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Solar Powered - Guide to Harnessing the Sun

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Welcome to this thread titled Solar Powered. Sunny Day is one of Braixen's core tools, but the information about it is scattered among other threads and medias. The game itself doesn't even tell you much about it. I've decided to take everything I have gathered about Sunny Day and put it in one place for both beginner and pro Braixens alike.

What Is Sunny Day?
Sunny Day is one of Braixen's special abilities. When used, it boosts your support gauge a little and powers up the next Pokemon move used. Each move does on average 30 damage more while also providing a little more hitstun. They each also have their own new properties.


Psybeam fires a second beam. They each act independently. The first one may block a projectile for the second one to pass freely. If the first hits, the second is confirmed to hit as well.


Fire Blast(Back-A)
Fire Blast becomes a stronger projectile. If it hits another projectile, it will immediately open to the full version. Hitting the opponent will cause it to open, resulting in them taking both the unopened and open damage.


Fire Spin(Forward-A)
Fire Spin's last hit sends them upwards, opening up more combos.



Flamethrower(Up-A in Duel)
Flamethrower's hitbox is larger than normal, reaching farther along with being wider.


Light Screen(Down-A in Duel)
Light Screen reaches much farther.


Flame Charge(Midair A)
Flame Charge does more hits, holding the target in place for them. With that, Braixen also immediately jumps down as soon as a target is hit. These combined allows combo potential.


Synergy Burst
Braixen has one of the worst Synergy Burst attacks in the game, but one of the best Synergys. While in Synergy, Braixen gains permanent Sunny Day. You get every benefit of being in Sunny Day without having to go through the animation everytime.
You are still able to use Sunny Day while in burst; doing so gives you Enhanced Sunny Day(see below). As soon as your Synergy ends, you lose all effects of Sunny Day even if you had manually used Sunny Day. You will keep the attack buff from Enhanced Sunny Day however.

How To Use Sunny Day
The methods to activate Sunny Day range from simple to fairly complex. The simplest way is to press B during Fire Blast, Flamethrower, or Light Screen. Doing so is called a Sunny Day Cancel.
It will convert most of the end lag of the move into Sunny Day. Due to Light Screen's quick animation, it is the quickest way to get a Sunny Day. With Flamethrower being the safest due to how far it throws them back. how easy it is to land, and the little combo follow up.
The second option, is to hold A after Pokemon moves. This is how you get Sunny Day after the other Pokemon moves, Flame Charge, Fire Spin, and Psybeam. These three moves can not be Sunny Day Canceled. Just continue holding A after using the move will charge Sunny Day. As soon as you start sparkling after a second or so and a ring appears around Braixen, you may release A to activate Sunny Day.
Grabs will also use Sunny Day after the animation.


More Advanced Sunny Day Activation
Those two aren't the only options. You can also hold A during hitstun, while blocking, during a combo that won't get cancelled by a Pokemon move, or while CADCing to charge it. Just follow above and release when the sparkles appear.
You can also hold A during any animations, most notable your grab. Start holding A anytime during your grab animation. If you start holding it towards the beginning, as soon as the grab is finished Sunny Day will be ready. As a bonus since grabs give you a free Sunny Day, you can keep holding A until after the grab's free Sunny Day to get an Enhanced Sunny Day(see below). This also works during Braixen's Synergy Burst animation.

Enhanced Sunny Day

Enhanced Sunny Day is a Sunny Day used while under the effects of Sunny Day still. Enhanced Sunny Day does not power up Pokemon moves any further or longer, it will however give you an attack buff for 5 seconds and a large support gauge boost. It may seem simple, but the attack buff can easily double the damage from short combos. You can get Enhanced Sunny Day from the More Advanced Sunny Day Activations, just follow those while already in Sunny Day. You may also start holding A again while in the middle of the first Sunny Day animation.
There is, however, another way to get Enhanced Sunny Day while not already in Sunny Day. This involves using any Sunny Day Cancelable move.
When using any of those moves, keep holding A. Press B during the move as normal to Sunny Day Cancel but do not release A. Once the first Sunny Day animation finishes from Sunny Day Cancelling, you can release A to cast Enhanced Sunny Day.


Enhanced Sunny Day Is Not Vital
Use Enhanced Sunny Day for the support boost more than the attack buff. A good Braixen should be able to charge her Slow supports faster than normal characters will charge their Fast supports. Use something like Dragonite's Draco Meteor, and it adds to your chip damage game and superior midscreen options on many matchups.
Do not fret if you don't always get Enhanced Sunny Day. All you need is a Sunny Day buff and you're good to go; Enhanced Sunny Day opportunities are usually just bonuses, but still a good one if you find yourself using it.
(Credit to @zekira)

I Have A Charged Sunny Day In My Pocket
So you've charged Sunny Day, but haven't used it yet. There are a few things you can do with it. You can wait until it's safe, then cast it. You can fight like normal, but you can't use Heavy Attacks otherwise you will Counter or use Pokemon moves since you are already holding the button.

If you can't find a time to use it safely and need the button back, you can cancel it. Just release A during hitstun, while blocking, in the air, or while comboing.

When To Use Sunny Day
You should be looking to always have a Sunny Day boost in stock, the benefits Braixen gets while in Sunny Day are huge for the fox. Listed here are some general set-ups of when you can Sunny Day.


After a Duel->Field Grab
[span]This is a free Enhanced Sunny Day, especially if your grab gets the wall bonus. Without the wall bonus, you're both in frame neutral, but with the wall bonus you actually have a slight frame advantage to close the gap a bit. This is super easy to confirm; just hold A during the grab animation and your Enhanced Sunny Day should be ready right after Braixen does the obligatory Sunny Day following grab.[/span]

After a Flamethrower air hit
When you use Flamethrower, it's very obvious when it hits or not, so you can judge whether you'll want to press B immediately after or not. Flamethrower has very few combo follow ups, so using Sunny Day afterwards is the best option.

After blocking a projectile with Light Screen
ight Screen not only avoids chip from projectiles, it's also the fastest Sunny Day catalyst. Be careful not to Sunny Day after it when the opponent is too close, else be punished during the animation.

On a midscreen okizeme -> Fire Blast forced block
Fire Blast is a great oki tool, and is easy to use after you have momentum. An easy example would be (Duel) Up-X xx Broom backwards -> Fire Blast xx Sunny Day. Up-X is a guaranteed hard knockdown, and you're not forced to follow it up with Flame Charge. Do be careful about Fire Blast, because it is also the riskiest Sunny Day option. Get some matchup experience and make sure you know when your Fire Blasts are safe.

After a blocked Sunny Day Flame Charge close hit, use Light Screen xx Sunny Day
Flame Charge is often used right after Up-X as it is Braixen's most damaging basic combo, good range, etc. Good Braixens will obviously not Flame Charge after a blocked hit as it is unsafe, but if you have Sunny Day, not only does it become safe, it deals good chip damage and also gives you slight frame advantage. In burst, a blocked Flame Charge is usually free pressure to break the opponent's guard with another Up-X (especially in the corner; midscreen, there's a small window they can utilize after), but in non-burst you should take that time to utilize the frame advantage. In some scenarios, you would opt to Fire Blast while the fireworks from Flame Charge is hitting, which is alright, but watch out for any midscreen counters.

Credit for this whole section to @zekira

That's it. I hope this helps you use Sunny Day better in your games, as it is a very powerful asset when use correctly. If anything is incorrect, if I've missed something, or anything is unclear let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks for reading!

Patched Out Tech
All tech listed below has since been patched out. Do not attempt to use or practice. It is left here purely for archive purposes.

Sunny Dash(Discovered V1.1.2 - Patched V1.1.3)

A very simple tech, with huge possibilities.
Using it is very simple, the only stipulation is that you must have a Sunny Day active.
Have Sunny Day up, dash in any direction, use a Sunny Day Cancelable move, Sunny Day Cancel it.
Once done, it gives you a full Enhanced Sunny Day. There is no complicated timing. It's as simple as that.
It works in both Field and Duel, however the only Sunny Day Cancelable move you have access to in Field is Fire Blast.
(Tech discovered by @zekira)

Jumping Sunny Day/Sunrise(Discovered V1.1.2 - Patched V1.1.3)

A very difficult to execute tech. Very precise timing required. It can only be done with Light Screen.
Once you use Light Screen, spam dash in the direction you want to go. Once your arm lowers from Light Screen; press B. If done correctly, you should use Sunny Day and jump in the direction you pressed.
If you pressed B early, you will Sunny Day in place. You also pressed it early if you hop a tiny bit.
If Sunny Day doesn't come out at all and you just dash, you pressed B too late.
You can jump both left or right. You can even dash in one direction for the set-up but press the other direction when you press B.
(Tech discovered by tonosama666 on twitter, don't know who to credit on here)

Edited by Silthreent
Fixed it for this new Pokkén Arena(finally)

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Wow guys it's me I finally fixed this post for this new Pokkén Arena. Sorry it took me so long, but it's fixed now. I have not followed Pokkén at all for a long time now, so if anything new got discovered or if anything is wrong please lemme know and I'll fix it right away.

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On 12/17/2017 at 5:05 AM, Sacaean said:

all this is great, but what about that quick double sunny day i keep seeing? how does one do it twice in succession so quickly?

That's under the second gif of the Enhanced Sunny Day section.

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