• Evo 2017: Full Results


    While Pokkén was not one of Evo's main games this year, Pokkén Arena and AnimEVO did team up to bring a 53-player Pokkén Tournament bracket. Here are the full results!



    1 on 1 Results

    1. Fable Suicune Master 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    2. eM SuperTurboRyan 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    3. STDx ALLISTER favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    4. kojiKOG

    5. EGP Wonder_Chef favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    5. CGL CidFox 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png

    7. RoyIsOurBoy favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    7. Edax NG-Obscure 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png


    9. H2 favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png

    9. T-Loc Twitch-Icon.png

    9. Son_Dula 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    9. Sir Salty favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    13. Sola

    13. Ashikabi 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    13. Abyss Nightshade favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    13. Andydemon


    17. Tokamiwind 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    17. MIDIMIDIBangBang

    17. Kaelis 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    17. Swiftie

    17. 8BR Brodavid

    17. JEMDS 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    17. Abyss Tronzilla 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    17. Steve


    25. ReynOfWords favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    25. Tecmo favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a

    25. TSG AnotherOne 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    25. Toad King

    25. Athanacia

    25. ONBS

    25. doctorbattle favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    25. Hero


    33. GnaRStaRGG 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png

    33. Superjuryau 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. Ragman favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. this game is aseome

    33. Tamn Son! favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. iantothemax 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. MIR

    33. Android17Inches 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. Chron

    33. Thomakaze 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. Mdog

    33. Foolish Genius

    33. Melonz

    33. Orca609

    33. Zoljinx 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

    33. ALvl2Cpu


    49. Gokuski777

    49. InC Sketchy Smeargle favicon.ico.72c2e6967f04b56f8c024e3f222a 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png YouTube-icon-full_color.png Twitch-Icon.png

    49. Swamp

    49. HLG Braicario 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Twitch-Icon.png

    49. Spookflix 1259px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png


    Be sure to congratulate your favorite players on their performance, and tune in to the Evo Finals on Twitch, ESPN, or Disney XD!

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    So glad I could play in this, even if I didn't do incredibly well! Great work to everyone else, and here's hoping we're a main game next year!

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    20 hours ago, Nightshade said:

    Forgot to mention (for data sake) rokninja was Sola. and not the alias but Sola took rokninja's place. 

    Fixed, thanks!

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