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    The FSBC Cup featuring Garchomp has concluded. This event utilized the Team Battle format and took place from April 20 to April 22.
    Those who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards.
    You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup below. Keep in mind these results are for North America specifically, as we do not have easy access to the Europe and Japan rankings. If you participated in either of these Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please email jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com.
    The next official Group Match will be a rerun of the FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup and will begin on Wednesday, April 25.
    FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup - NA Top 100
    1. Cecily
    Wins: 150 Location: United States 2. カアリヤソバシいち!
    Wins: 111 Location: United States 3. T.G.Tempus
    Wins: 86 Location: United States 4. debop
    Wins: 81 Location: United States 5. YOOOOM_TAHHHHH
    Wins: 78 Location: United States 6. Aegislash= д р у г
    Wins: 69 Location: United States 7. LuuBuu
    Wins: 60 Location: United States 8. Jazzy
    Wins: 54 Location: United States 9. Zoom
    Wins: 52 Location: United States 10. OvO_Nyctea_OvO
    Wins: 44 Location: Mexico 11. Yayoi
    Wins: 42 Location: United States 12. YaBoy
    Wins: 38 Location: United States 13. Revhan
    Wins: 33 Location: United States 14. SKDale
    Wins: 31 Location: United States 15. FalconPain
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 16. Gambit[CL]
    Wins: 29 Location: United States 17. Rainforest
    Wins: 28 Location: United States 18. Gibus
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 19. ユリア
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 19. Nullshock
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 21. TrainerMatt
    Wins: 22 Location: Canada 22. Jameson
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 22. Waled05
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 22. Zaskyl
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 25. Duff
    Wins: 19 Location: United States 25. MiracleDonut
    Wins: 19 Location: United States 27. Avarak
    Wins: 17 Location: Canada 28. Kitsu
    Wins: 16 Location: United States 29. Karasu-96
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 30. Nanaca
    Wins: 14 Location: Canada 31. Fyzych
    Wins: 13 Location: United States 31. Lanzer005
    Wins: 13 Location: United States 33. kev
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 34. SuperMario90
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 34. Ryan
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 36. Raine
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 37. Mt.Lady
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 37. carlos
    Wins: 8 Location: Mexico 37. ZapX9
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 37. Grant
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 37. JeffiBeatbox
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 42. Shady_Oak
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 42. Chrome
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 44. TLE|Elltiana
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 44. GHE|TLE|May
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 44. pachenus
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 44. Jesus
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 48. MrDanceCrazer
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Psyanide
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Wade
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. MagnusAndy
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. TapuCocoa
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Zach
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Gemini
    Wins: 5 Location: Canada 48. Victor
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Suraako
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. YaBoi
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Koizumi-san
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Noswal
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 48. Momoko
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 62. Z Ξ Я Θ - T̅ ω ¤_ヒΦ 𝘝 Σ ®
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Jnick
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Critical
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Jessica
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Triple-S
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Naturia
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. SACLE
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 62. Kupozu
    Wins: 4 Location: Mexico 70. Dr.ブラツクヅャック
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Rodrigo[CL]
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. ZJMaster
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Chris
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Danlegend
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. DEKU
    Wins: 3 Location: Mexico 70. Akko
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Sorrow
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Stephen
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. PokkWigglytuff
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Kamari_Returns
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Carolyn
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. kerina
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. King
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Nicklecat
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Charles
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. Zugerujk
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 70. RomanceDawn
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 88. SmashSteve
    Wins: 2 Location: Canada 88. Bboy_Blastoise
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Senel
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Bubba
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Juanelo
    Wins: 2 Location: Mexico 88. Link
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Valei
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Logan
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. Kalan
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. trainzo
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. ZippyDo
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. 1uuuuuuuuuuu11
    Wins: 2 Location: United States 88. yoyo
    Wins: 2 Location: United States  
    Did you enjoy the FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

    This weekend featured a lot of competitive talent spread across two incredible, and yet very different, Pokkén events. Pokkén's premier house tournament - Burnside Brawl - featured 41 entrants, with virtually all of them being high level competitors. SwitchFest, on the other hand, featured 86 entrants for Pokkén and celebrated many other competitive Nintendo titles, including ARMS and Splatoon 2. These two events also featured talent from outside of North America, with XAbsoluted and CROSS-Igarashi competing in SwitchFest and Gintrax competing in Burnside Brawl.
    Both of these events had incredible Tournament Organizers, as well. T-Loc organized the Pokkén bracket for 2GGaming's SwitchFest, while Burnside organized, hosted, and streamed the aptly named Burnside Brawl. Be sure to give them some love for their hard work this past weekend!
    The results for this past weekend's official Group Match - the FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup - will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the results for the two majors!
    Burnside Brawl: Full Results
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/burnside-brawl/events/pokken-tournament-1v1/overview
     1. Euclase 
     2. InC RoksoTheSavage 
     3. Burnside 
     4. TA slippingbug 
     5. Maverick 
     5. Jin 
     7. Gintrax 
     7. Oreo 
    9. VSYN SuperTiso
    9. Kamon
    9. InC Kino
    9. H2
    13. Mins
    13. WhiteyWhite
    13. PG Coach Steve
    13. Shippo
    17. Suicune Master
    17. Brett
    17. PuppyHavoc
    17. ReyDelEmpire
    17. ICN KandiSAI
    17. MasK
    17. UDL
    17. JGG Uchi
    25. InC Flegar
    25. Snowscape
    25. BxA Jamm
    25. Tamn Son!
    25. JGG JigglerJoggler
    25. bendy
    25. ShibaRoll
    25. Momentum
    33. dDx
    33. Just_Kenny
    33. HBA NuzzleMaster
    33. KMD Cazador
    33. Pursuit
    33. EveryDamnDay
    33. Azoth
    33. Espeon
    33. Courtney
    Burnside Brawl: Rokso VS Gintrax $200 Money Match
    Game 1: Rokso < Gintrax
    Game 2: Rokso < Gintrax
    Game 3: Rokso > Gintrax
    Game 4: Rokso < Gintrax
    Game 5: Rokso > Gintrax
    Game 6: Rokso < Gintrax
    Game 7: Rokso < Gintrax
    Gintrax wins the set 5-2!
    2GG SwitchFest: Full Results
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/switchfest-1/events/pokken-tournament-dx/overview
     1. V3 CROSS-Igarashi 
     2. XAbsoluted 
     3. StDx ALLISTER 
     4. Guile Son_Dula 
     5. Utah 
     5. Abyss Gouken Respek 
     7. Abyss T-Loc 
     7. Sharkham Knight 
    9. eM SuperTurboRyan
    9. RK Some Person
    9. Peachy
    9. Abadango
    13. Angbad
    13. Forest
    13. Zucchini
    13. PML Kuwaa Corps Sir Salty
    17. Couch
    17. Nofacekiller
    17. EGP Wonder_Chef
    17. Abyss Nightshade
    17. DCG WC countchief
    17. Tim The Toolman
    17. Serpentriss
    17. MIDIMIDIBangBang
    25. Marvlous_marco135
    25. YV DCG Joeybeta
    25. StDx GoreMagala
    25. USC Dynomyte
    25. Dobiwan
    25. Gamma Ridley
    25. Skinterwin
    25. TSD Ebnet
    33. Drew
    33. Tecmo
    33. Rock
    33. Yashoki
    33. tHB BEE Sinnoh
    33. TAHKO
    33. Lite the Iron Man
    33. Fusion
    33. Minolis
    33. THC RvRproduct
    33. Lba
    33. TeS Ghost
    33. Tremendo Dude
    33. Shagaru
    33. SilentRain
    33. NRG Nairo
    49. MKSP nobunaga
    49. TSD Stitch
    49. SiA Kookiez
    49. Mustafa
    49. TSD Moomt
    49. ramo
    49. TS4 M4Kos
    49. J Apples
    49. MSF Larry Lurr
    49. Ragman
    49. BRO Vintendo
    49. GShark
    49. Chubbo
    49. Brult K0rean
    49. LH HPAzu
    49. TLTC
    65. Raven
    65. Green
    65. Masamunne
    65. YoYo
    65. NXT SoCalGohan
    65. LH Captain Andrew
    65. GLDD Strategist
    65. 2GG Kwon
    65. LRD
    65. double D
    65. GameNest Bucket.
    65. Cat Fight
    65. nursemaid
    65. spring roll
    65. [REDACTED]
    65. A2 Slither2Hunter
    65. SpearMint
    65. Deathbat
    65. Cee
    65. BadIntent
    65. SnG Ninry
    Did you miss any of the action this weekend? Be sure to check out the Twitch channels that streamed each event to catch up on the VODs!

    The next FSBC Cup takes place this weekend! The Garchomp themed FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup will begin today (April 20) and conclude on Sunday (April 22). The event will use the Team Battle format.
    Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors.
    You can find the full details for the FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup below.

    Start: 4/20/18 8AM PT
    End: 4/22/18 10PM PT
    Note: Battles will only be ranked between 8AM and 10PM PT each day.
    VS Mode: Team Battle
    Skill Level: Off
    Rematch: No
    Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena
    Participation Prize
    Participants will receive a special "Outrage Smasher" title based on Garchomp.
    Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above.
    Ranking Prizes
    Places 1 - 10: 
    Places 11 - 30: 
    Places 31 - 60: 
    Places 61 - 100: 
    The next official Group Match will be the second FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup, confirming that players will have a second chance to obtain Participation Prizes they may have previously missed. We will have more details regarding the FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup soon.

    Hello everyone!
    It's been a pretty long while but I've managed to finally compile the next interview, which is a bonus double guest series!
    I hope everyone is excited to peer into the eyes of the Pokkén couple who recently turned pro this 2018!

    The Dynamic Duo!

    Extractor Iboo and Extractor Pboo!
    A little bit of background information:
    - They have been around since the very beginning of Pokkén's life! Iboo has competed in a televised series, featuring other top players, such as Tonosama and the fighting game legend, Sako!
    - Are avid foodies and have often given me food advice around Tokyo!
    - Used to own a pet hedgehog! It was really cute...
    - Follow them at: @iboo15pkn and @pboochan on twitter!
    -Glossary for noobs-
    Banana Pass: The arcade card that Japanese players use to store their progress and rank data when playing Pokkén. Fun fact, they're also usable in many other games such as Tekken 7!
    Takoyaki: Japanese octopus balls coated in a special flour mix, and fried on the outside!
    Ramen: Japanese soup noodles that come in different flavors and styles!
    Footsies: Another word for Neutral game in fighters. The ability to and out-poke your opponent in close to mid range.
    Map of Japan: Because this interview covers a lot of geographically.

    Various places mentioned throughout the interview will be circled in red, for clarity
    Interview begins!

    M: What made you guys play Pokkén in the the first place?
    I: it’s because Pboo had always liked Pokémon, so we went to the game center during one of our dates and Pokkén was there, so that was the first time we played it. After that time we would go play Pokkén during our dates!
    P: I liked Pokémon to begin with so during our dates we’d go to the game center to play.
    M: What drove you to choose your respective mains?
    I: it’s because Pboo got me a limited edition Blaziken Banana Pass during the Arcade era so I started using Blaziken then.
    P: I’d say both Sceptile and Blaziken are my mains, so I’ll answer for both.
    Blaziken > when I first started playing Pokkén, there were rumours on the street that the strongest character was being used by the strongest player, Tonosama. I saw the video and thought I could mimic his play so I started using Blaziken.
    Sceptile > when I was a kid I chose his evolutionary line as my partner Pokémon in Pokémon Sapphire and that is why.
    M: If you could change mains, would you?
    I: I don’t plan to switch away from my current main Blaziken. I feel Blaziken suits me the most and I’ve always been using him.
    P: I’m currently practicing on how to use Aegislash.
    M: Who do you guys think are top 3 and worst 3 in the game?
    I: Best 3 are Decidueye, Lucario and Pikachu Libre.
    Worst 3 are Weavile, Blastoise and Croagunk.
    People are still figuring out Blastoise but at this current moment I feel he joins the bottom 3.
    P: Best 3 are Decidueye, Lucario and Pikachu Libre.
    Worst 3 are Blastoise, Gardevoir and Croagunk.
    If I must say needlessly! I feel this is a very balanced game.

    M: Where would you put your characters in the tier list?
    I: I think top of middle tier? In just my personal opinion he’s the best and easy to use so I’ll even recommend him especially for beginners. It’s just that you need to be aware of health management and that he is weak against head invincible moves, so that is the difficult part.
    P: Blaziken is a bit rigid in the footsies department but has high damage. Sceptile is footsies focused but lacks damage. I think they’re both characters of extremes so I’d say both are about middle tier.
    M: What are your personal most confident and least confident matchups?
    I: Most confident: Vs Machamp
    Least confident: Vs Darkrai
    P: Most confident: Vs Blaziken
    Least confident: Vs Pikachu Libre
    How Iboo sees Darkrai. Maybe. 
    M: What are your favourite Support Pokémon and why?
    I: I love Cresselia! It was my first Support of choice. Up until then I was listening to the opinions of Pboo and others around me for Support choice. But anyway, Cresselia and Blaziken absolutely has chemistry so I’d choose Cresselia.
    P: Cubone. The reason is because his support attack is bonemerang, and that signature move of only the Cubone evolutionary line was something I liked in the original game.
    M: If you could change anything in the game what would you change?
    I: I’d like to have the ability to customise the Battle Pokémon’s clothes!
    P: I’d like to have Gliscor added to the game!

    What Iboo wants! (Cute art by Conbudou on DeviantArt.)

    Gliscor! What Pboo wants in the game!
    M: Do you guys have any advice for the readers wanting to be stronger players?
    I: The best thing to do best recently in my opinion would be to watch the good players play and ask for advice!
    P: Same as Iboo!
    M: What are your hobbies outside of Pokkén?
    I: I love watching male figure skaters compete! I love Plyushchenko, Schultheiss, Lambiel!
    P: Karaoke and driving around.
    M: Iboo only: what is the most interesting part of figure skating?
    I: The time when figure skating became captivating for me was after watching the Vancouver Olympics. I thought wow it was so beautiful after watching Plushenko freestyle in the rink! After that I started watching ice shows more and more and became captivated in other skaters too. Honestly, everyone is so gorgeous and it makes my heart go ‘badump-badump’ when they’re attempting to do impactful jumps! It really is the best!

    The dreaded and difficult technique, the triple axel!
    M: Pboo only: where do you usually go when you go out driving?
    P: If I am not hindered by sleepiness I would drive from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. Okinawa would be impossible though.
    M: Any players you’d like to play against or be better friends with outside of Japan?
    I:  Burnside! 

    M: If overseas players come to Japan, what are your suggestions for them?
    I: Takoyaki! I really love Takoyaki of all sorts, but Osakan made Takoyaki really is delicious and has a mysterious charm to it. Please try as I highly recommend it!
    P: Japan has many, many delicious Ramen restaurants.

    Ramen (top) and Takoyaki (bottom).
    M: What is your best Pokkén related memory so far?
    I: I have too many! For example during Toshinsai (qualifiers) where we went to many different areas to compete, or when I went back to my hometown in Fukuoka, and had ramen with the Pokkén players there... There’s still a lot but there will be even more from now on so I’m really looking forward to it!
    P: The first time we drove and travelled together as a group was super fun! We went with arms up in excitement, so to speak!
    M: Any questions you’d like to ask yourselves? Please give the answer as well!
    I: Q: Did you think you’d have this much time to game?
    A: Honestly, I was surprised myself.
    P: Q: Did you think the day where you’d lose to Iboo in Pokkén would come?
    A: Honestly, I didn’t.
    M: Shoutouts and last words to the fans and readers at home?
    I: I think this is just the start for me so with all my strength I’ll try my best. Thank you for reading everything up to this point!
    P: From now on I’ll always be doing my best with Iboo in Pokkén. Everyone let’s do our best to endorse and promote Pokkén together!
    M: Thank you guys!
    End of Ep.10, Ft Iboo, and Pboo!
    Thank all of you guys for your patience and interest in this series! 
    I'll be taking a short break due to personal life and things I must prioritise after this one I'm afraid, but I was actually very surprised at the initial level of interest for this series. It was everything I had and the reason this series have reached this far! I thank everyone who's given this a read and especially those who have given me encouragement throughout the months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and you guys will be the reason for this series' continuation in the future when the timing is right!
    Let's all keep in touch and do our best in Pokkén!
    Japanese version / 日本語版

    It's that time again, time for more hype action and time for another Weekend Watchlist!
    Pokkén fans from all over the world will have something to watch and someone to root for this weekend as Burnside Brawl takes off alongside 2GG's Switchfest, with both events seeing competitors from across North America and abroad! XAbsoluted from EU and CROSS-Igarashi from Japan will compete at Switchfest thanks to the community helping reach their compendium goals, and Gintrax from EU will take on the Burnside Brawl with his challenge to the attendees in full effect. 
    Who will claim the large cash prize in California? And who will come out on top at the most premier house-party known to man? All these questions answered and a load of high quality gameplay coming your way this weekend.

    2GG Switchfest
    April 21-22, 2018
    Long Beach, CA
    Notable entrants include:
    BadIntent  Son_Dula  XAbsoluted  V3 CROSS-Igarashi  StDx ALLISTER  Couch  Cat Fight   NRG Nairo  Abadango   MSF Larry Lurr    
    Significant rivalries/matches to watch out for:
    XAbsoluted vs CROSS-Igarashi (The battle of the two hype Lucario masters from overseas) ALLISTER vs Nairo (Remember E3?)  
    More Info:

    Burnside Brawl 
    April 21 2018
    New Haven, CT
    (Times in EDT)
    11:00 AM - Check-in and setup
    12:00 PM - Wave A Pools (1+2) begins
    02:30 PM - Pool Wave B (3+4) begins
    05:00 PM - Top 12
    07:30 PM - Tourney end
    Notable entrants include:
    Significant rivalries/matches to watch out for:
    Gintrax vs Rokso (The instigator of the flight challenge vs the man who took up the challenge) Pursuit vs Burnside (The Grandfather of Suicunes vs the Father of Suicunes) ThankSwalot vs slippingbug (Rematch of NCR 18 grands, two favorites to win the event)  
    More Details:

    CAPGA Pokkén Monthly
    April 21 2018
    Orlando, FL
    (Times in EDT)
    12:00 PM - Registration
    02:00 PM - Tourney start
    More Details:

    Pokkén Arena #2
    April 21 2018
    Hilliard, OH
    (Times in EDT)
    03:00 PM - Registration
    03:35 PM - Tourney start
    Notable entrants include:
    Thulius  A_Wild_Gallade  Drakonzeta  WhiteChocolate  AlolanDurgs   
    More Details:

    InControl Gaming is keeping the sponsorships coming! The gaming organization has acquired some top level Pokkén talent, and their latest signing is no different.
    Today, InControl announced the acquisition of their latest Pokkén Tournament DX player: Kino!
    For those unfamiliar with Kino, he is an excellent player, commentator and tournament organizer from South Florida. He is to thank for VS Gaming Center's Pokkén events! Kino is a driving force in the Pokkén community, making him a great addition to InControl's roster. He joins InControl's rapidly growing list of Pokkén competitors and streamers, which includes the likes of RoksoTheSavage, Flegar, and more.
    Fans will be able to see Kino representing InControl for the first time at Burnside Brawl this coming Saturday.

    Earlier today, SuperTiso - a Pokkén Tournament DX player and tournament organizer from Philadelphia - announced a new circuit for Philadelphia players to take part in: The League of TISO DX. This new league will feature Pokkén Tournament DX and Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen (two titles SuperTiso is passionate about), as well as some awesome prizes for the winners!
    The league will be taking place during the bi-weekly V-SYNERGY tournaments that SuperTiso hosts in Philadelphia, and will take place for the remainder of 2018. More information is available below:
    July 15th July 22nd August 12th August 19th September 9th September 23rd October 7th October 14th November 4th November 18th December 2nd December 9th  
    Pokkén Tournament DX 1st Place $500 Medal Trophy Flight to ANY USA tournament in 2019 2nd Place $250 Medal 3rd Place $125 Medal 4th - 8th Place Medal  
    Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen 1st Place $250 Medal Trophy Special Prize 2nd Place $125 Medal 3rd Place $50 Medal 4th - 8th Place Medal  
    For more information regarding The League of TISO DX, check out the Facebook event page.

    In case you've missed slippingbug's past Community-Voted tier lists, the top Decidueye and Pikachu Libre player has been surveying the community this year to compile a tier list that accurately reflects the community's current view of the game. The April tier list received over 100 responses and included the Battle Pack characters, thus giving an accurate representation of what the community thinks of the game's cast as a whole right now. On top of this, April featured the first Community-Voted Support tier list!
    Considering Blastoise, Mew, and Celebi have only been around for a few weeks, it's likely that people's opinions will change in the coming weeks and months. If you want to participate in the next survey, be sure to keep an eye on slippingbug's Twitter!
    You can find more detailed data in slip's post on the forums, which can be found here.
    Do you agree with the results of April's Community Tier List? How did you vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    With tons of help coming from all directions, CrossIgarashi has completed his compendium spirit bomb and will be making an appearance at the shortly upcoming 2GG Switchfest!
    He now joins XAbsoluted, Cat Fight, Smash pros like Nairo, Larry Lurr and currently over 70 more entrants in a battle for a steadily growing cash prize ($830 as of present)
    With Cross's attendance, the event will now see a rep from all 3 of the major regions, the last time this happened was October's Final Boss. 
    Be sure to support the event this coming weekend alongside Burnside Brawl, which will also run on Saturday. 

    For more background information on Cross, try reading his interview with Midori!

    Blue Link
    The SwitchFest is an e-Sports event entirely dedicated to games from Nintendo consoles, going all the way from Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube to Pokkén Tournament DX on the Switch.
    Given the name of the event, however, it is obvious that the main goal is to promote the Nintendo Switch competitive community, and one of the ways that is being done is by promoting a donation drive on their own smash.gg page to bring top players from all around the world for the games ARMS, Pokkén Tournament DX and Super Smash Bros.
    Thanks to the amazing support of the community, Cat Fight and XAbsoluted already have their travel funded and will be competing at SwitchFest, with RoksoTheSavage deserving a huge shoutouts here, since he singlehandedly donated 826 € through Gintrax's stream!
    But there are still more Pokkén players participating on the drive that could use our help! Sketchy S., slippingbug, Fabilous and CROSS-Igarashi are all still trying to be funded, with the community pushing for Cross as his attendance would mean Switchfest has representation from 3 major regions (North America, Europe and Asia).
    If you wish to help by donating or spreading the world, the link for the donation drive page can be found below: