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  • DreamHack Austin 2018: Full Results


    This weekend featured the largest North American Pokkén tournament since the game's release on the Nintendo Switch!


    DreamHack Austin 2018 featured over 100 players competing for the top spot. The event also featured a $1000 prize pool and two extremely high quality streams for the event, with Doghouse Esports and DreamHack Smash broadcasting Pokkén all day today. Oh, and Doghouse Esports even made a special announcement during the event, which will have its own post on this site shortly! Congratulations and thank you to every player, caster, stream manager, viewer, and everyone else who was in some way involved with DreamHack Austin!


    You can find the full results for today's tournament below. Note that players who did not compete or were disqualified have been omitted.


    DreamHack Austin 2018: Full Results

    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/dreamhack-austin-2018/events/pokk-n-tournament/overview


    1. slippingbug :Decidueye:

    2. BxA Twixxie :Chandelure:

    3. Bolimar :Lucario:

    4. kaloncpu57 :Aegislash:

    5. InC RoksoTheSavage :Garchomp:

    5. Toasty :Lucario:

    7. StDx ALLISTER :Mewtwo:

    7. ThankSwalot :Empoleon:


    9. Burnside :Suicune:

    9. Kamon :Darkrai:

    9. TX breezy :Chandelure:

    9. Jin :Aegislash:

    13. P2P with Gibus :Weavile:

    13. ReyDelEmpire :Blaziken:

    13. DeadlyShoc :Blaziken:

    13. CAN EC greg :Blaziken:


    17. Combo :Blaziken:

    17. DevlinHart :Lucario:

    17. Horizon :Darkrai:

    17. Fumu :Blaziken:

    17. NG-Obscure :Mewtwo:

    17. ChinoKyou :ShadowMewtwo:

    17. Actias :Suicune:

    17. UDL :Weavile:


    25. picano :Braixen:

    25. ErroneousMonk :Aegislash:

    25. ZAXO :Gardevoir:

    25. StDx Munster :Decidueye:

    25. RadarBlip :Machamp:

    25. InC Flegar :Lucario:

    25. SRK Crow Spaceboy :Machamp:

    25. MasK :Decidueye:


    33. Jolts :Pikachu:

    33. PYRATE :Charizard:

    33. JGG JigglerJoggler :Lucario:

    33. GaleAria :Blaziken:

    33. Utah :Gardevoir:

    33. FS McDareth :Blaziken:

    33. SorryTag :Mewtwo:

    33. NEO SINANJU :PikachuLibre:

    33. Hackerz :Garchomp:

    33. ToonSwablu :Weavile:

    33. SkyRasen :Machamp:

    33. TapuCocoa :ShadowMewtwo:

    33. PaperSak :Aegislash:

    33. Son_Dula :Sceptile:

    33. Lakenzu :Scizor:

    33. Sir_Loin :Empoleon:


    49. TGA Inigo :Decidueye:

    49. LiveWithDave :Blaziken:

    49. Lavi :Decidueye:

    49. ATX Tyrenon :Aegislash:

    49. Mew^2 :ShadowMewtwo:

    49. N8 :Braixen:

    49. RoaraG :Charizard:

    49. Bebop :PikachuLibre:

    49. FGEP Just_Zak :Pikachu:

    49. GGEA FX HyruleHiro.BR :Sceptile:

    49. Love :Chandelure:

    49. Ashikabi :Garchomp:

    49. BB Ventus :Suicune:

    49. Just Jared :Mewtwo:


    65. Melonz :Darkrai:

    65. Zoljinx :Blastoise:

    65. Pandathebeast33 :Gengar:

    65. BloodMoon :Aegislash:

    65. Kihunter :Scizor:

    65. Frosty Kones :Scizor:

    65. Weck :Suicune:

    65. SimpleSudo :Sceptile:

    65. JWiing :Blaziken:

    65. Jtaps :Machamp:

    65. NewbieTX :Decidueye:


    If you missed the DreamHack Austin stream, you can view all of the VODs here.

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