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  • Ouroboro Signed by Newly Announced Organization, Castle Point


    Earlier today, a brand new organization announced the beginning of their venture into competitive gaming. Along with this announcement, Castle Point announced the signing of Devin "OuroboroSetiady, someone who has been an important part of the Pokkén Tournament community since the beginning. Starting with Pokkén, Castle Point looks forward to further ventures within the fighting game community.


    In regards to today's announcements, Castle Point founder Nicholas "Necolanch" Cruz delivered the following message:


    "We are excited to welcome [Ouroboro] and to be able to help him pursue his competitive career and to see him continue greatness. It will also be a learning course for us not so familiar with the title itself but also the overall fighting game community."



    Below is Ouroboro's statement regarding this exciting new partnership between himself and Castle Point:


    "I want to solidify myself as a strong player in this scene once again.


    Over the year, I haven't had as many chances to prove myself as a player, and I feel as if I'm fading in strength from the scene as well weakening as a player. Castle Point is giving me an enormous opportunity to be able to achieve that, and so in the next few months I am really looking forward to grinding, learning, and studying this game just as I used to the very day Pokken launched.


    In the future, I might be extremely optimistic, but I believe due to the fervor of this community and the willingness to keep pushing this game, I feel there will always be a sort of lingering spirit of Pokken that will slowly continue to expand. The fact that there's still tournaments of scale this far into Pokken's lifecycle is a miracle, in my opinion, and with pure grassroots tournaments becoming more and more common, I can only see positive things."


    We look forward to seeing success from Ouroboro with the help of this new sponsor, as well as seeing more from Castle Point in regards to Pokkén, the fighting game community, and beyond!


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