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Hey i'm Chandler AKA MiracleDonut and i'm from Arkansas, USA. I'm a Croagunk main and you can check me out on my Twitter!

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1. Tuxwuff, or just Tux

2. EU/UK

3. Empoleon and Suicune (I put them in Alphabetic order, duh)

4. Twitter: @Wolf_Tuxedo

5. If my twitch channel Tuxwuff counts as one, then yeh. I guess.

6. Me? Interesting? That's a new...

   Okay, here's something actually "interesting", that might be a shocker: I love pokémon. I really do. However, I never ever had the chance to play any of the main series games. Watched the anime, was following pokétubers, so I got some knowledge about one of my favorite franchises. The only pokémon games I've played were PMD: Explorere of Sky, and Pokkén (obviously).

Living in the EU/UK is really hard for me as a pokkén player. Mainly because I'm struggling to find anyone I could meet up and play with. Thus why I decided to attend to the London Comic Con's Pokkén event (which is actually in just 2 days from when I'm writing this thing). This will be my very first time I'm attending to such events, let alone playing with people face-to-face. I'm really excited about it, and while I'm also very nervous at the same time (really don't want to embarass myself by just being a "nobody" there, all on my own), I still don't mind if I get knocked out even the first round. Sure, I probably commited to something, that is much bigger than myself, but at least I could finally be around people who I have a common interest with (but 10 hours of travel to get home? Geez).

The only significant achievement in Pokkén for me was, getting first place at the EU region's FSBC Dynamic Fury cup, back in January. The impressive thing in it is, that I was actually working during that entire weekend, so I had even less time to do it.

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