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Lucario's Punishable Moves on Block

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An exhaustive list of Lucario moves that are punishable on block



Relevant - A very important punish to know as/against Lucario

String - This individual move is punishable, but Lucario has String Mix Up
Counter - Grab punishing this move gives you a Critical Hit


Punishable on Block Data Notes
5A -24 Relevant
6A -16 Relevant, String
6AA -12 Relevant
j.5A -20
j.5[A] -22
8A <-33 Relevant, Counter
nY -20 String
sY -24 Relevant
bY -24 Relevant, Counter
j.nY -33
6Y -12 Relevant, String
6YY -20 Relevant
6Y:Y -12 Relevant
SB A -12 String
SB [A] -22 String
SB 4AA -12 Relevant
SB 8A <-33 Relevant, String
SB 8AA <-33 Relevant

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