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    POKKÉN X TOURNAMENT, a recent tournament in Japan, brought together total of a 64 people to compete in Pokkén Tournament DX. After a long day of competition, here are the results for POKKÉN X TOURNAMENT.
    Top 8
    Group A
    Group B
    Group C
    Group D
    Group E
    Group F
    Group G
    Group H
    You can watch the entire VOD here. 

    Blue Link
    Being one of the best characters in the game, Braixen is always on the spotlight when it comes to people wondering how the metagame will be affected by the balance patch of the next iteration of the game, and it was no different now with the release of a completely new version for Nintendo Switch.
    Taking that into consideration, the PokkénArena's Braixen moderator Double made a video about all the balance changes for Braixen moving forward from Wii U 1.3 to DX, and although it includes a lot of nerfs, there are a few buffs here and there as well!

    Earlier today, McDareth, Rudafuda, Burnside, and Mins hosted the second ever Ferrum Heights Pokkén Podcast on McDareth's Twitch channel. This podcast revealed the Pokkén Tournament Season 1.3 Rankings - a list of the top 50 players in Pokkén Tournament (based on the season's North American events). The rankings were determined by a group of dedicated community members tirelessly studying results and making decisions based on events, games played, and win/loss ratios, among other factors.
    Pokkén Tournament Season 1.3 Rankings

    Click the Spoiler below to view the full rankings.
    You can watch the full VOD announcing the placements here, and you can follow the hosts (McDareth, Mins, Rudafuda, Burnside) on Twitter.

    With Pokkén Tournament DX coming later this week, this site's staff - as well as some awesome members of the community - have been hard at work to make sure Pokkén Arena is ready for the game's launch. One thing we all agree needs work is the consistency of the front page. However, in order to do this, we need more volunteer writers who can help cover all of the potential stories that come up. This is why Pokkén Arena is now accepting applications for volunteer writing positions!
    If you would be interested in writing content for this site's front page, read the position outline below.
    Volunteer Opportunity: Pokkén Arena - Writer
    Pokkén Arena is seeking passionate individuals to join a team of volunteer Writers and Editors. This is an opportunity to become part of the voice people turn to for news from the Pokkén community.

    The Role: Writer
    As a Pokkén Arena Writer, you will be expected to coordinate with the rest of the Writers and Editors to provide viewers with prompt and interesting stories. Pokkén Arena is looking for various types of Writers, as there are many types of articles that will be written - from news stories, to editorials about the community, and more.

    • Work closely with the rest of the Writers and Editors to understand expectations and deadlines
    • Communicate concerns to the team in a proactive manner
    • Write and promote interesting, informative content
    • Help to create a welcoming environment on the front page - encouraging newcomers to join the forums and the Discord servers
    • Provide feedback to other Writers and Editors on the team when necessary

    Application Requirements
    • Examples of past written works
    Examples can be news stories, creative works, or otherwise; they should reflect the type of articles you primarily want to write for Pokkén Arena These can be from anywhere, as long as it is your original content • A love for Pokkén and the community
    Beneficial Qualities
    • Experience working closely with a team
    • Examples of work related to the Pokkén community
    • Experience with various types of written work (news stories, creative works, etc.)
    • Free time!
    Things to Note
    These are NOT paid positions. The Pokkén Arena staff volunteers their time for the benefit of the community. As part of the team, you should not expect any reward for your work.
    How to Apply
    To apply for the Writer position, please send an email to jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com that contains the following...
    Subject: RE: Volunteer Opportunity: Pokkén Arena - Writer Body: Include your tag, contact info and your cover letter - why do you want to write for Pokkén Arena? Attachments: Any examples of past written works you think would be beneficial for us to see  
    Upon receiving your email, the entire team will review your application. If we feel you would make a good fit for the Writing team, we will contact you regarding the next step. You don't need to provide a formal resume for this position - this is volunteer work, after all! What we are interested in seeing is that you can write, and that you are passionate about Pokkén.
    For questions, contact: Jetsplit, Lead Editor, jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com, @Jetsplit

    Pokkén Arena and smash.gg have teamed up to bring the Pokkén community an 8 month Pokkén Tournament DX Community Circuit...
    The Pokkén Arena Circuit!
    There are already posts on smash.gg, Twitter, Discord, and the forums here, so I won't waste time repeating the same info. Below is a very brief rundown of the circuit, as well as links to the other posts! Read up, get excited, and spread the word about this massive community event!
    Info and Links:
    Any tournament that has 8 or more entrants can be a part of the circuit Be awarded points based on number of entrants and your placing in the tournament Points are tracked from September 22nd to June 1st Top 3 players with the most points will receive free housing to a Pokkén major in Summer 2018 Big events include SoCal Regionals, GTX, Dreamhack, Final Boss, and more smash.gg circuit page Forum post by Fumu Twitter announcement  
    Get hyped for the first ever Pokkén Tournament Community Circuit!

    ALLISTER announced this morning on Twitter that he will be teaming up with Nintendo of America to showcase Pokkén Tournament DX at PAX West this weekend. ALLISTER also hinted that there will be a "surprise guest from the Pokkén community" at the event.
    It's awesome to see Nintendo working with ALLISTER as much as they are. Hopefully we'll see them involve more community members in the future! You can find Nintendo's official statement regarding PAX West on their website.
    Thanks to Burnside for the graphic!

    The wait for the release of Pokkén Tournament DX has been a long one, but the wait gets a little bit easier today!
    The Pokkén Tournament DX Demo is now available for Japanese accounts on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo will be available for North American accounts at 12 a.m. Eastern Time tonight. Can't wait? You can make a Japanese account and download the Japanese version right now.
    As mentioned in Burnside's tweet, the only Battle Pokémon you can use in the Japanese demo are Pikachu, Charizard, and Empoleon. It's safe to assume all versions of the demo will have the same content, but we'll find out tonight!
    Japanese Pokkén Tournament DX Demo Content
    Battle Pokémon: Pikachu, Charizard, Empoleon
    Support Pokémon: Cresselia/Reshiram, Lapras/Snivy
    Game Modes: Practice, Single Battle, Local Battle
    Battle Stages: Ferrum Stadium
    Play Limit: 15 battles, BUT uninstalling and reinstalling the demo resets the count back to 0
    Remember, this is just to give newcomers a taste of the game to get them excited. We'll have all of the characters and modes available to us in 1 month!
    If you have Twitter and you want to thank Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for this demo, you can do so here. Hope you all enjoy the demo!
    Big thanks to Cat Fight and Burnside for information on the demo's contents, and PKSparkxx for the thumbnail image!

    Blue Link
    When Pokkén Tournament first arrived for the Wii U last year Hori released an Console version of the Pad Controller used in arcades, which could only be used with Pokkén Tournament (well... at least on Wii U, since it is plug and play on PC).
    Although the Nintendo Switch received an update making it compatible with the Pro Pad Controller (and this time around it can be used on any game for the console as long you don't mind the lack of analog sticks and home button), the Controller itself is getting kinda old and more difficult to find in stores recently, but that might not be an issue anymore because Hori has just announced that it is going to be re-released on the Nintendo Switch!
    Apparently the only significant change here is the Switch logo on the center of the Controller, but other than that it will work just like the ones released for the original Wii U game.
    Hori announced that it will be released on September 22nd in Japan for the price of 3,480 yen, and although there were no statements about an western release, one might expect for it to be released pretty soon here as well.

    Sorry for this being late, all. Our writers were unavailable to cover this over the weekend, but better late than never!
    The 2017 Pokémon World Championships concluded this weekend, with Pokkén's Top 16 concluding this past Saturday. The Pokémon Company often likes to make announcements during this annual event, and this year one of the announcements was that Pokkén Tournament DX will receive a free downloadable demo soon™!
    Read on for the results of the 2017 Pokkén Tournament World Championships Top 16.
    1. Tonosama (JP)
    2. Mikukey_Homura (JP)
    3. Azazel (JP)
    4. Elm (JP)
    5. Apollo (JP)
    5. Thulius (NA)
    7. Xabsoluted (EU)
    7. SlippingBug (NA)
    9. Messa (JP)
    9. Goreson (EU)
    9. Wzurds (NA)
    9. Fabilous (EU)
    13. Ito (JP)
    13. Rasenryu (NA)
    13. S-Ki (JP)
    13. Suicune Master (NA)
    Be sure to check back for more news regarding the Pokkén Tournament DX downloadable demo.

    The 2017 Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifiers has just completed, and we now know the final 4 players that will be competing in the World Championships tomorrow: S-Ki, Azazel, Tonosama, and Wzurds!
    You can find the full results for the 130-person bracket below. Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/PokkenTournament tomorrow, starting at 9 a.m. Pacific, to watch the 2017 Pokkén Tournament World Championships unfold!
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #2 (WINNERS): RPG | Azazel (JP)
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #3 (LOSERS): Tonosama (JP)
    TOP 4 QUALIFIER #4 (LOSERS): Wzurds (US)
    5. Uho (JP)
    5. STDx | ALLISTER (US)
    7. BadIntent (US)
    7. ThankSwalot (US)
    9. Abyss | Nightshade (US)
    9. HZRDS | Ouroboro (US)
    9. sasahune (JP)
    9. Yusuke Kato (JP)
    13. Bolimar (US)
    13. eM | SuperTurboRyan (US)
    13. Kamaal (US)
    13. ONBS (US)
    17. CGL Cidfox (US)
    17. Char (US)
    17. Cooljake (US)
    17. Fang (US)
    17. LAGr | Beto D. (MX)
    17. NFK (US)
    17. NinjaFalcon2 (US)
    17. WonderChef (US)
    25. Junipero (US)
    25. Mofugami (US)
    25. Peachy (US)
    25. Pentao (US)
    25. TLE | JiMing (US)
    25. Valei (US)
    25. VuVHo (US)
    25. Waffle (US)
    33. donny (US)
    33. Eiganjo (NL)
    33. Forest (US)
    33. Ghost (US)
    33. IAmMarti (UK)
    33. King Meeko (US)
    33. Louis T. (UK)
    33. MIDIMIDIBangBang (US)
    33. oolbert (US)
    33. PML | Sir Salty (US)
    33. Tecmo (US)
    33. Tga•INIGO (MX)
    33. Tsukichu (JP)
    33. Tyler S. (US)
    33. Utah (US)
    33. William (US)
    49. Broknblade (US)
    49. Bubby9804 (US)
    49. Fosh (US)
    49. Kobvra (MX)
    49. Malocide (US)
    49. Quiet (US)
    49. RBK (US)
    49. Santi (EC)
    49. Sunder (US)
    49. TAHK0 (US)
    49. Terry00 (IT)
    49. The Chez (US)
    49. The Mikie (US)
    49. The Vanguard (US)
    49. Yawningshark60 (US)
    49. Zander (US)
    65. Ablaze (US)
    65. BlindOne230 (US)
    65. Botanist (US)
    65. Carlososhawott (US)
    65. Chaos (US)
    65. Dayala9881 (US)
    65. Everestkid (US)
    65. EZ$Jaxob (US)
    65. Garbled_leopard (AU)
    65. Gully (US)
    65. jblink (US)
    65. JeeJee128 (US)
    65. jlegs (US)
    65. Jobeh (US)
    65. Kaibu (US)
    65. Katie (US)
    65. ko-taro- (JP
    65. LiteTheIronMan (US)
    65. Mattic (US)
    65. Nathaen Wood (US)
    65. NikkiMoon (US)
    65. Pink Ink (US)
    65. Purpleknight (US)
    65. Regigod (US)
    65. SailorMoon (US)
    65. Slugger (US)
    65. SupremeKing (US)
    65. TDD25 (US)
    65. Thagador (US)
    65. Thomas17 (US)
    65. Volttekka (US)
    65. ziqi92 (US)
    97. 1413303 (BR)
    97. Angbad (US)
    97. AthenaCykes (US)
    97. Bdarka (US)
    97. Blackgyver (JP)
    97. Chalkey (US)
    97. Charizard2006 (US)
    97. Cindachella (US)
    97. D (US)
    97. D-Rock (US)
    97. Ej (US)
    97. Figment494 (US)
    97. Hayhay7689 (US)
    97. Hiratoshi (JP)
    97. Joeybeta (US)
    97. Kikismudkip (US)
    97. MegaSchutte (US)
    97. Mux (US)
    97. NessieWolffx19 (US)
    97. Ninjacupcake (US)
    97. Playerdandy (US)
    97. PocketBoy (US)
    97. Pokemon Kombat (US)
    97. Pressuredhero (US)
    97. Rush562 (US)
    97. Sci (US)
    97. SmeargleKid (US)
    97. Son_Dula (US)
    97. Splatboi (US)
    97. ThatGuyTraviiS (US)
    97. V (US)
    97. Vic (US)
    129. bam1991dbz (US)
    129. Triforce (MX)