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  • Gintrax Attending Burnside Brawl, $200 Money Match With Rokso


    Burnside Brawl is taking place later this month, and even though the event is overlapping 2GG's SwitchFest, it's shaping up to be a fantastic display of Pokkén talent. Thanks to a deal made between two top players, it looks like some of that talent will be making its way to the States from Germany!


    Gintrax, one of EU's best players and someone we've written about multiple times, proposed a challenge for the Tri-State region. If the community agreed to pay for his flight if he won the event, Gintrax would attend Burnside Brawl.



    It didn't take Rokso The Savage long to respond to Gintrax's challenge, posting a video of his own that stated Rokso would single-handedly pay for Gintrax's flight if he won. On top of this, Rokso challenged Gintrax to a $200 money match at the event, which Gintrax agreed to!




    It's going to be a blast seeing these two top level competitors face off, and it will be a pleasure watching one of EU's best compete at Burnside Brawl later this month. For more details or to register for Burnside Brawl, check out the event page here.


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