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    The first official Group Match for Pokkén Tournament DX concluded this past Monday, with hundreds of players competing for one of the top 100 spots. Players who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so if you managed to snag a top 100 spot, go check out your new title!
    You can find the results for the top 100 of the FSBC Aura Blast Cup below. We will also be posting about the 2nd official Group Match - the FSBC Shining Feather Cup - later today, so be sure to check back later! There will be a couple differences, including a new participation prize and a different format (Team Battle)!
    Editor's Note: It has been brought to my attention that there were separate Groups for European and Japanese players, which is why there are only North American players in these rankings. Please note that these results are for the North American version of the FSBC Aura Blast Cup specifically!
    FSBC Aura Blast Cup - Top 100
    Wins: 399 Location: United States 2. AqUa_iGamer
    Wins: 388 Location: United States 3. Mins
    Wins: 352 Location: United States 4. SmashSteve
    Wins: 342 Location: Canada 5. Combo
    Wins: 335 Location: United States 6. Almazar
    Wins: 320 Location: United States 7. Dream_Ninja
    Wins: 307 Location: United States 8. H2WhoAreYou
    Wins: 302 Location: United States 9. Combo
    Wins: 300 Location: United States 10. Cecily
    Wins: 288 Location: United States 11. kalonpus
    Wins: 274 Location: United States 12. Valei
    Wins: 250 Location: United States 13. Forest
    Wins: 247 Location: United States 14. Sir_Salty
    Wins: 194 Location: United States 15. Spooky
    Wins: 160 Location: United States 16. SilverSui
    Wins: 150 Location: United States 17. ProGroupie
    Wins: 146 Location: United States 18. Ben
    Wins: 135 Location: United States 19. WonderChef
    Wins: 131 Location: United States 20. BooBooJeffries
    Wins: 129 Location: United States 21. SereneSuicune
    Wins: 126 Location: United States 21. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 126 Location: United States 23. TheD4nkKnyte
    Wins: 120 Location: United States 24. ToSh1KuB
    Wins: 119 Location: United States 25. Obs
    Wins: 117 Location: Canada 25. DegabaKitten
    Wins: 117 Location: United States 27. Psyanide
    Wins: 111 Location: United States 28. UndercoverDave
    Wins: 104 Location: United States 29. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 101 Location: United States 29. DA-MYOOTOO
    Wins: 101 Location: United States 31. Payne
    Wins: 91 Location: United States 31. Rodrigo[CL]
    Wins: 91 Location: United States 33. FortunaTrainer
    Wins: 90 Location: United States 34. croza7
    Wins: 88 Location: United States 35. Kitsu
    Wins: 79 Location: United States 35. MisterLucky
    Wins: 79 Location: United States 37. Thulius
    Wins: 78 Location: United States 37. Feyre
    Wins: 78 Location: United States 39. McCent
    Wins: 69 Location: United States 40. Lvs'Way
    Wins: 67 Location: Canada 40. Fleur
    Wins: 67 Location: United States 42. Brett
    Wins: 66 Location: United States 43. Wiggly4Pokken
    Wins: 63 Location: United States 44. NotONBS
    Wins: 62 Location: United States 45. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 60 Location: United States 46. KCGemini
    Wins: 58 Location: United States 46. WHO?liganFish
    Wins: 58 Location: United States 48. RoksoTheSavage
    Wins: 57 Location: United States 48. Duff
    Wins: 57 Location: United States 50. Slipster
    Wins: 55 Location: United States 51. SonicNKnux
    Wins: 54 Location: United States 52. Faith
    Wins: 53 Location: United States 52. SamSamGaming
    Wins: 53 Location: Canada 54. Adelvos
    Wins: 52 Location: Canada 54. BarkJon
    Wins: 52 Location: United States 54. Midori?
    Wins: 52 Location: United States 57. grndmspntys
    Wins: 51 Location: United States 58. Raine
    Wins: 50 Location: United States 59. DKPRIME
    Wins: 48 Location: United States 60. Rainforest
    Wins: 47 Location: United States 61. Drake
    Wins: 46 Location: Canada 61. RaggedHoodie
    Wins: 46 Location: United States 63. TheScout
    Wins: 43 Location: United States 63. Benner
    Wins: 43 Location: United States 63. Zoom
    Wins: 43 Location: United States 66. Lupo
    Wins: 42 Location: United States 66. Angelus
    Wins: 42 Location: United States 68. Nanaca
    Wins: 41 Location: Canada 69. Ra1nbow
    Wins: 40 Location: United States 70. Gandelphox
    Wins: 38 Location: Canada 71. Zach
    Wins: 37 Location: United States 72. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 36 Location: United States 73. ?
    Wins: 35 Location: United States 73. Serket
    Wins: 35 Location: United States 75. Leaffvxr
    Wins: 34 Location: United States 76. breeZy
    Wins: 33 Location: United States 76. Julian
    Wins: 33 Location: United States 76. Derfsonic
    Wins: 33 Location: United States 79. Ash
    Wins: 32 Location: United States 80. ITG<3
    Wins: 31 Location: Canada 80. TAHK0
    Wins: 31 Location: United States 80. Fidget
    Wins: 31 Location: United States 83. 7
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 83. MezMaroon
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 83. iTziTsLeGiiTz
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 83. Jeiku
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 83. Hashil
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 88. Wallace&Belle
    Wins: 29 Location: United States 88. RadDude
    Wins: 29 Location: United States 90. psychic/FAIRY
    Wins: 28 Location: United States 90. TS|Fidchell
    Wins: 28 Location: United States 92. Revhan
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 92. AllisterSucks
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 92. Kitashi
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 95. ColonelBenSP
    Wins: 26 Location: United States 95. Yaanu • ヤーヌ
    Wins: 26 Location: United States 97. OuroboroDFGare
    Wins: 25 Location: United States 97. cominic
    Wins: 25 Location: United States 99. Char,Crisis.DX
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 100. CatFight
    Wins: 23 Location: United States  
    Did you enjoy the FSBC Aura Blast Cup? Are you looking forward to the FSBC Shining Feather Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

    The Nintendo Switch's News app has formally announced the first Pokkén Tournament DX official Group Match: the FSBC Aura Blast Cup! The event will take place this Friday, November 17, and will last until Monday, November 20.
    There is a Participation Prize for all entrants, as well as four special Ranking Prizes for the top competitors! Remember, this is the only way to get these special titles. Seeing as this is the first official Group Match, the competition is sure to be fierce. Players will need to be at their best to earn one of the special Ranking Prizes!
    The official announcement details the start and end dates, prizes, and more information about the event.

    The full details for the event are as follows:
    Start: 11/17/17 3AM PT
    End: 11/20/17 7PM PT
    Note: Battles will only be ranked between 3AM and 7PM PT each day.
    Participation Prize

    Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above.
    Ranking Prizes
    Places 1 - 10: 
    Places 11 - 30: 
    Places 31 - 60: 
    Places 61 - 100: 
    You can read the official announcement in the News app on your Nintendo Switch. Huge thank you to Sketchy S. for providing screenshots!

    Version 1.1.0 of Pokkén Tournament DX finally released yesterday, bringing bug fixes and some exciting features such as Online Team Battles. One of the most exciting features for the competitive Pokkén community is the new recording feature that was added to the game's Free Training. The feature allows players to record their opponent's movements, opening up new labbing opportunities.
    While it's been less than 24 hours since the update released, players are already filling Twitter with their findings. Below you can find a few tweets from various players, as well as a Twitter Moment from ALLISTER that compiles all of his own discoveries. Have any discoveries of your own? Be sure to share them with us on the forums!
    There are many more tweets regarding the new update, too! Check out the #PokkenTournamentDX hashtag on Twitter and the forums for more.

    The highly anticipated 1.1 patch for Pokkén Tournament DX has now been released!
    Be aware that on the new patch, previous replay data from the old patch will no longer work, so save your clips before you update! 
    Main changes include:
    3v3 mode added to Online Friendlies, Online Group Match and LAN mode.
    Record & Playback feature added to Training mode
    Info display settings added - (Can change whether or not you see win percentages and losses or just match wins on online match records. Turned to only match wins by default, can be changed back to how it was in Profile Settings of My Town.)
    Individual Pokemon Bug fixes and the rest of the patch notes can be viewed here

    The special beach-side edition of North California's premier local tournament - Burst Attack! @ Thalia Beach - took place earlier this month. FangShaymin put together a highlight video for the tournament's Top 8, which you can find on the 21 Hits YouTube channel.
    In case you missed the event, you can find the full VODs on FangShaymin's Twitch.
    If you enjoyed the Top 8 Highlights, consider subscribing to 21 Hits. You can also follow the editor on Twitter.

    The patch notes for the highly anticipated first update to Pokkén Tournament DX have been official released! With this patch, trainers will now be able to enjoy the new Team Battle mode in online friendlies, online group matches and even in LAN mode - which opens up the possibility of 3v3 brackets at future offline events. 
    Additionally the recording feature in training mode will also come with this patch, allowing trainers to properly study countermeasures against moves and situations that cause them trouble. 
    While no new major gameplay or balance updates have been noted, there are various bug fixes across the board for certain Pokemon. 
    The Pokemon bug fixes have been translated by Pentao 

    The patch is said to arrive Mid-November
    For the official Japanese release of the patch notes, see here
    A link to the official English release of the notes will be provided when available. 

    Are you a fan of Pokkén? Do you want some awesome gear to show that love? Well fear not, fellow community member JWiing has got you covered. Wave One of her Synergy Burst DX series has just been released! It includes Blaziken, Chandelure, Empoleon, Garchomp and Gardevoir. Standard T-Shirts are $20 USD, but buy before 1 PM EST on November 7th and get them for only $14 USD! Click here to check out her store!
    Don't see your favorite character? Follow JWiing on Twitter to know when Wave Two will be released!

    Pokkén went to the beach this weekend! In case you missed Friday's Weekend Watchlist, the NorCal Pokkén scene hosted a special edition of their local tournament series. The event featured top level talent from around the United States, and it took place in a beach house!
    This special edition of Burst Attack! featured many exciting matches, some surprising upsets, and lots of relaxed, fun Pokkén play. Read on for the full results and links to the VODs!
    1 on 1 Results
    1. Toasty 
    2. InC Rokso 
    3. Double 
    4. Twixxie 
    5. SirSpudd 
    5. Shippo 
    7. Scatz 
    7. H2 
    9. Couch 
    9. Thulius 
    9. Kukkii 
    9. NinjaFalcon2 
    13. Ghost 
    13. Kino 
    13. TipDik 
    13. ABYSS Nightshade 
    17. DTP 
    17. vuvho 
    17. BTG 
    17. FangShaymin 
    17. Fosh 
    17. StDx ALLISTER 
    17. IcySoapy 
    17. Solacracy 
    25. GShark 
    25. Tim The Toolman 
    25. UG NPT Uchi 
    25. bellsworth46 
    25. KDay SilentSpooky 
    25. iantothemax (DQ)
    2 on 2 Results
    1. Kino / Kukkii 
    2. ALLISTER / Toasty 
    3. SirSpudd / Twixxie 
    4. GShark / Rokso 
    5. Thulius / Fosh 
    5. Couch / Nightshade 
    7. Scatz / IcySoapy 
    7. H2 / TipDik 
    9. Ghost / BTG 
    9. DTP / vuvho 
    You can check out the full brackets on the smash.gg event page, and you can find the tournament VODs here.

    Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend, the NorCal Pokkén community will be hosting a very special event. Top players from across the country will be travelling to the beach for a special edition of Burst Attack!
    Aside from a fun, interesting experience, this tournament will also be featuring payouts and special trophies for the top placing competitors. Be sure to tune into this special beach-side event!

    Burst Attack! @ Thalia Beach
    November 4-5, 2017
    San Francisco, CA
    (Times are in Pacific Time)
    12:00 PM: Pools
    08:00 PM: Top 8
    12:00 PM: 2 on 2 Bracket
    Notable Entrants Include:
    Twixxie  Thulius  Toasty  InC Rokso  StDx ALLISTER  Scatz  Kukkii  Double  Shippo  Kino  H2   
    More Info:
    Update: This article has been updated to include the schedule for the event.

    Blue Link
    Pokkén Tournament has been around for a really long time now, the Wii U version was released more than an year and a half ago (the Arcade Version is even older than that), which means there is a lot of background to the game.
    BurnsideBH, one of the most influential members of the community, will be starting a Restrospective Series about Pokkén Tournament talking about the competitive history of the game, going through how the meta developed and how the game has been so far overall. The first episode premieres on November 14th and will be focused on Mewtwo.
    The hosts are going to be Slippingbug, H2 and Burnside himelf, and you can watch it live on Burnside's Twitch channel: