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  • slippingbug Releases Community Voted Tier List


    One of the most commonly asked questions from outsiders and newcomers to Pokkén's competitive scene has always been, "Is there a tier list for this game?". This question is usually met with a mix of personal tier lists, tier lists from top players, and "There's no definitive tier list, just play who you want, everyone's viable".


    It's true that Pokkén's cast is well balanced and that players can see success with any character they invest time into. This is a really awesome aspect of Pokkén that isn't present in all fighting games - having a balanced roster of completely unique fighters, where players can choose their favorites and still see success with enough hard work. As great as Pokkén's balance is, however, the fact is that a "definitive" or "official" tier list has the ability to draw in new players and viewers. To an outsider, the Pokkén community's inability to answer a question as simple as "is there a tier list" in a straightforward manner may make the competitive scene appear naive and slow to develop.


    This may not need to be an issue any longer, though. One of North America's top players and the #1 ranked player in last year's Season 1.3 Rankings, slippingbug, gathered responses from the community to create the first Pokkén Tournament Community Voted Tier List. With over 150 responses, the tier list is probably the most accurate depiction of the community's current view of the roster as a whole.



    As of right now, slippingbug is planning to create another Community Voted Tier List next month. Perhaps this will become a monthly occurrence, and perhaps this can help newcomers and outsiders looking to learn more about Pokkén's competitive scene.


    Editor's Note: It's important to note that the gaps between tiers in Pokkén are miniscule, especially compared to other fighting games. In some games, no character in the Gardevoir-Blaziken row would be worth investing time in because the character lacks tools necessary for success. This is not the case in Pokkén at all, so I want to stress that you should absolutely play who you want in this game, even if they're considered a "low tier".


    Missed out on participating in the Community Voted Tier List? Follow slippingbug on Twitter to make sure you don't miss next month's vote!


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