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  • Frame Data Discrepancy Update: New Findings & Discussion


    In case you missed the recent news regarding Pokkén's frame data, it was discovered last week that the current frame data spreadsheet may actually be incorrect, and that every move in Pokkén may actually have 2 more frames before impact than the spreadsheet suggests.


    Since Milln announced the possible error, there has been a lot of discussion and media being shared on social media regarding the issue. Multiple players have taken the time to share their own findings, posting videos of themselves going frame-by-frame in their preferred video editing software. Even the original author of the frame data spreadsheet - The Apple BOOM - gave his input, explaining how and why he came up with the frame data that he did.


    You can find some of the tweets regarding this discussion below. We will be sure to post a final update when the frame data discussion has reached its conclusion.







    After taking a look at the media and discussion yourself, what is your opinion on Pokkén's frame data discrepancies? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think.


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    I think it's pretty cut and dry. There's a 2 frame difference. It's not really a mystery imo. 


    The only data that isn't 100% consistent with this is H2's which can be caused by a few things such as recording at 59.94 instead of 60 fps, or a frame drop from the game. 

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    If you read the height and intangibility guide, you can see that we’ve known for a long time that the Japanese players had data 2 frames off of ours. I’m surprised people are just now getting to the bottom of it. 

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