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    The Official Pokemon YouTube channel has now uploaded the VOD for the Grand Finals of the Oceania World Championships qualifier. 
    You can now relive the epic half hour showdown between the two competitors that earned themselves the first spots at Worlds this year: Elm and Midori. 
    Make sure you don't miss the qualifiers in Europe (June 16-17) and North America (July 6-8)
    As well as the World Championships themselves on August 24th -26th

    Late last night and early into this morning, Nintendo of Japan hosted the exciting Spring Fist tournament. The event featured ARMS, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Pokkén Tournament DX. Being sponsored by Twitch Prime, the tournaments were streamed live on Twitch, meaning viewers would get to see some awesome top level Japanese Pokkén play.
    The Pokkén event featured fan-favorites such as Tonosama, Azazel, CROSS-Igarashi, and more, and you can find the full Pokkén bracket here. On top of this, some of the game's developers were in attendance, and we got to see our first video footage of Blastoise in action!
    Big thanks to ALLISTER for posting the video footage from the stream! What do you think? Are you excited for Blastoise? Let us know!
    Blastoise will be available for download on March 23, 2018.

    Pokkén returns to Final Round this weekend! An important event in our community's history, Final Round is set to be full of entertaining sets between amazing players.

    Final Round 2018
    March 16-18, 2018
    Atlanta, GA
    CPT - http://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters FunkyP - http://www.twitch.tv/funkyp KombatNetwork - http://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork Bifuteki - http://www.twitch.tv/bifuteki DATA FGC - http://www.twitch.tv/datafgc  
    (Times are in Eastern Time)
    04:00 PM: 2 on 2 Bracket
    06:00 PM: Pools
    11:00 AM: Top 8
    Notable Entrants Include:
    Zyflair  ThankSwalot  Scatz  H2  Bolimar  InC RoksoTheSavage  PG Coach Steve  Psyanide  Ouroboro  BxA Twixxie  OrlandoFox  NG-Obscure   
    More Info:

    One week until Blastoise is released, and recently information on not just Blastoise, but also Mew and Celebi was released on the official Japanese Pokkén website!

    First, let's start with the new Battle Pokémon Blastoise.

    Blastoise, a Battle Pokémon with excellent long range offence and top class physical strength for close quarters. From the information given, it seems that Blastoise could have varying stances in both Field and Duel Phase. In Duel Phase, he can go into his shell from which he can perform different attacks based on which button the player presses. In Field, he can choose to pressure opponents long range with various cannon shots. Blastoise’s Burst Attack is “Gun Destruction”, in which Blastoise mega-evolves to unleash a powerful close range attack that ends in a spectacular blast from his rocket cannon on his back!

    Onto the new Support Pokémon, Mew comes packing the ability “Metronome”. While increasing the Synergy gauge, Mew also gives a random buff alongside a critical hit buff allowing for it to be great for putting on pressure.

    Celebi adds an all-new feature to the game! With the ability “Time Travel” you can now switch Phases at any given moment! This exciting ability is surely one of a kind and we can’t wait to see how it’s implemented into everyone’s battle plan.

    Alongside the new Pokémon, more customization options will be available! As shown below, new shirts, hairstyles, glasses, scarves and an entire new Rock Style outfit is unlocked to customize your avatar to your heart’s content. Speaking of outfits, Nia gets two new ones!

    This is all of the information we have as of now for Wave 2 of DLC Battle Pack 1, but if we missed anything we’ll be sure to update this post with the latest news. Have fun everyone and see you all online on the 23rd!
    Official Pokémon News Link: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/pokkenDX/news/180316_01.html

    If you ever wrote off Croagunk as being a completely RNG based character you might want to rethink your assessment. 
    Community member TheJrJam has proved there is more method in the madness than initially thought by showing that perfect cancelling jX into jA will always net Croagunk his best two projectiles (Tornado and Boulder) 
    In addition to being a true block string, this can also be used to enable some amazing combos as Boolerex demonstrates by utilising the tech to pull off Croagunk's otherwise hard to land 4X. While he uses the Tornado outcome here, he assures it's also possible with the Boulder.
    What this does for the character and it's mains is provide stability and assurance in occurrence outcome and damage output. Slot Machines sound pretty appealing if you know how to net yourself a jackpot every time right?
    In addition to this, the newly expanded possibilities go further as according to JoNa, jY can also be used similarly not as a perfect cancel but with very specific spacing, allowing for increased odds of one of three better outcomes (Tornado, Boulder Sludge Bomb)
    It just goes to show that at any point a character's meta and options can change entirely. 
    With these new developments in the open, the question is: will they be left alone by the devs?
    While some argue this development could be a "bug", it's also possible it was programmed in to allow the character to stand up competitively and reward those with the bravery to master the power of the unknown. 
    All we can do is wait for future patches, but for now: watch out, these slot machines are rigged.
    To keep up with the Croagunk meta, be sure to check the Croagunk tech hashtag: #PTDX_GNK
    Editor's note: "Exploit" is indeed the correct word to use in this circumstance, its original non negative dictionary definition. 

    The Sceptile themed FSBC Forest's Flash Cup took place this weekend.
    Players who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards.
    You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Forest's Flash Cup below. Keep in mind these results are for North America specifically, as we do not have easy access to the Europe and Japan rankings. If you participated in either of these Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please email jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com.
    FSBC Forest's Flash Cup - NA Top 100
    1. ThankSwalot
    Wins: 375 Location: United States 2. Ben(NNB)
    Wins: 350 Location: United States 3. Cecily
    Wins: 250 Location: United States 4. TapuCocoa
    Wins: 150 Location: United States 5. Stephen
    Wins: 122 Location: United States 6. Akira
    Wins: 104 Location: United States 7. NDGI5167
    Wins: 100 Location: United States 8. Terrion
    Wins: 98 Location: United States 9. Weston
    Wins: 81 Location: United States 10. Pikachu_daddy
    Wins: 67 Location: United States 10. Gibus
    Wins: 67 Location: United States 12. Rodrigo[CL]
    Wins: 55 Location: United States 12. Nullshock
    Wins: 55 Location: United States 14. Nanaca
    Wins: 51 Location: Canada 15. Lagman
    Wins: 50 Location: United States 15. Jameson
    Wins: 50 Location: United States 15. Rainforest
    Wins: 50 Location: United States 18. Mirack
    Wins: 44 Location: United States 18. PotatoStew
    Wins: 44 Location: United States 20. Blade
    Wins: 42 Location: United States 21. Arcrotic
    Wins: 41 Location: United States 22. Lakenzu
    Wins: 40 Location: United States 23. DevlinHart
    Wins: 37 Location: United States 24. SamSamGaming
    Wins: 36 Location: Canada 25. LAG//~И ɩ ᴋ σ ~
    Wins: 34 Location: United States 26. Carolyn
    Wins: 31 Location: United States 27. Yoshi
    Wins: 30 Location: United States 28. Toasty
    Wins: 29 Location: United States 28. Jetsplit
    Wins: 29 Location: Canada 30. FalconPain
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 31. OvO_Nyctea_OvO
    Wins: 26 Location: Mexico 32. Waled05
    Wins: 25 Location: United States 32. Sacle
    Wins: 25 Location: United States 34. Suraako
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 34. JackDeath
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 36. Weebvile
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 37. TG_Warrior
    Wins: 19 Location: United States 37. Zach
    Wins: 19 Location: United States 39. Devonte
    Wins: 18 Location: United States 39. Logic
    Wins: 18 Location: United States 39. Kitsu
    Wins: 18 Location: United States 39. Kerokerostudio
    Wins: 18 Location: Canada 43. Dreya
    Wins: 17 Location: United States 44. NinjaFalcon2
    Wins: 16 Location: United States 44. Glitch
    Wins: 16 Location: Mexico 44. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 16 Location: United States 44. Parkai
    Wins: 16 Location: United States 48. Gemini
    Wins: 15 Location: Canada 48. Covelo
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 48. Zach
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 48. JeffiBeatbox
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 52. JohnnyBullets
    Wins: 14 Location: United States 52. Akko
    Wins: 14 Location: United States 52. Noswal
    Wins: 14 Location: United States 55. ʜ я | § ᴋy$ ホ α υg384
    Wins: 13 Location: United States 55. Kye
    Wins: 13 Location: United States 57. Shady_Oak
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 57. GHE|TLE|May
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 59. Bananya✩
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 59. CPU|Kalon
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 59. TheGrimReaper
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 59. Rambon
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 59. Bubba
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 64. Zac
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. trainzo
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. Zaskyl
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. SinAirX1
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. LucarюGamer224
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. AceRacerToad
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. Enigma
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. シカシロ
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 64. Mr.Victini
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 73. YaBoy
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 73. Pep-c
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 73. Ash
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 73. Raine
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 73. Charles
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 78. MasK
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 78. Actias
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 78. Fangs
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 78. Brett
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 78. Reverse
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 83. LAFEESAVYYEARHS
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. NepStormC
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. Triple-S
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. Jourdo θ ω θ
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. chef
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. Naturia
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 83. Jacob
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 90. BrinkYoshi
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. Jacob
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. IronFist1124
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. Deeno
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. WyvernFrog
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. Graham
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. Brady
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 90. Duff
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 98. TheGoldenWaifu
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 98. ToonSwablu
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 98. noah
    Wins: 5 Location: United States  
    Did you enjoy the FSBC Forest's Flash Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

    The next FSBC Cup for 2018 has begun! This event will take place from March 9 (today) to March 11 and will feature the grass-type Pokémon Sceptile. The event will use the Basic Battle format.
    Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors. Good luck to everyone who decides to compete!
    You can find the full details for the FSBC Forest's Flash Cup below.

    Start: 3/9/18 7AM PT
    End: 3/11/18 9PM PT
    Note: Battles will only be ranked between 7AM and 9PM PT each day.
    VS Mode: Basic Battle
    Skill Level: Off
    Rematch: No
    Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena
    Participation Prize
    Participants will receive a special "Forest's Flash" title based on Sceptile.
    Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above.
    Ranking Prizes
    Places 1 - 10: 
    Places 11 - 30: 
    Places 31 - 60: 
    Places 61 - 100: 
    You can read the official announcement in the News app on your Nintendo Switch.

    Hi guys!
    It's been a while so I hope everyone is doing well and excited for the next interview!
    This was a rather long one, and happened during a pretty busy period this year for myself, so again apologies for the wait.
    This time, we have our recently sponsored, EVO Japan champion....
    V3 | CROSS-Igarashi!
    The man that is deemed the main character of the scene!
    A little bit of background information:
    - One of the most notably vocal members of the community with a passion second to none in terms of connecting to others, including outside of Japan!
    - Partnered up with Mikukey to seize the title of Champion for EVO Japan. Hoshino-San himself made a comment indicating how happy he is for Cross upon winning the championship!
    - Extremely welcoming person who notably always makes time whenever a non-Japanese Pokkén player makes their way to Tokyo.
    - Follow him on twitter: @CROSS130
    -Glossary for noobs-
    - Eighth grader syndrome: The notion that one believes that they have super powers. Very common for eighth grader kids!
    - OP: Overpowered. Too strong.
    - -San: honorific attached to a person who is respected by the talker. Closest English equivalent is miss. Or mister. But the overall nuance is more sophisticated than that. 
    - RPS: Rock paper scissors. In fighting games, the notion that option A will beat option B, option B will beat option C and option C will beat option A.
    Let the interview begin!
    M: So what made you play Pokkén in the first place?
    C: What made me decide to play Pokkén was the WCS Qualifier tournament Choukaigi 2016. I’ve always yearned to stand on the WCS stage in the first place, and being able to challenge myself to see if I could earn the right to stand on the main stage of a fighting game tournament makes me really happy.
    It is in order to be WCS champion that I try my best and play Pokkén!
    M: I know that Igarashi comes from your real name but what made you add the “Cross” part for your handle?
    C: Sorry but I actually don’t remember! *Cross laughs*
    However the “Cross” part of my handle does relate to ‘communication’.
    (Editor's Note: Cross implies to ‘cross paths’)
    It is as one of the founding ‘parents’ of Pokemon, Mr. Junichi Masuda says, Pokémon is a means for communication. It’s where people and Pokémon alike communicate and hence I decided on this handle.
    Though yes.. As expected, kind of an 'eighth grader syndrome' answer I suppose! *Cross laughs*
    M: *Laughs* So why do you main Lucario?
    C: I main Lucario because he’s my favorite Pokemon. I was originally a Smash player and even then I was a Lucario main. Although Smash Lucario and Pokkén Lucario are very different, even then, Lucario is a very important existence that I want to fight together with. As Lucario has been with me through thick and thin, I will continue on as a Lucario main!
    M: I see, very loyal of you (I love character loyalists!). So what is your favorite move and one move you’d want to change with Lucario if you could?
    C: My favorite move is his 2Y! Dat reach! Dat lack of recovery! I know how difficult it is for the opponent when dealing with this move so in my head I am always like "Man Lucario is so OP!" *Cross laughs*
    The move that I’d want to change if possible would be his nY. At the very least I’d want to make it be able to combo into bone rush when hit at point blank range. The move itself admittedly has its uses, but it is a pretty lacking move so I’d just like a little more from it...
    Lucario 2Y. One of the best normals in the game.
    M: Which characters are your personal best and worst 3?
    C: Best 3 is Lucario, Braixen and Decidueye. Worst 3 is Machamp, Gardevoir and Croagunk.
    I think it’s more important to be able to have ways to fight characters that have the advantage over you rather than to win your winning matchups by a landslide. If you’re fighting against all sorts of people from all over the world, it is good to have a character that can still fight somewhat evenly in matchups you do not know very well.
    I also just want to say that the worst three characters aren’t too weak by all means, as they have a lot of strong points too.  In part, having lopsided bad matchups is a weakness, but I think having really good winning matchups are on the other hand, their strengths.
    Anyway the reason I think Lucario is number one over Braixen and Decidueye is because his Burst mode is extremely strong when compared to Braixen and Decidueye.
    A force to be reckoned with.
    M: I see... Thank you for elaborating! Next question is what is the most enjoyable aspect of Pokkén in your opinion?
    C: I think it would be the easiness of the game intuitively and also the depth of the game.
    In other words, the simplicity of the RPS theme to the otherwise many deep and technical concepts like Homing Cancelling and Perfect Blocking. The game system and mechanics give the new players a chance while strong players could still win decisively. For example, at least within the Japanese scene, myself winning a major event is not within the expectations of the scene in general. I think that is proof enough.
    M: As a community, what do you think we should do in order to promote and make Pokkén grow worldwide?
    C: Hmm... My response is a standard one, but you should act upon what you can. Try to invite a friend who doesn't play Pokkén, show them videos and talk to them about Pokkén during your hangout and drinking sessions. I think that continually pushing our scene outside of the community is a very important thing.
    At the same time, if you are savvy on streaming within the community, etc., making combo videos or strategy write ups would be extremely useful to the new players.
    M: Maybe so! Let’s take this out of the game for a minute. Tell us your hobbies outside of Pokkén!
    C: Hmm.. That’s a toughie.. For real I don’t have anything I’d call a hobby otherwise...
    I don’t want to be taken as someone unfun but a big reason would be simply because I can’t find time to cultivate or get into new hobbies. I am decisively not a top player and I am also not good at games. However, in order to strive to win I don’t really have the time to play around!
    For interest though it would be English. I want to communicate with the overseas players more! However English would just not retain itself in my head.. So please give me advice! *Cross laughs*
    M: Guys, give Cross your language learning advice! *Midori laughs*
    M: Who do you want to be better friends with outside of Japan Pokkén?
    C: Well the first and foremost person that came into my mind is XAbsoluted! I’ve never met him in person before, but as a player of the same main, I got a lot of support from him. After the end of tournaments he’d always give me passionate and encouraging DMs, and when I win, congratulatory messages. I’m really thankful to him and would like to meet him soon for battles!
    Speaking of fellow same-mains, there is also Pentao, Milln (Accel), and Deitylight. They also give me a lot of support and their cheers fuel my strength every time!
    There are also others such as the pro player who continues to challenge himself, ALLISTER, the one who always makes amazing result graphics, Burnside, and the player and commentator, H2. The exciting Uchi, who roused things up when he came to Japan, as well as Suicune Master, Catfight and the rest, who put on a really good show with their battles in WCS 2016. Honestly if I keep going there won’t be an end to this. *Cross laughs*
    I also want to battle against Rokso, Thulius and Twixxie, and I’ve always liked WhiteyWhite’s commentary, so I want to hear him in real life! I also love D1's commentary! In order to be better friends with them all, it’s not an option not to work hard on my English huh… This is really tough... *Cross laughs*
    Of course I can’t forget about DC, as he was the one who gave me a participant T-shirt even though I could not compete myself for WCS 2017. Even with half a year passing by and the ocean separating us, he still kept his promise, so personally he is my hero. It is because of that kind of support and energy DC gave me that I was able to grasp the champion title in EVO Japan. I don't think I could have won without him, so I am thankful from the bottom of my heart!
    I will not say that I am a strong player yet, and I cannot speak English yet. However, those guys still gave me LOTS of support. Time and time again it is their personal messages that give me strength and help me out a lot. As a player, to battle them and on top of that, to be friends and communicate a lot with them is my dream!
    M: I’d like to add a piggy back question to this but how about who you look up to in the Japan scene?
    C: Oh, there is no doubt in my mind for this one. It would be Tanoshimi-San! He’s a Mewtwo main now, but his Lucario is honestly the strongest in my opinion. When I first started to play Pokkén, he taught me a lot and supported me during the WCS 2016 championships. It is one of my dreams to surpass Tanoshimi-San, as the Lucario player I look up to.
    M: That is so inspiring... (Thank you Cross for the long response!). Any questions you’d like to ask yourself? And please give us the answer to the question as well!
    C: Yes, it would be what food do I like! The answer is I generally LOVE anything sweet!
    (Editor's Note: Funnily enough, this is exactly like XAbsoluted!)
    Especially Chocolate! I’m really happy every time I receive chocolate as a souvenir, so for example when ALLISTER and Suicune Master gave me chocolates I was really happy! *Cross laughs*
    What Cross really wants!
    M: Random but speaking of food, what is something that you MUST eat if you come to Japan?
    C: As expected it has to be Sushi! The combination of vinegared rice and fresh seafood is just wonderful! As I am saying this it makes me want to eat it actually! *Cross laughs*
    M: Is there anyone that is still unknown outside of Japan that you would like to spotlight?
    C: Yes, it would be “Masquaito”-San.
    (Editor's Note: I am unsure of the actual spelling the person himself decides so apologies if I am grossly wrong.)
    He is still a player with good room for growth, so I will not say he’s a top player but among returnee players from the Wii U version I think he is one with real skill. There are a lot of players who become strong quickly by going to tournaments, so it’s important to just challenge yourself on everything! Then as you are doing so, you should be determined to defeat strong players all the while!
    M: Finally, please give a message for the fans and readers at home!
    C: I can’t really speak English so the fact that I got the chance to be in this interview series and have everything translated into English makes me really happy! Midori, thank you so much!
    Looks like there is going to be WCS Qualifiers this year as well, so I expect everyone is giving it their all as players in order to win!
    If you are a player and reading this, please battle in high spirits! Let us meet in a real battle!
    If you are not a Pokkén player, please try to watch the live streams of Pokkén matches! Seeing lots of players battle seriously will show you how cool they really are!
    I am an average person with no special talents, who has made countless numbers of mistakes in my life up to now. Even then I was able to be cheered on by people from all over the world and become the EVO Japan champion, so from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to express my gratitude once again!
    Soon, the battle for qualifying spots to represent Japan on the big WCS stage will start. Japan has a lot of amazing players so it will be an extremely tough situation, in my opinion. Even then I will still try to become the champion, for the sake of everyone who is cheering for me and in order to meet players from all over the world once again. I want to show the people who look up to and respect the title of the ‘best in the world’ what ‘best’ really means and prove it.
    (Editor's Note: Cross is implying this is his goal.)
    Another thing I’d like to say is that I have something important to announce soon, so please wait in excitement for it!
    (Editor's Note: It was hush hush before, but now it's out that Cross is sponsored by V3! Congratulations cross! )
    Thank you for reading this article and let us meet again in battle (tournament) or on stream!
    M: Thank you CROSS-San!
    End of Ep.9, Ft Cross-Igarashi!
    Thank all of you guys for your patience and interest in this series! Stay tuned for more~
    Japanese version / 日本語版

    The voting stage has concluded for the NorCal Regionals Community Flights, and the three winners have been announced! These three lucky competitors will be flown out to NCR 2018 free of charge to compete in the Pokkén Tournament DX bracket.
    - ThankSwalot 
    - Mitchel 
    - Kino 
    You will be able to watch these three players compete at NCR 2018 at the end of this month! Congratulations to the winners!
    Again, this all would not have been possible without the generosity and hard work of Zyflair. Make sure to show him some love for everything he's done!

    As we reported yesterday, there will be a special Pokkén mini-tournament between YouTubers at this year's EGLX. It's been revealed that this event's special "final boss" be - surprising few - ALLISTER!
    SetToDestroyX confirmed on Twitter that ALLISTER would be the Pokkén master mentioned in EGLX's earlier tweet. Considering ALLISTER has worked with Nintendo at various events, this announcement isn't particularly surprising. ALLISTER has been one of the best examples of our community's ideals since the beginning, meaning he's one of the best candidates for showing the game to new viewers!
    Not only will ALLISTER be taking on the YouTubers competing in the mini-tournament (or at least the YouTuber who wins the tournament), an article by World Gaming also states that fans will be able to face off against ALLISTER on March 10.
    Speaking of World Gaming, they're currently running a giveaway for a digital copy of Pokkén Tournament DX plus 2 electronic tickets to EGLX! You can learn more and enter their giveaway here.
    It's still unknown which YouTubers will be participating in the mini-tournament at this time.