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    Arcade versions of Pokkén Tournament were updated to Ver.G08 last week, bringing changes to both Fighter and Support Pokémon. Not only does this update buff and nerf moves, it also gives some characters entirely new moves and charge/cancel options.
    Since there is no news of a Wii U release just yet, the rest of the world needs to look to Japan for a glimpse of this new update. Luckily for us, Japanese Pikachu player ENGINE has released nearly 40 minutes of Ver.G08 Pikachu gameplay. ENGINE goes up against other characters including Scizor and Mewtwo, so viewers also get a chance to see some of the changes for other characters.
    Be sure to follow ENGINE if you enjoy his video, and keep checking Pokkén Arena for news on when this update will come to the Wii U!

    Final Round 20 takes place next month, and the event will be home to Pokkén Battle Revolution - a tournament celebrating the Wii U version's one-year anniversary. Some of the world's best players will be in attendance, and there are a variety of community events being planned to draw in new entrants.
    To start, a donation drive has been started to help increase Pokkén's prize pot.
    If you choose to order an item from the donation drive, the necessary costs to make the item will be subtracted from your donation. From there, all remaining money will go straight into the tournament's prize pot. The items will be delivered at Final Round, so if you aren't attending the event but you want to make an order be sure to send Fumu a message inquiring.
    The available items are as follows:
    $5: Wristband and sticker $20: Pokkén Battle Revolution t-shirt $25: T-shirt, wristband, and sticker $30: Pokkén Tournament poster made by Arkayne (Preview) $50: Pokkén Packed Package (T-shirt, poster, wristband, and sticker) $100: HORI Pokkén controller signed by top players  
    Click here for more information and to donate.
    There are also community events being planned for during the actual tournament. The legendary Suicune player Allister will be running a side event during the tournament titled "Wheel of Death".
    Allister will have a wheel that participants can spin. There are six possible categories that will determine how the next match is played:
    Blind Fury: Both players play blindfolded. The Third Dimension: Players switch seats and play using their opponent's monitor. Double Trouble: Each player picks a partner, and each partner controls half of the controller. Dexterity of Doom: Each player plays with one hand Death Wish: Players pick their opponent's Fighter Pokémon, Support Pokémon, and Cheer Skill. Inescapable Fate of Infinity's End: Players set their opponent's control scheme without preview.  
    The Wheel of Death will be a Best-of-1, Double Elimination tournament. First place will receive a custom trophy.
    Click here to register for Pokkén Battle Revolution, and check back here for updates on more community events.
    Thanks to Fumu for organizing the donation drive, and Allister for hosting the Wheel of Death!

    Along with the announcement that Pokkén would be returning to the Pokémon World Championships this year, it was revealed that the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament will be receiving a new balance patch on February 14th. This balance patch will feature a variety of changes for both Fighter and Support Pokémon, including adding new moves to some Fighters. There is no word on whether or not this patch will come to the Wii U version at this time.
    Thanks to Pentao, we now have the full translated patch notes. Keep in mind these are not official translations, so if you spot any mistakes please let us know.
    Buffs Nerfs Adjustments Bug Fixes  
    We will report any updates as they come, so please stay tuned.

    During the 2 on 2 tournament at yesterday's Tokaigi Game Party, Pokkén Tournament Producer Masaaki Hoshino announced that the game would be returning to the Pokémon World Championships this year.
    This was also confirmed after the event on the official Pokkén Twitter:
    Qualification methods have not yet been confirmed, but we will deliver more information as it becomes available.
    A balance patch for the arcade version of the game was also announced. This patch will bring a variety of changes to both Fighter and Support Pokémon, and will release on February 14th in Japan. At the moment, no announcements have been made regarding the Wii U version of the game.
    We will deliver more information as it comes. Please stay tuned.

    Update: NicoNico has updated the start time for this event. It appears the 2 on 2 tournament will begin Saturday, February 11th at 9:00 PM EST.
    Tokaigi Game Party, a gaming convention in Japan, will be taking place this weekend.
    The convention will feature a 2 on 2 tournament for Pokkén, and some of Japan's best players will be participating. It's also worth noting that Pokkén Tournament Producer Masaaki Hoshino will be in attendance. While this may not lead to anything, keep in mind that Corrin and Bayonetta were showcased for Smash Wii U last year, a month before they were released (Edit: @Mins also pointed out that Chandelure and Shadow Mewtwo being playable were both announced at the last Tokaigi). This means there is the possibility of a Pokkén DLC announcement this weekend - or perhaps even the announcement of a Switch port.
    The 2 on 2 tournament will begin on February 11th, 2017 at 9:00 PM EST. The details are as follows:
    The tournament will be played on the Arcade version of Pokkén Tournament. Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk, and Empoleon are allowed. Team members may not use the same Battle Pokémon. Support Pokémon may be changed after a match. Waseda format: Each team member plays an opponent of the opposing team. If each team wins one game, the two players who won will face off. Random Stages. Skill Points enabled.  
    You will be able to watch the Tokaigi 2 on 2 tournament here. You can see the list of participants here.
    Thanks to Pentao for translating the information, and BUGlitch for the list of participants!

    The Evo 2017 Player's Choice donation drive has finally ended. While it wasn't the result we had hoped for, there is a lot for us to be proud of.
    After an exhilarating final day of voting, the winner of the Evo 2017 Player's Choice donation drive has been determined:
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ($71,690) Pokkén Tournament ($66,906) Killer Instinct ($6,116) Windjammers ($4,000) ARMS ($1,337) Skullgirls ($920) Super Street Fighter II Turbo ($831) Nidhogg ($158) Mortal Kombat XL ($137)  
    Even though Pokkén did not win the donation drive, there is plenty to be excited about.
    Not only did our community play a large part in raising over $150,000 for children in need, Evo is recognizing our efforts by committing $10,000 to support our community events throughout 2017! While the first thing that comes to mind is pot bonuses, it is also possible that this support will come in other forms such as increased production value and exposure.
    Evo is not the only party to have recognized how hard we've worked, either. People are booting up their previously-forgotten copies of Pokkén, AnimEVO is in contact with our community's leaders, and even Harada himself gave his input. In my opinion, however, there are three results of the donation drive that are the most important:
    We raised over $150,000 for children in need This donation drive brought the Pokkén community together more than ever before Outsiders have a newfound respect for Pokkén, and many new players are interested in getting into the game  
    So, what next?
    The Pokkén community needs to ride this momentum and take full advantage of our time in the spotlight. We need to pump out a massive amount of Pokkén content on YouTube, Twitch, and the Forums here on Pokkén Arena. Go to your locals, support the streams, and show outsiders why we love this game.
    I am so, so, so proud of each and every one of you. Whether you donated thousands of dollars or you lurked in the Twitch chats over the last two weeks, Pokkén could not have done this without you.
    Thank you all, and here's to an incredible 2017 for the Pokkén community.

    The Apple BOOM
    Although Pokken did not make the 8 lock in spots for this year's EVO, it is in the running with 8 other games. Show them what we're made of and vote for Pokken for that 9th spot! All donations will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the end of voting. Voting closes on February 8th.

    Click Here to Vote For Pokken
    Click Here to See the Status of All Games

    Finally, after a lot of work, the new forums can be put up for all to use! I'm quite glad for things to be off of the old Proboards software.
    The new software we're on (IPS) gives us much more control over the website, allowing us to add features we were previously incapable of. Now, we have a front page news section, as well as an integrated calendar that users can submit events to! (Although events will require staff approval.) Soon, we'll add a video archive, perhaps a guide library, and much more!
    There's a couple of old features we're working on bringing back (like the ability to select your main character to be displayed on your forum profile) and they'll be popping back up in the next couple of weeks. If you have any feature requests, please use the subforum for suggestions.
    http://pokkenarena.invisionzone.com/ is a temporary URL for the next day or two, but after that we'll be moving to our permanent home of http://pokkenarena.com/ ! (Once the old content has been moved. It takes 24-48 hours, for technical reasons.)
    The old forums will be up for a month or two just for people to copy old stuff over, but then we'll be nuking them. Back up everything important sooner rather than later. You have been warned.