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There isn't a lot here so I asked questions in the discord.


I guess i'll post it here and get you guys going.  Feel free to take this topic down (or let me know and i'll remove it) when you guys get all the information up and get a proper guide in the works.


Milln-Today at 9:13 PM


There doesn't seem to be a lot of useful information on how to go about piloting this penguin, so I guess i'll be the umpteenth person to ask here: What do I do to get started after I understand his moveset? What should I start practicing after getting the real feel for skate and Aqua Jet?

Empoleon Captain | Kerfont-Today at 9:34 PM

I would say to practice field, learning how to get into your opponent is super important, next would be the pressure you do when you get in as well as the combos you discover or hear about.

Those two I would say would be the most important

You want to learn his tools to get in basically

If other people have more advice would be pretty rad to hear it

My reasoning by the way for this is. As you are the slowest character in the game movement speed. You want to make sure you can get in so you can play your game effectively

Kamaal-Today at 9:37 PM

Ok so like in order from closest range to farthest

For oki when you do the slide you should prioritize steel wing over hydro cannon or whatever else you choose to cover block with

Defog rock smash on hit is a meaty setup to another defog rock smash and if you're in the range/timing to go for it and not vs like weavile or machamp go for it

Cause the rock is still a projectile

At close range 2Y is super good

Not as good as lucario's but more like blaziken's

Milln-Today at 9:41 PM

Why go for Steel Wing over Hydro Cannon if you're punishable if you screw up at -8 if you don't?

Kamaal-Today at 9:42 PM

Steel wing covers everything except frame 1 anti airs and hydro cannon is reactable

Milln-Today at 9:42 PM

Your pressure is over and you're no longer in an advantageous situation.

Kamaal-Today at 9:42 PM

You gotta make them expect the steel wing before you can go for the hydro cannon

Just like normal vs grab on most other characters

Milln-Today at 9:44 PM

Why would the GoTo oki be something you have to immediately block afterwards and hope you don't get grabbed?

Kamaal-Today at 9:45 PM

Well rock smash is the true go-to oki but you're not always gonna get to set it up

Also at close range 5A1 is 13f and low crushes so it's nifty

Outside of jab range 2[X] and 8X are both solid

2[X] dash back is incredibly safe on block

And landing on people with jY there ofc combos into 2Y and sets up knockdown

Aqua jet is really easily jumpable the further away you are BUT

The water drops from jY combo into lv 3 aqua jet on hit and blockstring into it on block

And they're bulky and sort of fast so it's not that easy to avoid

Outside of lv 3 aqua jet range jY still combos/blockstrings into ice beam

Outside of jY range ice beam preempts a good deal of full screen projectiles and if they jump you can ice beam their landing

Have to wait then ice beam them as they come down

Milln-Today at 9:56 PM


Thank you very much.

How come this isn't on the forum?

Kamaal-Today at 9:56 PM

I don't remember my password


Milln-Today at 9:56 PM

Reset it

Kamaal-Today at 9:57 PM


Milln-Today at 9:58 PM

Ehhhhhhhh I wouldn't say 2[X] skate back is incredibly safe.

I bet stuff like Mewtwo 6X and Bone Rush would tag you

Kamaal-Today at 10:00 PM

Bone rush possibly

Milln-Today at 10:00 PM

Safe yes

But not incredibly so is all i'm saying.

Just nitpicking the adjective.

Kamaal-Today at 10:01 PM

Actually no cause dash back X

Shoots him really far away so as long as you're not trying to shoot the little water droplets

Probably not gonna reach

Idk we should test it

Milln-Today at 10:02 PM

Are you saying skate X

Or just skate

Kamaal-Today at 10:02 PM

Skate back X yeah

Milln-Today at 10:02 PM

Oh okay.

In that case I agree!

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