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    Although Pokken did not make the 8 lock in spots for this year's EVO, it is in the running with 8 other games. Show them what we're made of and vote for Pokken for that 9th spot! All donations will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the end of voting. Voting closes on February 8th.

    Click Here to Vote For Pokken
    Click Here to See the Status of All Games

    Finally, after a lot of work, the new forums can be put up for all to use! I'm quite glad for things to be off of the old Proboards software.
    The new software we're on (IPS) gives us much more control over the website, allowing us to add features we were previously incapable of. Now, we have a front page news section, as well as an integrated calendar that users can submit events to! (Although events will require staff approval.) Soon, we'll add a video archive, perhaps a guide library, and much more!
    There's a couple of old features we're working on bringing back (like the ability to select your main character to be displayed on your forum profile) and they'll be popping back up in the next couple of weeks. If you have any feature requests, please use the subforum for suggestions.
    http://pokkenarena.invisionzone.com/ is a temporary URL for the next day or two, but after that we'll be moving to our permanent home of http://pokkenarena.com/ ! (Once the old content has been moved. It takes 24-48 hours, for technical reasons.)
    The old forums will be up for a month or two just for people to copy old stuff over, but then we'll be nuking them. Back up everything important sooner rather than later. You have been warned.