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    Back when Nintendo was still unveiling information about the Nintendo Switch, it was revealed that the online service would be a paid subscription akin to Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. While this news wasn't particularly exciting for long-time Nintendo fans, the company has promised bonus perks for subscribers - including access to classic titles with added online play and the Nintendo Switch Online app.
    Nintendo of America announced on Wednesday that the online subscription service would be launching in September 2018. One of the features that will only be accessible by subscribers is online gameplay, meaning Pokkén players will not be able to play with others online without paying for Nintendo Switch Online.
    The below features will still be accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not you pay for Nintendo Switch Online:
    System and game updates Access to Nintendo eShop Registering and managing friends Sharing screenshots and recordings to social media Access to Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app  
    You can learn more about Nintendo Switch Online on Nintendo's official website.

    That's right, the patch containing our first DLC character is now live. If you haven't already updated your system, hurry up! You're missing out on some sweet lab time.
    Aside from the addition of Aegislash, Mimikyu and Mega Rayquaza for those who own the DLC, this patch also comes with a balance patch. The patch notes can be read here with much thanks to Pentao for the translation!
    It's also worth noting that the newly expanded Character Select Screen, space is now open for two more Pokemon slots, one of which we know is going to Blastoise but the other remains a mystery... for now.

    How will the new Pokemon and supports change the meta? Will they affect your play specifically? Who will be the first player to make a breakout performance with our new additions?
    Only time will tell.

    This month's Nintendo Direct Mini gave Pokkén fans a lot to be excited about, with Aegislash and Blastoise joining the roster along with two new Support Sets. Last night during EVO Japan, The Pokémon Company showcased Aegislash gameplay and revealed the details for the balance patch that will be accompanying the fighter's release this coming Wednesday, January 31. This is even more confirmation that The Pokémon Company plan to continue supporting Pokkén Tournament DX, which is excellent news for any fan of the game.
    You can see the Aegislash showcase from EVO Japan here. Thanks to Pentao, you can also read on to find the full translated patch notes. Keep in mind these are not official translations, so if you spot any mistakes please let us know.
    Buffs Nerfs Adjustments Bug Fixes  
    All of these updates will be available for players worldwide on January 31, 2018.

    On January 23, ESL Staff member ImDragon (@xImDragon_) posted on the ESL Gaming forums about seeing support for Pokkén Tournament DX on play.eslgaming.com. This could be huge for Pokkén's competitive scene because ESL (Electronic Sports League) is the world's largest esports company and organizes competitions worldwide for a multitude of games. 
    Since then, the post has seen multiple replies from people who would also like to see ESL support Pokkén DX. In particular, they state that ESL deciding to pick up Pokkén would mean we will likely see new players and new major tournaments. 
    If you would like to check it out, ImDragon's forum post can be found here.
    What do you think? Share your thoughts by going to the link above. 

    One of the most commonly asked questions from outsiders and newcomers to Pokkén's competitive scene has always been, "Is there a tier list for this game?". This question is usually met with a mix of personal tier lists, tier lists from top players, and "There's no definitive tier list, just play who you want, everyone's viable".
    It's true that Pokkén's cast is well balanced and that players can see success with any character they invest time into. This is a really awesome aspect of Pokkén that isn't present in all fighting games - having a balanced roster of completely unique fighters, where players can choose their favorites and still see success with enough hard work. As great as Pokkén's balance is, however, the fact is that a "definitive" or "official" tier list has the ability to draw in new players and viewers. To an outsider, the Pokkén community's inability to answer a question as simple as "is there a tier list" in a straightforward manner may make the competitive scene appear naive and slow to develop.
    This may not need to be an issue any longer, though. One of North America's top players and the #1 ranked player in last year's Season 1.3 Rankings, slippingbug, gathered responses from the community to create the first Pokkén Tournament Community Voted Tier List. With over 150 responses, the tier list is probably the most accurate depiction of the community's current view of the roster as a whole.
    As of right now, slippingbug is planning to create another Community Voted Tier List next month. Perhaps this will become a monthly occurrence, and perhaps this can help newcomers and outsiders looking to learn more about Pokkén's competitive scene.
    Editor's Note: It's important to note that the gaps between tiers in Pokkén are miniscule, especially compared to other fighting games. In some games, no character in the Gardevoir-Blaziken row would be worth investing time in because the character lacks tools necessary for success. This is not the case in Pokkén at all, so I want to stress that you should absolutely play who you want in this game, even if they're considered a "low tier".
    Missed out on participating in the Community Voted Tier List? Follow slippingbug on Twitter to make sure you don't miss next month's vote!

    On top of an official Group Match from The Pokémon Company - the FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup - this past weekend also featured three major offline events for the Pokkén community. Between Frosty Faustings, Genesis 5, and Calyptus Cup, many incredible Pokkén competitors were spending their weekend aiming for first.
    Having these three events all take place in the same weekend is a fantastic look for Pokkén starting off 2018, so be sure to thank the groups who organized these events!
    Check out the full results for all three of these major events below!
    Frosty Faustings X: 1 on 1 Results
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/frosty-faustings-x/events/Pokkén-tournament-dx/overview
    1. slippingbug
    2. BxA Twixxie
    3. Elevate Kino
    4. Toasty
    5. ThankSwalot
    5. H2
    7. Bolimar
    7. Thulius
    9. InC Flegar
    9. Jin
    9. 88^ EveryDamnDay
    9. Kamaal
    13. Helios42
    13. DeadlyShoc
    13. PG Coach Steve
    13. Guile Oreo
    17. That0neGuy
    17. InC RoksoTheSavage
    17. Mezza
    17. NG-Obscure
    17. JGG Uchi
    17. Fiora
    17. SirSpudd
    17. Man Li Gi
    25. SorryTag
    25. Shippo
    25. Mitchel
    25. theblackscarecrow
    25. RK Some Person
    25. Storybook
    25. ElChakotay
    25. Actias
    33. Ved
    33. SkyRasen
    33. RoyIsOurBoy
    33. Sloshy
    33. PaperSak
    33. RT.LKT Poco!
    33. Milln
    33. Naryx
    33. Fumu
    33. Abyss Gouken Respek
    33. hojo
    33. Zwarm
    33. TheJrJam
    33. MTG
    33. UDL
    33. Abyss Tronzilla
    49. picano
    49. Gamegenie222
    49. 2PlayRough
    Frosty Faustings X: 3 on 3 Results
    Bracket: http://challonge.com/ffx_pokken_3v3
    1. Toasty
    2. H2
    3. Kamaal
    4. InC Flegar
    5. Jin
    5. slippingbug
    7. Elevate Kino
    7. Shippo
    9. Bolimar
    9. Guile Oreo
    9. RedRover520
    9. JGG Uchi
    13. DeadlyShoc
    13. Helios42
    13. InC RoksoTheSavage
    13. Storybook
    17. Actias
    17. theblackscarecrow
    17. 88^ EveryDamnDay
    17. HBK
    17. Mezza
    17. picano
    17. RT.LKT Poco!
    17. UDL
    25. 2PlayRough
    25. 99centMcFury
    25. :) s
    25. Courtney
    25. Double
    25. Glou
    25. Papersak
    25. Zwarm
    33. AphroTreeSiac
    33. DeeDogg
    33. Keikun
    33. Masta Stef
    33. Master Steve
    33. MegaMayneX
    33. OwMyBon3z
    33. RTK
    33. SaintWall
    33. Sloshy
    33. That0neGuy
    Genesis 5: 1 on 1 Results
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/genesis-5/events/Pokkén-tournament-dx/overview
    1. StDx ALLISTER
    2. Mewtater
    3. Abyss Nightshade
    4. P-@jigglypuff
    5. Couch
    5. BadIntent
    7. McDareth
    7. Jayy
    9. Walrus
    9. Sir Salty
    9. MrDanceCrazer
    9. GShark
    13. GenesisFrenzy
    13. MIR
    13. Tecmo
    13. TSG AnotherOne
    17. Bronze
    17. CrystalSkyes
    17. Bolimar
    17. Maccao
    17. Sola
    17. Scrub God
    17. FreeMoney
    17. DankLoops
    25. countchief
    25. Sharkham Knight
    25. Snowscape
    25. Ayuha
    25. Tiptoe
    25. Xavier711
    25. HomingBeacon
    25. Balance.MCC NFreak
    Calyptus Cup Essen x Smash Valley: 1 on 1 Results
    Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/calyptus-cup-essen-x-smash-valley/events/pokk-n-tournament-dx/overview
    1. Fabilous
    2. XAbsoluted
    3. TCL Gintrax
    4. TCL ToSaix
    5. ThePhil
    5. Zeta
    7. Lobotronix
    7. PoH F-A-I-A
    9. ✮sғƵ✮ Bernihetero
    9. Inari
    9. qp JoNa
    9. PoH Kenshin-Han
    13. Komori
    13. Bisam97
    13. Lazlo
    13. ✮sғƵ✮ AscWolf
    17. Blooky
    17. TCL Hirschulat
    17. WES Vuralol
    17. Ahmetlol
    17. Wingtide
    17. INGY xImDragon
    17. Caesurios
    17. LostPoyo
    25. ✮sғƵ✮ Deus
    25. Wolves. wusi
    25. Astor
    25. WES chrysalis
    25. xBeetlejuice
    25. Tatuman
    25. ~SN~ Sokori
    25. keys
    33. Semiron
    33. PoH Takeo
    33. TCL Ziev
    33. Sen
    33. Dr.Bansai
    33. Skippo
    33. ✮sғƵ✮ Moussa
    Did you miss any of the action this weekend? Be sure to check out the Twitch channels that streamed each event to catch up on the VODs!

    The next official Group Match has concluded. The Machamp themed FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup took place this weekend with slightly modified Ranking Times. Players who placed in the top 100 have received their special titles for their accomplishments, so be sure to check the group in-game to receive your placement as well as your rewards.
    You can find the top 100 players from the FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup below. Keep in mind these results are for North America specifically, as we do not have easy access to the Europe and Japan rankings. If you participated in either of these Group Matches and wish to have your region's rankings shared here, please email jetsplitbusiness@gmail.com.
    FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup - NA Top 100
    1. Cecily
    Wins: 165 Location: United States 2. CJ-279
    Wins: 120 Location: United States 3. Akko
    Wins: 111 Location: United States 4. Zoom
    Wins: 67 Location: United States 5. Hashil
    Wins: 65 Location: United States 6. Waled05
    Wins: 51 Location: United States 7. FalconPain
    Wins: 49 Location: United States 8. Rayna
    Wins: 47 Location: Mexico 9. TG_Warrior
    Wins: 46 Location: United States 10. Psyanide
    Wins: 43 Location: United States 11. ToSh1KuB
    Wins: 39 Location: United States 12. Zach
    Wins: 34 Location: United States 13. Pal
    Wins: 31 Location: United States 14. Parkai
    Wins: 27 Location: United States 15. H2O
    Wins: 26 Location: United States 16. Lanzer005
    Wins: 24 Location: United States 17. SonicSBL
    Wins: 23 Location: United States 18. Rokkaku
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 18. LA|TapuCocoa
    Wins: 20 Location: United States 20. Duff
    Wins: 19 Location: United States 21. monika.chr
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 21. Natsuki
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 21. Rainforest
    Wins: 15 Location: United States 24. Yoshi
    Wins: 14 Location: United States 25. SinAirX1
    Wins: 13 Location: United States 26. コリア
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 26. Allen
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 26. Karasu-96
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 26. Nate
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 26. isaac
    Wins: 12 Location: United States 31. Ty
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 31. russcastle
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 31. JOLTS_&_BLADE
    Wins: 11 Location: United States 31. SulliVann
    Wins: 11 Location: Mexico 35. Tolfy
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 35. ferpe
    Wins: 10 Location: Mexico 35. lloyd
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 35. Eman
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 35. Fried
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 35. Lavi
    Wins: 10 Location: United States 41. Ransik
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. Xanté
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. Keyshawn
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. Bubba
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. Josh
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. ShadowSmash
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 41. Ash
    Wins: 9 Location: United States 48. Josh
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 48. kev
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 48. Dreya
    Wins: 8 Location: United States 51. Suraako
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 51. Brendan
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 51. Chatterbox74
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 51. Daryl
    Wins: 7 Location: United States 55. HaiiroGia
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. EightySeven
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. Aaron
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. Chris
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. Corgian
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. MisterLucky
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 55. Gemini
    Wins: 6 Location: Canada 55. Siah
    Wins: 6 Location: United States 63. MewTrainerMatt
    Wins: 5 Location: Canada 63. Wade
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. xavier
    Wins: 5 Location: Canada 63. OvO_Nyctea_OvO
    Wins: 5 Location: Mexico 63. Toast
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. YaBoy
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Rafay
    Wins: 5 Location: Canada 63. DarkAura95
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. SundayGunk
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. savagetrainer1
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Natsuki
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Tas
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. RaggedCerebrum
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Jetsplit
    Wins: 5 Location: Canada 63. Zaskyl
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Ace
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 63. Bretticus
    Wins: 5 Location: United States 80. [REDACTED]
    Wins: 4 Location: Canada 80. MegaDontrell
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Anthony
    Wins: 4 Location: Mexico 80. Rayman17
    Wins: 4 Location: Canada 80. HatsuneLuka
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Mahmut
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. sparky
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Yrahcaz
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. DemBeans
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Tyrant
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Braedon
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Auraknight
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. justin
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. cc
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Covelo
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Woody
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. CHAOHEDGEHOG
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 80. Sky
    Wins: 4 Location: United States 98. Blaxe
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 98. DMON3Y
    Wins: 3 Location: United States 98. Metal
    Wins: 3 Location: United States  
    Did you enjoy the FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

    Who needs EVO, anyway?
    After EVO gave Pokkén the proverbial boot from the main event, fans and players of the game looked at their feet in dismay. We all saw what EVO did for Super Smash Bros. Melee, and for the majority of Pokkén players the hope was that such growth would bless our game, too. To many, the boot from the main stage signaled a death knell for the competitive Pokkén scene. Relegation to side event did not bode well for the eSport's future. 
    With the game's port to the Nintendo Switch, Pokkén has found new footing. More people than ever are playing the game. With the newfound support, Nintendo decided to grant the game new DLC, as well as an announcement of even more fighters to come in the future. It seems that Nintendo has decided to show the game some extra love and attention. Much good news has come from Nintendo in recent days for fans of Pokkén Tournament, and perhaps the biggest news yet has just been announced. 
    Pokkén Tournament has been granted a championship series. In August of 2018, players will arrive in Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the Championship. As of now, Nintendo has announced that there will be 24 qualifying spots, as well as a nondescript number to granted in the future. Qualifiers will be held for the regions of Oceania, North America, and Europe, along with one last chance qualifier in Nashville. The prize pool will be a total of $20,000. 
    Looking to the future, this may very well be what Pokkén needs to break back into the FGC. The Switch port, along with the realization of the new championship series, may just be
    what Pokkén has been looking for. As 2018 rolls out of the gates, we will see what is to come for Pokkén Tournament. Our fans are passionate, and the numbers grow daily.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, cross your fingers.
    The official link with more information is found below. 

    Happy Friday, everyone! We have three awesome events going on over the next few days. Hope you're ready for a jam-packed Pokkén weekend!
    While Frosty Faustings is arguably the most discussed event for this weekend, Genesis 5 and Calyptus Cup also have some incredibly talented players. As the events are all taking place at different times, we highly recommend you check out all of them if you can!

    Frosty Faustings X
    January 19, 2018
    Elmhurst, IL
    (Times are in Pacific Time)
    11:00 AM: Pools
    07:00 PM: Top 8
    Notable Entrants Include:
    PG Coach Steve  Shippo  Elevate Kino  Guile Oreo  InC Rokso  InC Flegar  Thulius  H2  Jin  slippingbug   EveryDamnDay  Bolimar  SirSpudd  Toasty  BxA Twixxie  ThankSwalot  NG-Obscure   
    More Info:

    Genesis 5
    January 20, 2018
    Oakland, CA
    (Times are in Pacific Time)
    12:00 PM: Pools
    04:00 PM: Top 8
    Notable Entrants Include:
    FS McDareth  StDx ALLISTER  Mewtater  BadIntent  SirSalty  Abyss Nightshade  Sharkham Knight   
    More Info:

    Calyptus Cup Essen x Smash Valley
    January 20, 2018
    Essen, Deutschland
    (Times are in Pacific Time)
    03:30 AM: Pools
    06:00 AM: Top 32
    12:00 PM: Top 3
    Notable Entrants Include:
    Fabilous  TCL ToSaix  TCL Gintrax  XAbsoluted   
    More Info (German):
    Hope you all enjoy this weekend's events!

    Editor's Note: Sorry there's no screenshots from the Switch's News app this time; I couldn't find any post regarding this specific FSBC Cup due to the News app's weird sorting methods.
    The next FSBC Cup begins tomorrow! This event will take place this weekend, from January 19 to January 21. The event will use the 3 on 3 Team Battle format.
    Like with all of the official FSBC Cups, there will be a special title given to all participants. Remember that to receive your special title, you must play at least one match to completion. The "League Master" titles will once again be awarded to the top 100 competitors. Good luck!
    You can find the full details for the FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup below.

    Start: 1/19/18 7AM PT
    End: 1/21/18 9PM PT
    Note: For the first time, the Ranking Times have changed. For this official Group Match, battles will only be ranked between 7AM and 9PM PT each day.
    VS Mode: Team Battle
    Skill Level: Off
    Rematch: No
    Battle Stage: Fixed Battle Arena
    Participation Prize
    Participants will receive the special "Dynamic Fury" title.

    Note: To earn the Participation Prize, players must play one match to completion during the ranking times listed above.
    Ranking Prizes
    Places 1 - 10: 
    Places 11 - 30: 
    Places 31 - 60: 
    Places 61 - 100: