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Empoleon Data

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Hello! This is a Google sheet containing data I collected over the past few days with information about Empoleon!

The first part of the sheet shows scaling data of some moves, missing a good few.

The second part shows damage values of moves, where scattered about on the left are base damage and on the right is what they look like in game with hits and any mid move scaling or changes.

The third section contains startup frame data for moves, of course a few moves (especially moves 22 frames and up) may have incorrect data though.

Soon will be a fourth section containing all known optimal combo routes and theorized routes that would work using knowledge of moves and how they can all combo from my research.





Empoleon Discord:


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Fantastic work on the frame data. I think though that the 6A and 6[A] shouldn't have the same frame data. The charged one comes out a little slower. :P

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