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    Revolution 2017: Full Results




    As the dust settled after a long-fought bracket reset in London, one man emerged victorious: that man’s name was Goreson.

    The newly crowned Revolution UK 2017 champion fought his way back from top 8 losers side after being downed once by his adversary from America: Oreo.

    Goreson showed no mercy on his path to grand finals taking out big names like RoksoTheSavage, xAbsoluted and Rubs to earn his shot at revenge against Oreo.

    Standing tall atop the European meta once more, Goreson has proven he’s still EU’s shining star.

    Congrats to EMT Goreson for his thrilling performance as well as to HBA Oreo and all the other members of top 8 at Revolution!




    Special shout out to all who attended including the players who flew over from America, who helped make this the biggest major Pokkén event in Europe so far.


    Group A1

    Group A1

    1. Rubs

    2. RoksoTheSavage

    3. InC | Flegar

    4. JustinPig

    5. Arpee

    5. Larissa

    7. Faz

    7. Uchi

    9. Conj_juice

    9. LordSpectreX


    Group A2

    Group A2

    1. TRL|Gintrax 

    2. Kemo 

    3. MillerTime

    4. NGI l AngelDarksong

    5. Bosshog

    5. Shippo

    7. NGI l Wiseblade

    7. SGMijumaru

    9. Galaxy Heart

    9. NGI|Nippon


    Group B1

    Group B1

    1. EMT Goreson 

    2. Afrokami 

    3. ToSaix

    4. DualLucario

    5. Mezza

    5. TheSandyDragon64

    7. Blue Link

    7. Skyward Finchester

    9. NGI|Marc with a C

    9. SolCalibre


    Group B2

    Group B2

    1. HBA l Oreo 

    2. Xabsoluted 

    3. HBA l EveryDamnDay

    4. Foowig

    5. Ezecrazy

    5. Sabrewoif

    7. AlternisKonti

    7. Lobotronix

    9. Naphiel

    9. York


    The full bracket is available here: 


    If you missed the 9 game thriller that was the grand finals or simply wish to relive the Top 8 in its entirety, the VOD is available here:

    Timestamp 03:02:36 – 05:35:34

    And will be uploaded to YouTube in due time.

    Edited by Sabrewoif

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