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From WiiU To DX - Showing Braixen's Changes

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Braixen has received a lot of changes between WiiU 1.3 and DX. This video is meant to showcase what those changes were for those who are more visual learners. I'll be documenting what the changes were in this description.


2X - In the WiiU version of the game, 2X had high invulnerability and could anti-air opponents jumping in. 2X was also able to slide underneath certain projectiles for a punish. Currently in DX, that is no longer possible. 2X no longer gets high invul and Braixen is likely to get hit if this move is used on any opponent that's airborne.


8X - Braixen's 8X was the inverse of her 2X in WiiU. From the moment you pressed the button she became invulnerable to all low attacks no matter how meaty they were. In DX, this has been pushed back to frame 3. She can still avoid lows if she pushes 8X first, but all meaty lows will hit her.


8Y - In 1.3, 8Y was a good callout tool for those trying to jump, but nothing more than that. At most ranges/heights we couldn't convert off a successful anti-air without Support Cancelling. With DX, A successful 8Y anti-air nets you a full combo without having to use a support (unless you want to). The arc the opponent is hit in does not change if it hits a grounded opponent.


4Y - 4Y was a pretty underwhelming move in 1.3. It didn't offer us much in combos, and was only used when you wanted to get the fireball 4[Y] provided. DX has given 4Y a new purpose with a fireball of its own, without having to charge. Each fireball from 4Y has 1 PSP while the stick itself is 3 (down from 4 in 1.3).


EX Flame Charge (EX j.A) - This move was absolutely ridiculous in 1.3. Being +7 at nearly any height, dealing a large amount of chip, and dealing near 50% shield health, EX Flame Charge was an extremely abusable option. DX has toned that down a little. The lowest possible EX Flame Charge is still plus, at about +2, and is still safe at all but the highest height. In the corner it retains it's +7 status allowing it to still be as threatening as it was in the past.


Boomerang (6Y) - In 1.3, Boomerang was considered a heavy attack and was able to break through burst armor. In DX, this only applies in Field Phase. In Duel, 6Y acts as any other light attack would and is absorbed by Burst Armor. There was also an undocumented change to 6Y in the 1.5 Arcade patch. If Boomerang combos an airborne opponent Braixen can now combo into a 13 frame option. Although we lost an easy way to contest burst, we gained more combo and damage potential. Not a bad trade to me!


j.Y - Most players would say that this was Braixen's defining move in Wii U, being insanely + at mid-long ranges, and even close up. Unless you had some sort of DP like ESpeed of Volt Tackle, the move was virtually unpunishable. Currently in DX it has a bit more recovery to it. It's possible to be grab punished if it's blocked at a certain height and only 1 ember connects. It's not useless though, and it's still a major threat even up close.


b.Y (Field) - My favorite change so far. In 1.3 b.Y was incapable of breaking grabs unless the hitbox actually made contact with the opponent. Now in DX, it's actually capable of teching and landing you the crit you deserve if they mistime it. 


That concludes this explanation of Braixen's changes. I hope this was of help!

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Missing from the video above was the change to Braixen's Homing Attack, which is exclusive to the DX patch. A video showing it off is provided below: 



The change is described a bit more in the video's description, check it out!

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