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Vs. Mewtwo - "Buff Me In 1.1.5"

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Disclaimer: Even though this is a 5-5 matchup, this is one of the most frustrating matchups you'll deal with if both of you know your options. You'll need to be extremely patient with this.


Vs. Mewtwo :Mewtwo:


General Tips


  • Mewtwo can outpace Braixen in damage quite easily, be careful and try not to take too many risks.
  • Mewtwo’s CA is a low and a projectile. You can Light Screen it if you read an uncharted CA, otherwise jump or 8X right over it.
  • s.Y is nearly useless in field phase. Many of Mewtwo’s projectiles will cut right through it and he can outright dodge it up close with side-homing.
  • Many Mewtwos will try to use iAD (Instant Air Dash) j.Y to approach you in Duel, preemptive 8Ys and 8As will convince them to keep it to a minimum.
  • 8Y as a tool overall is really useful for this matchup, many of Mewtwo's standing attacks are mid-high or high, meaning the high invulnerability we get from 8Y will allow us to cleanly beat his options.
  • If you see barrier, jump it. Unless he delays confusion he can't stop you. You can Flame Charge over him to create space if desired or j.X for a punish.
  • Beware Fire Punch. Getting Crit by this move will leave you 200 HP less than you had. (In 1.3)
  • You can duck Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam, don't bother to block it unless you're uncomfortable with the distance Mewtwo is at.
  • Mewtwo’s Focus Blast (j.A) is the biggest non-issue in this matchup. If he uses this at all, punish it. Light Screen into a full punish in Duel, Boomerang it in Field.


Recommended Supports


  • RRmlg2z.png: Extremely useful as a tool to either force options out of Mewtwo, continue pressure, or to give yourself some room. Most times if Mewtwo challenges while Frogadier is up they'll be subject to a trade which will either leave you free to combo them or it will reset to neutral. The only time you'd have to worry is if they do Barrier into Confusion as that as more armor frames than anything else he could do.
  • QxfSTJR.png: Many of Mewtwo's best combos come his j.Y in Duel Phase. Snivy is our way of keeping him from getting too jumpy will put him right in the line of getting anti-aired and comboed.
  • e0KgPWd.png: Seems pointless since we can give ourselves an attack buff, but getting the attack buff through Sunny Day alone isn't the safest thing. Even an Attack Buff gained from Sunny Daying after a grab won't last long enough to catch up on damage at times. Eevee allows Braixen to extend her attack buff, gain health, and keep up in damage with Mewtwo especially if we have Burst Mode. With proper management it's possible to keep an attack buff for the entire game.
  • 9VQYDJG.png: A good way to keep Mewtwo in Check, Farfetch'd is an excellent choice for reactive play. The recovery on calling Farfetch'd is similar to if you called an assist like Eevee and it charges quite fast meaning that throwing it out at the first sign of movement isn't all that bad of an idea. The combos that open up with Farfetch'd also allows us to keep up with damage. The downside to it may be that it's easily mitigated by Mewtwo’s barrier so it's quite tough to use properly.
  • nLCuYbX.png: One of the best checks against Mewtwo in both Field and Duel Phase if the Mewtwo is prone to throwing out a lot of Psycho Cuts and other projectiles. It's not easily dodged by Mewtwo and the 180 damage you get off of a clean hit can sway the health lead in your favor quite quickly. It also does a healthy amount of shield damage allowing you to set up for plenty of Guard Breaks should you choose to go for them.
  • maboYYP.png: Unless Mewtwo runs Eevee, they have quite a tough time dealing with Bursted Opponents. So why not get multiple bursts a round? Proper support management and a few Field Phase wins will net you at least 2 bursts a round and with the increased attack and defense bonus Jirachi gives, it'll be quite hard for them to kill you before you kill them while you're in burst. The major downside to this set is that you're locked into playing for Burst and Burst only as Jirachi gives no neutral advantages and you can easily be overwhelmed before you even have the chance to call Jirachi once.
  • U3BQdfD.png: Umbreon is as good a reversal option as any, having frame 1 invulnerability and a fast starting hitbox it's hard to contest without specifically baiting it. The Synergy gain from a successful hit is quite helpful and the Crit debuff does well at cutting down the damage from guessing wrong on a grab or getting Fire Punched.
  • ygP2rUK.png: What seems like an odd pick on the surface, Magikarp is extremely useful in Duel Phase. Unless Mewtwo is at a range where he can cross you up with j.Y he is either forced to go for grabs or wait out the Magikarp timer. Either way this leaves you mostly free to plan out your next course of action or to pile on more pressure as he can't always guarantee a favorable outcome for himself.




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Detailed Overview



Field Phase


The start of Field Phase is a knowledge check on both sides, meaning that if you guess right you'll have a good advantage while guessing wrong leaves you missing a large chunk of HP. The safest option is to run directly sideways and react to their opening option. If they Psycho Cut, you've already dodged it. Side-Y, you can react with s.A or s.[A] and get a little pressure started. And if they Hyper Beam you can jump towards them, air dash over, and punish with j.X or j.A.


There's a certain range where you can Boomerang Mewtwo’s s.Y, but it's not something you'll be reliably able to do on reaction since the projectiles can sometimes avoid Boomerang completely and hit you. Depending on range, this leaves him free to confirm with Drain Punch or to continue pressure as he likes.


Mewtwo jumping in this phase is basically a free punish for you, since we have answers to everything he has in the air. j.Y is punished by Psybeam or Boomerang, we can CADC grab Focus Blast or just destroy it with Boomerang. Air Dash into j.X is extremely slow and reactable, they can't shorten their air dash in Field like they do Duel either so they're committed at that point.


Mewtwo’s f.Y, which we'll just call “The Wave”, can seem pretty oppressive in the matchup especially since it cuts through our embers and can't be erased by Boomerang. However, this isn't something Mewtwo can throw out on reaction, it's something he has to guess with in order for it to land. At further ranges you can s.[A] out of the way if you're already committed to a s.Y. Any closer, your buttons will win unless he threw out f.Y first. It's extremely punishable on block by either Boomerang or 5Y into Psybeam, and you can CADC it for a free Crit grab punish.


Our own s.Y isn't that useful in this matchup as a majority of Mewtwo’s own projectiles can cut through it and he can Drain Punch right before the Psybeam follow-up which could leave you too close for comfort.


Despite all this, in no way should you rule out some of these options, but you should mix them up and keep the Mewtwo player guessing. Most of Field Phase is going to be spent trying to get good positioning and finding spots to Sunny Day without getting punished. Once you find a punish or land a hit take it straight into Duel Phase, the added Synergy you get for a shift will be extremely important if you're running any assist besides Jirachi (It's still important, even if you're running Jirachi too!).


Duel Phase


Your course of action in this phase completely depends on who won field and with what move.


If you lose Field to Hyper Beam, j.X, or f.Y you're not in too much trouble. With the exception of j.X you can usually air drift far enough back where you can begin to play neutral. You'll be down by quite a chunk of health but at least you won't be forced to take a mixup. Best he can do is throw a Psycho Cut to make you block, but you can use that chance to gain meter by Light Screening it and then playing the matchup from there.


Should you lose Field to his Homing attack or his grab, BLOCK, the 50/50 he gets afterwards is too strong for you to try and guess your way out of. Between 6X and dash up Fire Punch, guessing wrong if he does either of those options means you automatically lose Duel and are 200 HP shorter. In the case of Fire Punch, especially if it crits, it won't shift immediately meaning he gets one more mixup to do even more damage before shifting back to Field. As for dash up grab, it sucks to guess wrong on that too, but it's 80 less damage than you'd take if you guessed wrong on any of the other options and is easier to get a feel for depending on the Mewtwo you're playing.


Now if you win field, it's best to win with something other than boomerang if you can help it, unless you feel confident in the mixup that comes after the shift. Each option you pick in relation to what he picks is a guess, so it'll be completely based on how confident you are in your close quarters game against Mewtwo.


Normally you'll be looking to win with an option that puts you at a distance against Mewtwo and **this** is where a majority of the match will be played.


Although we aren't much of a threat to Mewtwo at mid-long range, they aren't much of a threat to us either. Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam are both moves that can be ducked, and you can Light Screen Psycho Cut for some meter. Most of your time here will be spent waiting for a mistake you can capitalize on or by getting a correct read on the Mewtwo.


Close quarters against Mewtwo can be quite dangerous as any combo could lead to a good loss of 200 HP or more and with Braixen only having 540 HP it’s not something you want. However, it’s something we’ll have to do from time to time. The thing that matters most is to not fear the Mewtwo, doing so will be the quickest way to a loss. Mewtwo doesn’t have a good mid option, leaving him to either guess with 8Y or 2Y, or to go with a callout with Fire Punch. As always, iAD j.Y from Mewtwo is an ever present threat meaning 8Y and 8A are two of your go-to options if the Mewtwo is constantly trying to keep you locked down, just don’t get too obvious with them as a Fire Punch will lead to a ton of lost health. Some Mewtwos may be more prone to using 2Y in neutral against you, don’t worry too much about that it’s mostly just a poke tool to catch you for not blocking. You can try to 8X or jump away on a hunch that they’re going to 2Y but the risk of those are way greater than any potential reward you may get. You’ll mainly want to focus on making them guess between your 8Y or a low option like 2Y or 2X and sometimes throw in a few 8Xs so you don’t have to solely rely on poke damage to get you by.


Defense: The Quick and Easy Version


Besides what was stated before for dealing with Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam. Defense against Mewtwo in Duel is actually pretty simple, especially if you have support stocked. Just block, it’s as easy as that. Mewtwo doesn’t boast a lot of chip damage, nor can he get your shield health low without a lot of effort or the without the help of an assist. If you get a good feel for the Mewtwo and his habits, 2Y > Support or 2Y > Psybeam will break his pressure and allow you to make your way out of the corner, especially since a lot of Mewtwos will be prone to doing grab or iAD j.Y as a way to pressure you. In the rare case that a Mewtwo should ever use Barrier, your response should always be to jump. You can Neutral Jump > j.X if you want the punish (just be wary of timing it correctly), but jumping forwards or backwards are easy ways to diffuse the situation and return to neutral. If extremely useful if they use it while you’re in the corner as well, since you it’s a free way to put him in the same position you were just in. Defense on wakeup midscreen is where the “Just Block” advice really comes into play, as their only real option to gain any damage is a grab. 5X > Barrier is unsafe for the reason I listed above, and both iAD j.Y and 8Y push you far enough back that he can’t reliably follow up without taking a risk and overextending.


Fighting Burst


Fight him the same as you usually would, but be aware that his BA is frame 1 invulnerable. His j.Y actually gets worse in terms of its hitbox and isn’t as good in air-to-air interactions. Defense against him is a guessing game of “Should I jump or not” which the answer is: “Don’t”. They gain way more damage overall from you getting scared and jumping into an 8Y than they would if they just hit you with Burst Attack outright. While he’s in this mode however, you can’t rely on 2Y to get you out of corner situations so you’re going to have to hold your ground until you think you have a good spot to get out of the corner.


And that's all I have for this guide. Hopefully this guide will help you in this extremely frustrating matchup. Have fun taking it to the legendaries.


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