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Pokken at Absolute Battle 8 Feedback Thread

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Last year's AB7 was ran pretty well especially since the person who TO'd it (SSGuy) kept in constant communication with the Pokkén community about their concerns. This year was much more different. I'll start with the negatives first, since the positives were mostly improvements on the negative.

- SSGuy was not brought on to TO again this year for whatever reason, instead assigned to random bracket runner and stream that had no idea how to stream Pokkén. As opposed to last year when they had Tourney Locator streaming it and the stream was overall pretty professional.
- no casual setups on Friday because they didn't have power in the club room.
- pools started about 30 minutes late because the Wii U systems weren't updated, this means no one got a warm up really.
- brackets were not seeded / final until Friday night of the tournament, so basically during one of the the tournament days.
- pool 1 round 1 matches did not have the game count represented accurately.
- the streamers were not paying attention much to the games, game counts weren't being updated properly at the beginning of the tournament
- they did not have the game set to Pokkén Tournament on twitch for a while, I requested them to fix this multiple times, I don't know if it was ever fixed.

- Some important losers matches in top 6 were not streamed for "time reasons" which resulted in nothing being streamed for a good 10 minutes since both matches were being run off stream
- overall the streamers seemed to have little interest in doing their job until we said something multiple times to them. there was also miscommunication between them and the AB8 staff such as almost telling top 8 had to play on sunday, when indeed it was supposed to be Saturday.
- not enough staff for commentary. random players had to hop on and try to fill the lack of commentary, it's alarming that a "major" could have anyone hop on the mic.
- no projector in the club room. only one stream with like 4 different games in this room. it was clear that this room was an afterthought to the main room.



- most of the complaints we had to the streamers were addressed throughout the bracket. correct game count scoring was fixed by top 8 etc.
- Pokkén got almost their whole bracket streamed, but at the expense of other games not getting to be streamed. Tekken (a championship series event) was streamed 2 hours later than scheduled without warning according to my friend who was supposed to be commentating that game.
- 2 pools were used to accommodate people playing other games during Pokkén times. the bracket runner worked with us and didn't DQ Son Dula even though he was running late. Top 6 was used to avoid double jeopardy in pools since the pools were so small. 
- EVO provided $1000 pot bonus thanks to the community effort. Community also helped a lot with getting started in terms of updating wii u's, stepping up for commentary when needed, and providing LAN adapters etc.
- Top 8 payout since there was a pot bonus.
- Trophies for top 3
- Payouts were immediate.

Overall thoughts: I really thought the pot bonus would motivate more people to come out, but we had a lower turnout than last year. The hurricane I understand stopped a lot of people from attending. Overall the activities outside the tournament with the community were very fun, I hope everyone had a good time despite the bracket difficulties that occurred. 

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I was one of two commentators for this event. I'll address my concerns from that side:


 I had to audition for this (and another game) and the only people that should have been commenting were myself and Bebop. Despite this, Salty Mayhem, which appears to be based out of DFW, seems to have been delegated/trusted to run the stream in the club room while PX themselves ran things in the main room. When I worked directly with PX , everything was professionally done and organized and I am eager and excited to work with them again. All commentators were expected to report to and work with Px regardless of what game they were working for, which was made clear in the precise and detailed instructions we received in advance of the event.


Salty Mayhem, however, seemed largely uninterested in coordinating with us /or/ PX. As slippingbug mentioned, nothing was updated, they didn't pay attention to game counts, stream started late, they had a echo during the first part of the broadcast because they didn't check the monitor at any point (streaming 101!!!). They didn't know who I was or who was supposed to be commentating, and they basically let anyone get on the mic, which became a problem when both commentators were put in the same pool.


And all of this stems from AB organizer's decisions themselves: they changed things on the fly (including floor layouts/times/pools/etc) sometimes without updating anyone, which left every game in chaos. I really don't know at what stage in the game SM became involved, but they were not up to, nor committed, to the task of running this event. Given what happened in other communities, our game really got lucky to run as smoothly as it did.

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A lot of the issues (both positive and negative) were already brought up but some things that weren't mentioned was that they were having some sort of wiring issue so that's why it took so long for them to set up the stream for it. So we were waiting on the Wii U's to update and at the same time for them to fix the wiring. At the beginning the stream setup they had was the only one up to date so we used that to start the pools while waiting for everything else so we were so behind. The TO was pretty accommodating to the things I brought up to him; which matches to put on stream, being understanding and reasonable about the Son Dula business, and taking initiative when getting us our money. We had some bad and good but overall we all came  together to help out and make this a successful event for everyone to enjoy so big props to the community!  

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I only got to watch a portion of the stream, but it was ehm... poor. Really visually laggy with the sound being ok, player names were missing, not sure scores were updated in stream and the bracket is/was definitely whack. I liked the commentary I heard, at least.


If Pokkén got one of the better treatments there, it's almost worrh bringing up what went wrong with the other games. But I know some cogs were missing from the staff machine because of the hurricane. Maybe everything (or at least more things) would've gone smoothly if they were there. Props to the neat players that came out. And also respect to the people who stayed safe. @_@;

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