatt


    9. Emerald

    9. NekitouCos1234

    9. Terrion

    9. Voxel

    13. PKSabre

    13. SCP66Shibe

    13. PradoBot

    13. D*ron


    17. cybersubzerosix

    17. Dat_Nibba


    COMBO BREAKER 2018: Full Results

    Bracket: https://challonge.com/CBPokkenDX

    1. ThankSwalot :Sceptile::Empoleon:

    2. Double :Braixen:

    3. Kamaal :Charizard::Scizor:

    4. Thulius :Mewtwo:

    5. Man Li Gi :Machamp:

    5. Son_Dula :Sceptile:

    7. TheJrJam :Lucario::Garchomp::Machamp:

    7. BL emgee :Pikachu:


    9. hojo

    9. Poco

    9. TheBlackScarecrow

    9. Wolfy

    13. COH FluffyWatanabe

    13. ganglyghost

    13. omega_black

    13. RedRover520


    17. dq

    17. JbrockPony

    17. Lav

    17. SeabusKyle


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