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  • Evo 2017 Player's Choice Results


    The Evo 2017 Player's Choice donation drive has finally ended. While it wasn't the result we had hoped for, there is a lot for us to be proud of.


    After an exhilarating final day of voting, the winner of the Evo 2017 Player's Choice donation drive has been determined:


    1. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ($71,690)
    2. Pokkén Tournament ($66,906)
    3. Killer Instinct ($6,116)
    4. Windjammers ($4,000)
    5. ARMS ($1,337)
    6. Skullgirls ($920)
    7. Super Street Fighter II Turbo ($831)
    8. Nidhogg ($158)
    9. Mortal Kombat XL ($137)




    Even though Pokkén did not win the donation drive, there is plenty to be excited about.



    Not only did our community play a large part in raising over $150,000 for children in need, Evo is recognizing our efforts by committing $10,000 to support our community events throughout 2017! While the first thing that comes to mind is pot bonuses, it is also possible that this support will come in other forms such as increased production value and exposure.


    Evo is not the only party to have recognized how hard we've worked, either. People are booting up their previously-forgotten copies of Pokkén, AnimEVO is in contact with our community's leaders, and even Harada himself gave his input. In my opinion, however, there are three results of the donation drive that are the most important:


    1. We raised over $150,000 for children in need
    2. This donation drive brought the Pokkén community together more than ever before
    3. Outsiders have a newfound respect for Pokkén, and many new players are interested in getting into the game


    So, what next?


    The Pokkén community needs to ride this momentum and take full advantage of our time in the spotlight. We need to pump out a massive amount of Pokkén content on YouTube, Twitch, and the Forums here on Pokkén Arena. Go to your locals, support the streams, and show outsiders why we love this game.


    I am so, so, so proud of each and every one of you. Whether you donated thousands of dollars or you lurked in the Twitch chats over the last two weeks, Pokkén could not have done this without you.


    Thank you all, and here's to an incredible 2017 for the Pokkén community.

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    In the end we got what we wanted.

    Respect and Support.


    Not only did we raise $66K for Charity

    We went toe to toe with the Marvel Community a community that has been around for almost as long as arcades



    I hope all of you realize how big that is, our game that was written off as dead and for "casuals" gave the cornerstone of EVO a run for its money. We got $10k support from EVO themselves. And we got communication from Harada himself ALONG with hopefully DLC in the near future.


    We are in so many tournaments this year from FR to CEO, WB to NCR and now possibly AnimEVO


    I know I may have come off as a negative Nancy before but in the end we truly got what we wanted and I hope the rest of you guys realize this too.

    I may not be much in this community but that doesn't stop me from being proud of what the community did even without me helping.


    So ignore the haters and keep moving forward because now the whole FGC and Banco/TPCi know we are here to stay. :D:D:D:D 



    EDIT: Looks like chargebacks are showing up and we went down to $62K

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