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  • Mobile Pokkén Tournament DX App Announced by KandiSAI!


    Some of you may remember that a new YouTube channel launched last month for Pokkén Tournament DX highlights. This new channel is called PokkénDX Assault, and it's ran by KandiSAI, a long-time member of the Pokkén community.


    This morning, a new update video was posted to the channel by KandiSAI. In the video, KandiSAI gave a quick update on the channel, thanking everyone for supporting the channel so far. Following this, KandiSAI made another Pokkén related announcement - he's created a mobile app for Pokkén Tournament DX!


    After the reveal, KandiSAI did a quick hands-on demo of the fan-made app. Currently, the free version of the app gives users the ability to view the frame data for each Battle Pokémon, while the paid version grants other features, such as the ability to quickly access various competitive Pokkén resources. These resources include a link to the community Discord server, as well as a link to Pokkén Arena (thanks KandiSAI!). Other features for both versions of the app have not been announced yet.


    You can check out the full video below. For more updates, be sure to follow KandiSAI's Twitter.



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