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Phase Shift Points for Scizor

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New character new research! 

One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge for playing a character is acknowledging how many phase shift points you have on each move. This helps combo optimization and for when you do get your good starter in a match to know the best combo to go for that won't get cut short.



Duel Phase

If it's not listed here, it does not have Phase Shift Points attributed to it.


5YY --- The second hit only, has 3

6YX --- The second hit only, has 4

6YY --- The second hit only, has 4

8Y --- 0, 0, 3

Hover Y --- 0, 0, 2



5X --- 4

2X --- 3

4X & 4[X] --- 3

6XX --- The uppercut only, has 0, 0, 4

7/8/9X --- 3


j.YY --- The claw swipe only, has 2

j.X --- 3, 0


Interesting to note on 6AA, 4AA, and j.AA. The Swords Dance followup removes the phase shift points that the original move had. Bullet Punch never has Phase Shift Points.

5AA --- 1, 1, 1

1/2/3AX & A:X --- 0, 4

1/2/3AA --- 0, 0, 3

4A --- 0, 0, 3

4AA --- The last hit only, has 6

6A --- 3

6AA --- 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1

j.A --- 0, 3

j.AA --- The last hit only, has 8


Field Phase

The following will always shift. Everything else will never shift.


Homing 2



Metal Claw


Aerial Ace

Second hit of j.X



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