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Damage Values for all moves

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Got ya some numbers for Field to get started. Damage listing with a '+' is for moves that need to be performed out of another move (such as homing), for j.X which can be canceled between the two hits or for j.A where the hits don't combo into eachother due to the first hit not causing hitstun under normal circumstances.




5Y: 10 on the first individual hit, 42 total at a maximum of 6 hits. During Synergy Burst, totals at 59 damage across a max of 10 hits.

f.Y: 50

s.YY: 27 + 22

s.[Y]: 80

b.Y: 104 if all hits land

b.[Y]: 100

j.Y: 54

j.[Y]: 80

XX: 40 + 60

X[X]: 80 on the last hit

j.X: 40 + 54

AA: 45

f.A: 80

b.A: 65

j.A: 30 + 30 (actually the same damage during Synergy Burst, disregarding the attack buff, except the first hit now does cause hitstun)

Grab: 80

CA: 60

[CA]: 80


With a Swords Dance stock (what's the notation for moves that require a stock of SD?)

f.AA: 80 + 34 total

b.AA: 65 + 36 total

j.AA: 30 + 84 total


I think that covers all the Field attacks.


And as a bonus,


Burst Attack: 223

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