• Pokken Tournament 2017 Q2 - Awards of Excellence









    Ladies and Gentlemen,


    Pokken Arena is proud to announce the Awards of Excellence for Q2!

    These are awards given to players who excelled in 8 different categories, based on results from their locals!


    Congratulations to the following!

    Most Points

    1st: HBA|Rokso - 957pts

    2nd: HBA|Oreo - 766 pts

    3rd: Fable|Suicune Master - 661 pts

    4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 606 pts


    Most Active Player

    (# of tournaments)

    1st: HBA|EveryDamnDay - 21 tournaments

    2nd: TIE at 20 tournaments - HBA|WhiteyWhite and TheSandyDragon64

    3rd: TIE at 19 tournaments - HBA|Rokso, HBA|Oreo, Fumu

    4th: SkyRasen - 17 tournaments



    (Highest # of Unique Player MUs)

    1st: HBA|Rokso - 41 different players in bracket

    2nd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 39 different players in bracket

    3rd: HBA|Oreo - 35 different players in bracket

    4th: TIE at 31 different players in bracket - TheSandyDragon64, Mezza


    Active Match Battler

    (Highest number of total matches)

    1st: HBA|Oreo - 280 matches

    2nd: HBA|Rokso - 271 matches

    3rd: SkyRasen - 209 matches

    4th: HBA|Whiteywhite - 205 matches


    Active Set Battler

    (Highest number of total sets)

    1st: HBA|Oreo - 100 sets

    2nd: HBA|Rokso - 94 sets

    3rd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 88 sets

    4th: TheSandyDragon64 - 78 sets


    Highest match win rate

    1st: Ghav - 79.17%

    2nd: BadIntent - 76.47%

    3rd: SirSpudd - 74.44%

    4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 73.68%


    Highest Set win rate

    1st: Ghav - 86.67%

    2nd: SQ1|slippingbug - 84.62%

    3rd: CoolJake - 84.00%

    4th: SirSpudd - 83.78%


    Biggest Rivalry

    1st: SkyRasen v Fumu - 48 Matches

    2nd: SkyRasen vs SKDale - 42 Matches

    3rd: HBA|Oreo vs Shippo - 37 Matches

    4th: HBA|Rokso vs HBA|Oreo - 36 Matches

    (There was a three way tie for 35 matches: Wonderchef vs Forest, MFG|Utah vs StormStriker, and CoolJake vs Syn)


    Help support your locals, and perhaps you can find yourself on this list!

    Edited by Fumu

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