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Darkrai combos

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So, this is going to be the thread where I record darkrai combos! At the time of writing, I've only comprehensively dug into field phase and regular stuff, but I will be updating this as I experiment more and things are discovered. For a working list of arcade combos, check out the pinned messages in the #shadow_realm channel of the darkrai discord! But, without further ado;


Field Phase

I'm going to be dividing the combos into three categories with two variants for each starter. The variants are for consuming orbs in the combo or not, while the categories are a bit more strategy-focused. The first (N-"Nightmare") will be the standard nightmare confirm-this is what you should be going for in most situations. The second(E-"Extend") will be a phase-preserving combo-what you go for if you want to keep them in phase and set up more. Usually, you want to do this on chars that can struggle with krai's field, especially with mirror such as Garchomp or Weavile. They also often do more damage than their nightmare counterparts, so you might want to go for them if you think it might kill. The final category(S-"Shift") will be for combos that just go for the shift-these are pretty much explicitly for burst mode krai's field, as you gain nightmare off any shift in burst mode. Also, as grab ender ends up being optimal in almost all S combos, these are also very good for wasting the clock in timeout scenarios. But, with that out of the way;


   bX                                                                        O

N bX jFYAA sY nX nA nX fA (143 damage)                        bX [A:4] nX fA (182 damage)

 (notes: this can be tough on small bodies, but it is doable)

E bX b[X] (142 damage)                                                bX [A:4] b[X] (202 damage)

S bX j.FYAA sY nX nA grab (135 damage)                        bX [A:4] grab (198 damage)

 (notes: this is indeed less damage than the standard nightmare confirm. Just go for the N in this case, but for completion's sake this was the best I found)


   fY~bA                                                                         O

fY bA bX nX fA (117 damage)                                             fY bA bX [A:4] X fA (144 damage)

fY bA j.Y bX b[X] (117 damage)                                          fY bA bX [A:4] b[X] (142 damage)

fY bA bX grab (125 damage)                                              fY bA bX [A:4] grab (141 damage)

                                                                                                                                    (notes: somehow my combo damage recorded 168 for fY bA jFY [A:4] grab, but couldn't replicate. Guessing it was a fluke, but let me know if it's replicated)

   bY~bA                                                                  O

bY bA sY nX nA nX fA (158 damage)                                  bY bA nX [A:4] nX fA (186 damage)

 (notes: this combo is inconsistent with spacing. bY bA bX X fA does 154 more consistently)

bY bA bX b[X] (184 damage)                                             bY bA bX [A:4] b[X] (220 damage)

bY bA bX grab (178 damage)                                             bY bA bX [A:4] grab (218 damage)


   sY~bA                                                                  O

N sY bA bX nX fA (92 damage)                                      sY bA [A:4] nX fA (114 damage)

sY bA bX b[X] (112 damage)                                       sY bA bX [A:4] b[X] (133 damage)

sY bA BX grab (108 damage)                                      sY bA bX [A:4] grab (132 damage)


   sY~nA                                                                  O

(Note: all of these require both you and the clone to be close-range in order to combo)

sY nA bX nX fA (114 damage)                                     sY nA [A:4] bX nX fA (131 damage) 

sY nA bX b[X] (119 damage)                                       sY nA [A:4] bX b[X] (136 damage)

sY nA bX grab (118 damage)                                      sY nA [A:4] bX grab (135 damage)



N [A:4] b[X] nX fA (186 damage)

[A:4] bX b[X] (198 damage)

[A:4] bX grab (194 damage)


Regular State Duel

In regular state duel, your objective is to either get to nightmare or shift out as soon as possible. There's no real reason to extend phase, and in RS darkrai does not have the kind of okizeme from a combo that he would have in field or nightmare to really justify not going for either of these as fast as possible. As such, this section will only have N and S sections. Also of note is that these are midscreen combos; they do not assume a wall at any point and in fact may be screwed up by wallsplatting mid-combo. But, without futher ado,

   5X                                                                               O

5X4A 5X6A (109 damage)                                             5X[A:4] 5X6A (152 damage)

5X4A 5X[A:2-3] 2YX (150-158 damage)                          5X[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (185 damage)

Note: For the first combo, delaying the cancel of the 6A and especially the 4A is very important. Set the AI to block on reaction and practice this, as the delay is important to many combos that use 5X4A and 5X6A. 


   5Y                                                                         O

5YYY (60 damage)                                                       5YY[A:4] 5X6A (156 damage)

5YYA (102 damage, 6 PSP)                                            5YY[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (179)


   2Y                                                                               O           

N/A                                                                            2Y[A:4] 5X4A 5X6A (177 damage)

2YX (84 damage, 3 PSP)                                               2Y[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A 4YY:Y (200 damage)


   8[X]/Crit 8X (damage calculated with 8[X])                     O

8[X] 2Y4A 5X6A (150 damage)                                     8[X] 2Y[A:4] 5X6A (177 damage)

8[X] 2Y5A 5X[A:2-3] 2Y4A (6X) (181 damage)                8[X] 2Y[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (198 damage)



[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A 5X6A (191 damage)

[A:4] 8[X] 2Y[A:1] 2YX (198 damage)


   4A*                                                                         O

4A* 8[X] 2Y4A 5X6A (126 damage)                           4A* [A:4] 8[X] 5X6A (151 damage)

S 4A* 8[X] 2Y4A 5X 4A 6X (142 damage)                      4A* [A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (158 damage)

Note: walk forward slightly after 4A* in order to land the 8[X]


  ]Y[~4A                                                                      O

Expl. 8[X] 2Y4A 5YYY (108 damage)                           Expl. [A:4] 5X6A (114 damage)

Expl. 8[X] 2Y4A 6X (109 damage)                               Expl. [A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (133 damage)


   5/6/8X Rift                                                                O

Rift 5X4A 5X6A (138 damage)                                    Rift 2Y[A:4] 5X6A (177 damage)

Rift 5X[A:1-3] 2Y4A 5X5A (149-173 damage)               Rift 2Y[A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A (198 damage)



   j.Y Approximate damage due to variable number of hits O

j.YA:X 5X4A 5X6A (~101-115 damage)                       j.YA:Y 2Y[A:4] 5X6A (~135-149 damage)

j.YA:X 5X4A 5X4A 6X (~110-124 damage)                   j.YA:Y 2Y[A:4] 8[X] 2X (~156-170 damage)

Note: recommended button to L-cancel with given. For the 2Y pulses I'd advise mashing the Y and then holding it once you see you got the L-cancel for the pulse. 


   Anti-Air 8Y     Orb combos omitted due to doing less damage

N 8Y 8Y j.Y 6A (142 damage) or 8Y j.Y 5X6A (108 damage)

8Y 6:Y 6:Y 2YX (191 damage)

Note: This assumes a high hit of 8Y. 8Y juggles drop the opponent a bit further down on each rep. Learn heights and fit as many 8Ys in as you can.  


   8[Y] Approximate damage due to variable hits/orbs       O

8[Y] 5X[A:1-3] 2Y4A 5X6A (~115-123 damage)           8[Y] [A:4] 5X4A 5X6A (~130-156 damage)

8[Y] 5X[A:1-3] 2Y4A 5X4A 6X (~130 damage)             8[Y] [A:4] 8[X] 2Y4A 5X5A (163 damage)


   8Y      Orb combos omitted due to doing less damage                                                                         

8Y j.Y 5YYY (116 damage. 5X6A can be done for 2 less damage and an orb. Does not work on Scizor, Gengar, Machamp, Mewtwo, Chandelure, Suicune, Charizard, or Garchomp)

    8Y 6:Y j.Y 6A (136. Blaziken, Gardevoir, Braixen, Lucario)

8Y 2YX 4YY:Y (157 damage), 6 PSP (Chandelure)

   8Y 6:Y 2YX (166 damage, 9 PSP) (Sceptile, Machamp, Mewtwo, Charizard)

   8Y 6:Y 4YY:Y (166 damage, 9 PSP) (Decidueye {I believe you can get 2YX but the timing is really tight})

   8Y 6:Y 6:Y 4YY:Y (194 damage) (Everyone else. 2YX may be substituted for 1 less damage and an orb except against Suicune)



6:Y 2YX (126, 6 PSP) (Darkrai, Pikachu, Libre, Croagunk, Sceptile, Gengar, Decidueye, Machamp, Empoleon, Mewtwo, Chandelure, Weavile, Charizard, Garchomp, Shadow Mewtwo)

6:Y 6:Y 2YX (165, 9 PSP) (Blaziken, Lucario, Braixen)

6:Y 6:Y 6:Y 2YX (198) (Gardevoir, Suicune)

6:Y 2YX 4YY:Y (158, 9 PSP) (Scizor) (2YX can be done in place of 4YY:Y for 2 less damage and another orb)


   Crit CA


CA* 6:Y 4YY:Y (158 damage, 9 PSP) (Darkrai, Blaziken, Pikachu, Lucario, Libre, Sceptile, Gengar, Braixen, Empoleon, Weavile. 2YX can be done for 1 less damage and an orb.)

CA* 6:Y 6:Y 4YY:Y (180 damage) (Gardevoir, Suicune. 2YX can be done for 2 less damage and an orb on Gardevoir.)

CA* 2YX 4YY:Y (146 damage) (Scizor, Gunk. A second 2YX can be done for 4 less damage and an orb on Scizor.)

CA* 2YX (130 damage) (Decidueye, Machamp, Mewtwo, Chandelure, Charizard, Garchomp, Shadow Mewtwo. You have to wait slightly for Garchomp)




[CA] 4YY:Y (139 damage) (Sceptile, Decidueye, Machamp, Empoleon, Mewtwo, Charizard, Shadow Mewtwo. 2YX can be done for 1 less damage and an orb)

[CA] 2YX 4YY:Y (147 damage, 9 PSP) (Darkrai, Blaziken, Garchomp)

[CA] 6:Y 2YX (162 damage, 9 PSP) (Pikachu, Lucario, Libre, Scizor, Gunk, Gengar, Braixen, Chandelure, Weavile. 2YX can be done for 2 less damage and an orb)

[CA] 6:Y 6:Y 4YY:Y (178 damage) (Gardevoir, Suicune. 2YX can be done for 3 less damage and an orb on Gardevoir)


   2/j.X Rift

Rift 8Y 8Y j.Y 6A (148 damage) 

Rift 8Y 6:Y 6:Y 4YY:Y (181 damage)


Special shoutouts to catfight for discovering the bX j.FYAA link, and to Genesis for helping with the char-specific links from grounded 8Y.

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