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  • Canada Cup Receives $1000 Pot Bonus from greg, Aiming for $2500


    Later this year, Pokkén will be returning to Canada Cup - Canada's largest and most prestigious annual fighting game tournament. Various motivated members of Canada's scene are working hard to ensure this year's event is one that players from around the globe are interested in attending.


    One of these members is SetToDestroyX's Munster, one of Canada's hardest working community members. Munster works hard to promote Pokkén and the Canadian scene in a variety of ways, from streaming on Twitch to hosting his own monthly tournament. He even organized the first ever Pokkén Tournament DX Online Ladder, which currently has over 75 players competing!


    For Canada Cup 2018, any pot bonuses for Pokkén Tournament DX will be thanks to donations from the community. Munster announced earlier this morning that the Canadian Pokkén scene was aiming to raise $2500 for the event's pot bonus through GoFundMe.



    "...I love Pokkén, the vibe, energy and closeness and fun the game has brought us over the years, that's why I wanted to help organize a massive event for Pokkén at this year's Canada Cup, something to bring us together in the wonderful city of Toronto, and something that will be so big players all over the country and hopefully world will flock to."


    Munster isn't the only member of the Canadian scene who wants to see a successful Pokkén bracket at Canada Cup. The very first donation towards the event's pot bonus was a $1000 donation from greg, the Blaziken player known for his success playing Pokkén with a piano controller. That's already 40% of the $2500 goal!



    There will be a more detailed Event Preview post for Canada Cup 2018 later this summer. For more information on the Pokkén bracket for the event, check out Munster's Twitter thread. For more information about Canada Cup as a whole and to register, click here.


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