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    Pokkén Arena North America DX Season 2.1 Ranking Update


    The first update for DX Season 2 of Pokkén Arena's North American rankings is now here, featuring the top 25 players for the start of the season!


    These rankings are for North America specifically and utilize Pokkén Arena's updated ranking system. Changes were made to the ranking system since Season 1 in order to provide more accurate rankings.


    You can learn more about the changes to the ranking system here.


    The below rankings take into account six tournaments:

    • Summer Jam [C Rank]
    • SoCal Regionals [C Rank]
    • Eye of the Storm [B rank]
    • Canada Cup 2018 [C Rank]
    • Destiny [S Rank]
    • Northeast Championship 2018 [B Rank]

    Without further ado, here is your 2.1 Top 25:

    1. Wingtide
    2. Euclase
    3. ThankSwalot
    4. Mewtater
    5. Ashgreninja1
    6. InC Flegar
    7. BxA Twixxie
    8. InC RoksoTheSavage
    9. Adelvos
    10. TytoVortex
    12. TA slippingbug
    13. Burnside
    14. Wise
    15. Jin
    16. Son_Dula
    17. KOA SoulGuitarist
    18. Toasty
    19. JGG JigglerJoggler
    20. TheJrJam
    21. PuppyHavoc
    22. GCCI∀z$NICBOOM
    23. WorkerBeez
    24. ThunderGriffin
    25. In The Groove

    You can view past rankings, as well as players' social media links, here.

    Edited by IcySoapy

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