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    Hey everyone! This is the first post in a new series I want to start here on Pokkén Arena: Player of the Week!
    This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy!
    Without further ado, here's the first featured Player of the Week on Pokkén Arena - Greg!
    Greg is a Blaziken player from Ontario, Canada and has a strong background with fighting games. Currently he plays Pokkén Tournament DX and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Some of his Pokkén results include 4th at Toryuken 2016, 1st at Canada Cup 2017, and 13th at Dreamhack Austin 2018. You’ve probably seen Greg around, as he plays his fighting games with a modded Rock Band keyboard!
    His impressive peripheral is backed by solid fundamentals and killer plays. At DHA18, he sent one of North America’s strongest players, Toasty, to the Losers bracket after a very close and intense set. He had an extremely strong showing, while at the same time placing 5th in DBFZ! The next tournament you can catch Greg at is Canada Cup, October 26th-29th 2018. Let’s see if he can defend his title!

    Fun Facts:
    Greg is a Security Software Developer. He's been enjoying drawing for 19 years. He loves to wild out in karaoke and discovers new music through it. He enjoys fighting games and used to be the best Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax player in North America! Some of his favorite video games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Chrono Trigger and Mother 2. Greg has generously donated 1,000 dollars to the pot bonus of the upcoming Canada Cup! You can follow him on Twitter here!  
    Below is a set between Greg and Toasty at DHA18. Give it a watch and prepare yourself for some insane gameplay!
    Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!

    The official Japanese Pokkén Tournament DX website has announced a new update for Pokkén Tournament DX!
    This patch will be arriving Wednesday, September 26 and features balance changes for various Battle and Support Pokémon. Because of time zones and based on how previous updates have gone, it's likely that some of us will be receiving this update on Tuesday, September 25. Regardless, expect new changes coming to Pokkén in the next week!
    A reminder that this update will break your existing saved replays, so be sure to record and share any of those that are important to you before updating.
    Without further ado, here are the patch notes for Pokkén Tournament DX version 1.3.3. A big thank you goes out to kaloncpu57 and deyskil for creating the early translations!
    Buffs Nerfs Adjustments Bug Fixes  
    Notation explanation

    A solid number of this site's readers have probably heard of Ferrum Heights by now - the talk show hosted by McDareth and other notable Pokkén Tournament DX community leaders. Ferrum Heights is a monthly talk show in which the hosts discuss current topics going around the competitive Pokkén scene. The hosts of this show generally aim to remain unbiased when reporting on the latest happenings in the community.
    Today, McDareth announced a new Pokkén talk show on Twitter that plans to take a different approach. Straying away from the more rigid and objective style of Ferrum Heights, The Dig is a new show in which McDareth and RoksoTheSavage will discuss current topics around the competitive scene from their perspective.
    When asked, McDareth had the following to say about this new talk show:
    "The goal behind The Dig is to bring more of an opinionated approach to a Pokkén talk show / podcast. My vision of Ferrum Heights is 'for the community, by the community' while The Dig is more of a platform to discuss how Rokso or myself personally feels about a given topic, situation, or etc."
    This announcement is quite exciting, as not only will it provide viewers with a more opinionated and free-form discussion about the Pokkén scene, it will also mean more Pokkén discussion and content in general.
    To learn more about The Dig and when it will premiere, be sure to follow McDareth on Twitter and Twitch.

    Here are the tournament results for every Pokkén bracket from Wednesday, September 12 to Tuesday, September 18! This week's tournaments included SoCal Regionals 2018, Calyptus Cup Climax, Rebirth X, and many more.
    Saturday, September 15 was an absolutely packed day for Pokkén Tournament DX. There was plenty of great gameplay this past week from around the globe, so be sure to check out the VODs for any tournaments you weren't able to catch live!
    Did we miss a tournament? Let us know and it will be added to the list shortly. A special thanks goes out to Gintrax for providing the characters used by all of the Calyptus Cup competitors!
    Wednesday, September 12, 2018
    Ferrum Punch DX #7 Season 4
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Mexico
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/PokemexFPDX7S4
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    SoCal Regionals 2018
    Ontario Convention Center | 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/socal-regionals-2018/events/pokken-tournament-dx/overview
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310696290?t=02h06m04s
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Calyptus Cup Climax
    Unperfekthaus | Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 20, 45127 Essen, Deutschland
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/calyptus-cup-climax/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/overview
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310348861?t=05h23m59s
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Rebirth X
    Vista Tech Center | 18600 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MI 48152, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/rebirth-x/events/pokk-n-singles/brackets/364949
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310489691
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Guard Break IX
    Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/guard-break-ix/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/392574
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310595790
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Dune Circuit: Desert Fox
    Tecnológico de Monterrey | Avenida Heroico Military School 4700, Nombre de Dios, 31300 Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/circuito-dunas-zorra-del-desierto/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/398393
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Phase Shift #27
    FX Games and Console Repair | 3000 Custer Rd #170, Plano, TX 75075, USA
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/1dci6gw6
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Australia Spring 2019 #3
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/HitMeWithThatHand
    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310333930 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310414446  
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Blue Devil Smash Pokkén #3
    Memorial Student Center | 302 10th Ave E, Menomonie, WI 54751, USA
    Bracket: https://bluedevilsmash.challonge.com/cuy6xcra
    Saturday, September 15, 2018
    Pokkénmania 7
    Game Arena | 3570 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026, USA
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/Pok7GA
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310539333
    Sunday, September 16, 2018
    Burst Attack! DX 13
    Palo Alto Plaza | 541 Del Medio Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/burst-attack-dx-13/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/399713
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311034312
    Sunday, September 16, 2018
    Pokkén Weekly Return 99
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Worldwide
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/pokkenweeklyreturn99
    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310953455 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310953639 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310938159  
    Sunday, September 16, 2018
    Pokkén Weekly Return 99 - Amateur Bracket
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Worldwide
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/PokkenWAma1
    Monday, September 17, 2018
    Neos City Brawl #33
    Truly Urban Hobby Shop | 2391 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10468, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/neos-city-brawl-33/events/pokk-n-dx-singles/brackets/400013
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311499092
    Monday, September 17, 2018
    Origin 3
    Aidelon Gaming | 2501 E Memorial Rd, Edmond, OK 73013, USA
    Bracket: https://aidelongaming.challonge.com/PDXOrigin03
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311503518
    Tuesday, September 18, 2018
    Australia Spring 2019 #4
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/YouCannot
    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311594586 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311594909  
    Tuesday, September 18, 2018
    Nebraska Pokkén at Legendary Wolf Games
    Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-at-legendary-wolf-games-9-18-18/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/402414
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311871438
    Congratulations to all of this week's competitors!

    It's that time again, folks! The FSBC Cup featuring the lovely Pokémon Gardevoir is on its way!

    Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors.

    You can find the full details for the FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup below.

    Ranking Times
    NA: Start: 9/21/2018 8AM PDT End: 9/23/2018 10PM PDT EU: Start: 9/21/2018 10AM BST End: 9/24/2018 12AM BST JP:   Start: 9/21/2018 10AM JST End: 9/24/2018 12AM JST  
    VS Mode: Team Battle
    Skill Level: Off
    Rematch: No
    Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena
    Participation Prize
    Participants will receive a special "Fairy Tempest" title based on Gardevoir.
    Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the Ranking Times listed above.
    Ranking Prizes
    Places 1 - 10: 
    Places 11 - 30: 
    Places 31 - 60: 
    Places 61 - 100: 
    Good luck to all of the players competing in the FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup!

    Here are the tournament results for every Pokkén bracket from Wednesday, September 5 to Tuesday, September 11! This included Kanto Tournament 4, a hugely important tournament in Japan that also featured a few beloved North American players.
    Kanto was an incredible tournament that showcased a unique competitive environment from what the majority of us are used to. If you weren't able to watch Kanto live, we highly recommend you check out the VOD!
    Did we miss a tournament? Let us know and it will be added to the list shortly.
    Friday, September 7, 2018
    Kanto Tournament 4
    Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO | 1 Chome-20-20 Minamikamata, Ōta, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/4-kanto4-2/events/4-kanto4/overview
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307269811
    Friday, September 7, 2018
    Friday Salty Pokkén 49
    1446 E 6710 S, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121, USA
    Bracket: https://saltygamingshow.challonge.com/ql240ya6
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307293732
    Saturday, September 8, 2018
    Warrior's Path 3.5
    Worlds Collide Gaming Esports Lounge | 18110 Nordhoff St c, Northridge, CA 91325, USA
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/WP35PDX
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307762533
    Saturday, September 8, 2018
    Chile Online Pokkén #12
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Chile
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/b8g16qba
    Saturday, September 8, 2018
    Alamo Battleground Monthly
    RikRic Otaku Cafe | 5525 Blanco Rd #109, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/alamobattleground090818
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307685454
    Sunday, September 9, 2018
    Pokkén Weekly Return 98
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Worldwide
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/PokkenWeeklyReturn98
    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307989124 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308042345  
    Sunday, September 9, 2018
    V-SYNERGY #25
    The Laboratory | 3 S York Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/v-synergy-25/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/brackets/321921
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308034321
    Sunday, September 9, 2018
    Maruya #24
    Suan Dusit Rajabhat University | 295, Nakhon Ratchasima Rd, Dusit, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/kddp3fpw
    Sunday, September 9, 2018
    Crepes and Controllers 5
    Crepes and Games | Crepes and Games
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/CandC_5Pokken
    Sunday, September 9, 2018
    Royale 818
    All Ways Gaming | 21032 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/eq2tbzz7
    Monday, September 10, 2018
    Neos City Brawl #32
    Truly Urban Hobby Shop | 2391 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10468, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/neos-city-brawl-32/events/pokk-n-dx-singles/brackets/393397
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308527535
    Monday, September 10, 2018
    Origin 2
    Aidelon Gaming | 2501 E Memorial RdEdmond, OK 73013, USA
    Bracket: https://aidelongaming.challonge.com/PDXOrigin02
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308561172
    Tuesday, September 11, 2018
    Nekyucards Pokkén #7
    Nekocards | 311 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/nekyucards-pokken-7/events/pokken-singles/brackets/391119
    Tuesday, September 11, 2018
    Nebraska Pokkén at Legendary Wolf Games
    Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-at-legendary-wolf-games-09-11-18/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/390233
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308961865

    Congratulations to all of this week's competitors!

    The results are now available for the FSBC Cup featuring Gengar. This event utilized the Basic Battle format and took place from September 7 to September 9.
    Those who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards.
    You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Shadow Drop Cup below. A huge thank you goes out to Edel Blau and Tuxwuff for sending in the results for North America and Europe respectively! Keep in mind we do not have easy access to the Japan rankings, so they are absent from the results below. If you participate in the Japanese Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please let us know!
    FSBC Shadow Drop Cup - NA Top 100
    FSBC Shadow Drop Cup - EU Top 100
    Did you enjoy the FSBC Shadow Drop Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

    The Player Profile and Player Interview posts are series that we've been wanting to start here on Pokkén Arena for quite some time, but the 2018 Pokémon World Championships are what really prompted us to get these posts started.
    In the future, these Player Interviews will regularly follow Player Profiles. If there's a player you want to learn more about, let us know and we may do a piece on them!
    This weekend, our writer TytoVortex was able to speak with ThankSwalot shortly after posting his Player Profile on Friday. The two spoke about Worlds, the competitive differences between regions, the main series Pokémon games, and more.
    Get all that below the break!
    TytoVortex: Hey there, ThankSwalot! Welcome to Pokkén Arena's first Player Interview! It's lovely to have you! How are you doing today?
    ThankSwalot: I'm doing great. 
    TytoVortex: That's awesome to hear! First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on winning Worlds! How does it feel to win one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country?
    ThankSwalot: It’s like a dream come true to be honest. This year is my last year as a non-adult, so I was so determined to finally do it. It was the same for Internationals. I wanted to win both because it’s my last year as a kid, and to prove once and for all that I’m not just some meme. The way I won both tournaments too seemed like a fitting way to end that dream of mine.
    TytoVortex: It's certainly well earned! The skill you display with Sceptile is definitely worthy of your new title! Speaking of which, we have a question from Acetalos, who asks, "How can someone be this good with Sceptile? And why did you pick him as your main?".
    I'm sure we'd all like to know as well!
    ThankSwalot: I picked him up for the simple fact that he is my first Pokémon and my favorite. I have a fond memory when I was young of going through Emerald’s Elite Four and almost winning by literally using only Leaf Blade. A friend of mine who goes by NintenZero showed me the leaked screenshot of Sceptile on the Pokkén arcade and I was so hyped. I knew I would use him.
    As for how to play him, I choose my mains based on movement options, mix-ups, and other tricky stuff. Sceptile has all that, with his dash cancels, traps, and hanging. I try to make the most of it to trick people up. That said, you need to adapt to the best of your ability. That goes for most characters in general, but it’s especially the case for Sceptile because of what his moveset is. Sometimes those adaptations will bring out crazy stuff that works out in the end, such as raw Leaf Storming or Giga Draining four times in a row. That’s how I play him at least, but I do think that’s how you can make the best of his tools.
    TytoVortex: Oh, most definitely! Sceptile is such a cool Pokémon, and his utility in Pokkén Tournament makes him an excellent choice for those who enjoy traps and complex set-ups! I can speak from personal experience that he's certainly difficult to master.
    Following Worlds, you've had the privilege to size up against some of Europe and Japan's most skilled Pokkén players. I think any avid follower of the game would feel pretty intimidated! With that being said, we've got another community question! Nightshade asks, "Where do you feel NA ranks region wise versus Japan and Europe?"
    ThankSwalot: I think that NA is better than EU, but that’s mostly because, at least to me, it doesn’t feel like there are as many EU players when compared to NA. I obviously don’t live there, so I don’t know for sure, but it sure seems like that is the case. They got super strong players like Goreson, LCF, and Gintrax, but I think the amount of top players in NA surpasses that of EU.
    Meanwhile, I do think Japan is slightly stronger than NA still. We’re definitely catching up to them, but Worlds speaks for itself. All six Japanese players made Top 8 while there was only one representative for NA and EU, being me and Wingtide. Though by next Worlds, I expect us to be about even.
    TytoVortex: Absolutely, the quantity of competitive players in EU is still relatively low, regardless of those few being very skilled! Hopefully, following the conclusion of Worlds, more people worldwide will consider picking up the game!
    As far as picking up new titles goes, this brings us to our next community inquiry. Corgi asks, "What got you into Pokémon in the first place and do you still play the core Pokemon titles?"
    ThankSwalot: I got into Pokémon when I was around 5 or 6. It all started with Emerald. I was young so of course I thought the different Pokémon were cool. The two other big Pokémon games I played back then were FireRed/LeafGreen and Diamond, where my starters of choice were Blastoise and Empoleon. I remember getting the Generation 1 remakes during Christmas at my grandma and grandpa’s house. Those types of memories really made me enjoy the series a lot.
    Some other memories from back then include having a level 93 Blastoise and around level 60 Vileplume in FireRed while my friend had a level 91 Venusaur and using an Action Replay in Diamond. The Action Replay was funny, since I did silly things such as teaching a Kricketune Flamethrower and Hippowdon Fly. I also fought Arceus, which literally took me years to catch, since I didn’t use infinite Rare Candies to make my Empoleon and Staraptor, my go-to team members, strong enough to keep up with a level 80 mythical Pokémon with Recover. I also didn’t want to use a Master Ball.
    Anyway, I still play the games to this day, though now that I keep up with the news, and how hard it is to avoid said news, it hasn’t been as exciting to be surprised by what I could encounter in them. GameFreak kind of shows almost everything the game has in the trailers, including stuff after beating the game. I would have been much happier if I played through Sun without already knowing that Red and Blue were going to be returning in the Battle Tree. The games are still fun, don’t get me wrong, but ever since I kept up with the news from X and Y onward, it hasn’t been as fun as Generations 3 through 5 when I was a little kid.
    TytoVortex: I understand that, plus leaks becoming so public that it can get tedious trying to avoid them. It's lovely to hear about the passion you pour into Pokémon! It really shows where your Pokkén Tournament drive comes from as well!
    Another community member, xzx, asks, "Do you play any other fighting games?"
    ThankSwalot: Not competitively, but I’m pretty good at Smash Bros. I main Samus, and my friends always hate it when I use her. *laughs*
    ESAM didn’t exactly inspire me to play her, I picked her up by chance, but I think it’d be super fun to play him someday in the ditto. I also can’t wait to try out Dark Samus in Ultimate.
    Oh, one other fighting game I need to mention. No one can beat me when it comes to Photo Dojo! I played that game with friends a lot when I was young with my DSi, and so much stuff we did in it was just silly.
    TytoVortex: Oh wow! It seems a lot of Pokkén folks come from a Smash background. Both very good games, and both really fun to watch!
    We've got a couple of questions here, all from Burnside! They're good ones! He asks:
    What motivates you to play Pokkén Tournament?  How does it feel to have your family behind you at events? Has it always felt that way?  What do you see in Empoleon that others don’t?  
    ThankSwalot: I want to use the characters I like. I played VGC before, but it was incredibly difficult to choose my favorites. Pokkén lets me do that by maining my favorite Pokémon like Sceptile and Empoleon. I want to prove I’m the best in the world with those characters. Also, I want to prove that Empoleon is good and can keep up with the top picks. For example, I think he goes even against Lucario, but Mr. Toasty the Fraud thinks Lucario wins the matchup, so that only motivates me more and more.
    Oh, I’ve always been super thankful that they supported me. When I first started playing, I didn’t do too well, but they continued to keep up the support. I think they first started thinking I could really take off as a top player when I got 5th at Nationals in 2016. I remember them and a lot of my friends in the corner of the room we got cheering me on and hugging me when I got there. They are also a motivation for me when I play. I still get a bit embarrassed when others are around, but that’s lessened once the other players like Oreo, ALLISTER, Rokso, and Whitey started talking to them. They’re great and I love them, plain and simple.

    Empoleon is a literal truck that has been listening to too much Initial D music. Aqua Jet mix-ups give me life, and I don’t really see other people do them. If I get a level 3 Aqua Jet, sometimes I’ll grab, sometimes I’ll Drill Peck, sometimes I’ll even do nothing and wait to see how they react. You don’t need to commit to the HM moves, and that’s what makes your opponent keep guessing. I play against people like that and it works. Also, people say certain things are bad, so I use them and they work out. For example, Empoleon’s grab sucks to the point that it’s good. People are afraid of Empoleon’s other attacks so they shield. I use that to my advantage a lot. I can’t tell you how many times that I land a Field Phase grab, and then land the Duel Phase grab right after.
    And the biggest thing: movement. I’ve talked about movement before, because I play Sceptile. Empoleon’s slides are amazing, especially with the new buffs. They fit my style of keeping my opponent guessing, and can help me escape my opponent by sliding back or jumping over them. Not to mention, most of his strongest tools come from sliding. Hydro Cannon and the little water bubbles are so useful. The bubbles in particular can make match-ups against characters like Machamp and Garchomp so much easier. Backwards Hydro Cannon is also another underrated tool, since it’s basically a full screen move that can catch people off guard.
    One other movement option I haven’t seen others doing is using Aqua Jet when you finish a combo in Duel Phase so you can get right up into the opponent’s face. There’s a lot more things I can say that make this character a lot better than others say he is. Power and movement are what he does best. I didn’t even mention how well he pairs with his boyfriend Rotom, nor my patented double debuff combo that comes with it. Also, fun fact, the Rotom nerf where he disappears during grab Burst Attacks only effects Mewtwo and Gengar, not Empoleon. So uh, do with that what you will. *laughs*
    TytoVortex: Wow, all of that information is amazing, so much detail put into the answers too! Having a support network to fall back on when it comes to a passion of yours is such a phenomenal privilege to have! Good on your family for joining you on this wonderful Pokkén journey!
    And hey, that bit about Rotom? I had no idea! Even more things the community can explore together.
    Alright, a few more questions! I have one from sir RoksoTheSavage, and he asks, "What was the match you played that was the turning point in your Pokkén career?"
    ThankSwalot: Probably my set against TeeJay at CEO 2017. When I started out, I always looked up to TeeJay, and he was such a nice person too. Winning against him pretty much showed that I can be more than just a rookie. That match confirmed to myself that I can keep up with the top players, and that I can be the best Sceptile in NA, if not, maybe even the world. I’m sad I haven’t seen or heard about him since. I would absolutely love to play against him again.
    As a bonus, it also started my raw Leaf Storm special that I’m known for. I landed two during that set, and they’re my favorites.
    TytoVortex: I'm sure that's a dream come true for a lot of players, defeating their role model in bracket! TeeJay was certainly an amazing Sceptile, and I bet he'd be proud of how well you're representing the character!
    Another community question here! Mr.MTheGamer asks: "What are you gonna do with all the cash money that you got from Worlds and Internationals?"
    ThankSwalot: I’ve had a lot of long answers, so here’s a smaller one. The answer is simple and not unique: college. I want to make video games when I grow up.
    TytoVortex: Aww, that's an excellent idea! Every gamer's dream come true!
    Alright TS, one more question! And I have a feeling you'll like this one! Hero asks, "Remember that time that me and you invaded the Pokkén Discord and pretended to be Team Rocket?"
    ThankSwalot: Yes, it was beautiful. Everyone got so sick of it and I love it. Guess you can say we caused a bit of trouble. I wonder what our next plot should be! *laughs*
    TytoVortex: Oh, I'm sure there will be many shenanigans yet!
    Alright, that'll wrap up all of our questions for the evening! Thank you so much for your time, ThankSwalot! I enjoyed interviewing you, as well as featuring you in our first Player Profile! I hope you have a lovely evening, enjoy your night, and many more Pokkén success stories to come, I presume!
    ThankSwalot: Thank you for the interview! It was fun!

    For the first time in Pokkén Tournament history, the 2018 Pokémon World Championships saw a non-Japanese player crowned as the Pokkén Tournament DX champion.
    Despite the other three Top 4 spots being taken up by Japanese pros TARUTARO, haruyuki and subutan, 17 year old Jacob "ThankSwalot" Waller was able to become the first ever North American World Champion for Pokkén Tournament. Defeating the likes of Twixxie, Wingtide, Mikukey_HIKARI and more, ThankSwalot showed everyone that he is quite possibly the best Pokkén Tournament DX player in the world.
    ThankSwalot is a fan favorite for his exciting character and playstyle. Thanks to the intense battle that he and TARUTARO put up, the Pokkén Grand Finals has gained over 650,000 views on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.
    With all of this in mind, it only seems right that the first Player Profile on Pokkén Arena is featuring your 2018 Pokkén Tournament DX World Champion, ThankSwalot!
    This series of posts aims to introduce readers to top Pokkén Tournament DX players, Following this post, we'll be posting an interview with ThankSwalot this Sunday!
    During the interview, we'll be asking ThankSwalot questions asked by the community over the next 24 hours. To ask a question, you can either leave a comment on this post or ask on Twitter by tagging @PokkenArena and including the hashtag #AskSwalot. Then, check back this Sunday to get ThankSwalot's answer!
    (I'd also like to give a huge thanks to Jetsplit for helping me out with this idea, along with the cooperation of the community in future projects like this one!)

    ThankSwalot defeats Japanese legend TARUTARO to become the 2018 Pokkén Tournament World Champion!
    The Pokémon Company
    Player Information
    Gamertag: ThankSwalot
    Name: Jacob Waller
    Birth Date: December 4, 2000 (age 17)
    Location: Oak Forest, Illinois ??
    Main Character: 
    Other Characters: 
    Sponsor: None
    DX Mid-Season 1 Ranking: 5th
    Other Competitive Titles: Pokémon VGC
    Tournament Placings table, th, td { border: 1px solid white; border-collapse: collapse; }
    Tournament Date Placement Characters Used VODs 2018 Pokkén Tournament World Championships August 25, 2018 1st 2018 Pokémon North America International Championships July 7-8, 2018 1st DreamHack Austin 2018 June 2, 2018 7th Combo Breaker 2018 May 26, 2018 1st NorCal Regionals 2018 April 1, 2018 1st Final Round 2018 March 18, 2018 2nd Winter Brawl XII February 18-19, 2018 2nd Frosty Faustings X January 20, 2018 5th NEC 18 December 17, 2017 2nd Final Boss October 28-29, 2017 7th  
    2018 Pokémon World Championships: Pokkén Tournament DX Grand Finals  2018 Pokémon North America International Championships: Pokkén Tournament DX Grand Finals  NCR 2018 Grand Finals: ThankSwalot (Sceptile) Vs slippingbug (Pikachu Libre)  Pokkén Tournament DX Top 4 Finals - Combo Breaker 2018  2018 NA Masters Champ | FT5 vs ThankSwalot Shadow Mewtwo vs Empoleon   
    Pokkén Arena profile  Twitter account DeviantArt profile  YouTube channel  DiscordTag: ThankSwalot#4470   
    Remember, you can ask ThankSwalot questions either by leaving a comment on this post or by tagging @PokkenArena on Twitter and including the hashtag #AskSwalot. ThankSwalot will be answering your questions in his Player Interview, which will be published this Sunday, September 9!

    Here are the tournament results for every Pokkén bracket from Wednesday, August 29 to Tuesday, September 4! This includes Summer Jam 12, which featured a variety of top level players.
    The next major tournament is Kanto 4 this weekend in Japan. Kanto is a massive tournament series for the Japanese Pokkén scene, so many of the country's best players are sure to be in attendance. Don't miss it!
    Did we miss a tournament? Let us know and it will be added to the list shortly.
    Friday, August 31, 2018
    Chile Online Pokkén #11
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Chile
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/qv97qwv
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Summer Jam 12
    Crown Plaza Cherry Hill | 2349 Marlton Pike W, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/summer-jam-12/events/pokken-tournament/brackets/223616
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304582950?t=06h52m03s
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Switch Versus
    The Forge | 8026 W Broad St c, Henrico, VA 23294, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/switch-versus-the-forge-1/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/overview
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Tip of the Iceberg 2
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Empoleon Discord
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/tip-of-the-iceberg-2-antarctic-boogaloo/events/tip-of-the-iceberg/brackets/362038
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    September 2018 Smash Jam
    Peterson Heritage Center | 151 S Connor St, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/september-2018-smash-jam/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/brackets/368512
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Western Clash 2
    Victoria Park Community Centre | 248 Gloucester St, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Australia
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/WCPokken1
    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Australia Spring 2019 #1
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/BlossomsAndStuff
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304453500
    Monday, September 3, 2018
    Origin 1
    Aidelon Gaming | 2501 E Memorial RdEdmond, OK 73013, USA
    Bracket: https://aidelongaming.challonge.com/PDXOrigin1
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/305648194
    Tuesday, September 4, 2018
    Australia Spring 2019 #2
    Pokkén Tournament DX Online | Australia
    Bracket: https://challonge.com/DespacitoNotAvailable
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/305723462
    Tuesday, September 4, 2018
    Nebraska Pokkén at Legendary Wolf Games
    Oakview Mall | 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68144, USA
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/pokken-at-legendary-wolf-games-09-04-18/events/pokken-tournament-dx/brackets/390231
    VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306024562

    Congratulations to all of this week's competitors!