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Weavile Taunt Guide

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Weavile Taunt Guide


Weavile’s 2A being known as taunt, is in my opinion one of Weavile’s best and worst tools in their move set.


Taunt is a counter so you either have to react or predict an attack before using it. Keep in mind that if you try too hard to predict an attack and get impatient your opponent WILL punish you for being too impatient with it.


It comes out immediately when the button is pressed unlike Garchomp’s Stone Edge (4A), which comes out at around frame 3.


When countering an attack with Taunt, Weavile does the same animation that Night Slash (4A) has where Weavile dashes backwards and thrusts forward while having an active hit box during the forward thrust.


If Taunt does hit the opponent it launches them forward giving you an opportunity to follow up with either a Knock Off (6A) or Fury Swipes (5A). Knock Off taking away more Synergy and Fury Swipes for more damage.


Another thing to note is then when Taunt is activated and the button is held while the attack hits Taunt, Weavile will remain still just like how Night Slash works, but instead while the button is held when Taunt it active, Weavile will have I-Frames for as long as you hold the button down. This can give you some very good opportunities for a mix up and avoid attacks that you usually couldn’t avoid without holding down the button. An Example of this is when Sceptile hits Taunt with 5y and you dash back and the Sceptile commits to the 5yy if you don’t hold down the button, your going to get hit by the second hit of 5yy, but if you hold it down, you avoid the second hit of 5yy completely and punish them for committing to the 5yy. There is a lot of moves that you have to avoid by holding down the button when Taunt is activated. I will not list them off due to the huge amount of moves.


Another similarity to Night Slash is that Taunt can be canceled with the block button. The only difference is that when canceling is that when the animation of canceling takes place, Weavile has I-frames until Weavile comes to a stop. Knowing this you can utilize the ability to cancel the animation can help you avoid certain mult-ihit moves. An example of this is Machamp's Close Combat move. It is a multi-hit move that does a bundle of damage when you get caught by such it lasts longer than any counter attack each character has. You can get through it with taunt however. If you can taunt one of the first hit of Close Combat, cancel the taunt, then when you go into the Close Combat hit-boxes again, use taunt once more and hold it for as long as you can to beat out the Close Combat.


The general story with Taunt is that it is a good move when you find out when and how to use it correctly. Reacting with Taunt it a good way to go, but don’t get greedy because the opponent will punish you for getting impatient with Taunt.

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