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Support Damage And Scaling Spreadsheet!

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I've created a spreadsheet recording the damage and scaling of all the supports that have active hitboxes. Included in the spreadsheet is also how the scaling of each support is broken down as well as their base damages. Using this i combination with Zyflair's damage calculator you can easily find the best combo routes for anything involving supports!

Click here for a link to the spreadsheet if you'd like to save a copy.
[Notes are also accessible in the doc link.]

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Can anybody explain what damage scaling means? I can't seem to dig this information up anywhere. Thanks!

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Every hit you land on your opponent can add scaling to the damage of later hits in your combo. Most of the time, the actual damage a hit does = the base damage of that hit × (100% - the sum total of scaling you've racked up in your combo so far).  There are various caps on some of these numbers for extreme cases, but that's more advanced and you don't need to know them to understand scaling generally. How much scaling a hit adds is a hard-coded property of the move, which is what's shown in the Scaling Breakdown column here.


Note that in a multi-hit move, each hit can add its own scaling, and that scaling affects any other hits in the same move.


Let's look at Fennekin as an example.  It has 5 fits, each with 20 base damage per hit and 10% scaling. 10% of 20 is 2, so if all the hits land, you'd expect each hit to do 2 damage less than the previous hit, like this:


Hit 1: 20 damage × 100% = 20

Hit 2: 20 damage × (100% - 10%) = 18

Hit 3: 20 damage × (100% - 20%) = 16

Hit 4: 20 damage × (100% - 30%) = 14

Hit 5: 20 damage × (100% - 40%) = 12


And that's pretty close to what you see in the Scaled Damage column, except Hit 2 loses an extra 2 damage and the rest of the hits follow suit from there. Where did that damage go? There's a feature built into the engine that when you hit an opponent midair, it adds an extra 10% scaling to that hit and all future hits. Since all of Fennekin's hits launch the opponent into the air, after the first hit lands, you have (10% midair scaling + 10% scaling from the hit) = 20% total scaling on hit 2. Then hit 3 has 30% total scaling, hit 4 40%, and hit 5 50%.


Every single attack in the game works this way. You don't need to memorize every single number, but you can get an edge by remembering what attacks have low scaling vs. high scaling, because it affects your combo optimization.

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Thanks for the very detailed answer Zard. I didn't realize this was a game mechanic at all. 

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