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Counteracting Scizor's options

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This is a topic full of options that DON'T work for Scizor.

It's basically plenty of things you can do to overcome Scizor's matchup.

I don't have the heart to make a video after I found out that Croagunk, Weavile and Libre can slide under 4[X] and everyone else can backdash it. 



Close Bullet Punch on block, in addition to being losing to any 9frame Normal Attack or clashing, cannot Bug Bite you if you jump. Jumping beats both X-Scissor and Bug Bite options. The Sword followup still catches jumps.

Bug Bite can be ducked, so there's another bit about that.

In fact, All close Bullet punches can be overcome by pressing a 9frame move after blocking it. Beats Bugs Bite, nothing, sword followup, and clashes with X-Scissor.

Any character with a command counter can visually confirm 5YY, Hover Y to Metal Claw, blocked close Bullet Punch, j.AA or 6XX and it will knock Scizor out of every option he chooses or in j.AA/6XX's case will OS stopping after 6X or giving you time to visually confirm 6XX and get your proper punish.



Every character can backdash 4X, 4[X], [CA], and Bullet Punch.

Every character can jump staples from wakeup.


Crouching and High Crushes

Any member of the character roster, if they have a ducking low stance, can duck 4Y, 6Y, CA, [CA], Bug Bite, and j.Y.

If the character does not have a crouch for their low stance, they can 2X the above attacks.

The entire cast can 8Y or otherwise anti-air Metal Claw, probably because it counts as an airborne attack. The airborne property unfortunately doesn't actually benefit it.

Some characters that have high crush property frame 1 on their 2X can high crush Metal Claw, such as Weavile and Pikachu Libre.

Empoleon's Ice Beam has a point in it that has a crouching property. This move will also go under 4Y, 6Y, and CA.

Pikachu can ]Y[ Metal Claw.



Croagunk can 4A Counter Attack

Gengar can homing underneath Counter Attack

Sceptile can b.Y underneath Counter Attack and it will never hit him.

Staples, again, only affect the ground, so any move that lifts pokemon off of the ground such as Aqua Jet, Decidueye f.Y, will float them over the staples and ignore them.


Weavile, Croagunk, Libre, etc.  Anyone with high crush property on their 2X or something on frame 1

Weavile, Pikachu Libre and Croagunk (with 4A) can slide under every single thing we want to do. 4Y, 6Y, 4X, 4[X], CA, Burst Attack, Metal Claw, 8X j.Y, j.YY, j.X

That is half of our moveset.

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Braixen also has the privilege of being able to Light Screen the tornado follow up from Bullet Punch. Meaning that it's your go-to option whenever Scizor decides to use it.

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17 minutes ago, Thulius said:

After blocking a close bullet punch, any 9 frame attack clashes with X-scissor and punishes every other option~

Clashing is a win, imo.


However, I forgot this in general. Adding.

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