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Weavile vs CAs

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So after 4Y (just one) if fast enough you can react to the opponents CA and never have to block their CA again

Blaziken if you wait for 4y to finish you can 2x

Pikachu: Knock Off

Lucario: Knock Off

Libre: Knock Off

Sceptile: Nightslash

Gengar: Nightslash

Braixen: Knock Off

Machamp: 2x. (You can also 5[x] under it whenever)

Chandy: Nightslash

Suicune: Knock Off

Weavile: Nightslash (you can agility it also)

Zard: Nightslash (you can agility knock off also)

Garchomp: Knock Off

Sm2: 2x as far as Ive seen.

Garde: Nightslash as long as she doesnt get you near the wall

Mewtwo: Knock Off, or Fakeout. (Fakeout helps make field easier and sets them into a 50/50)(edited)

These options all work in field aside from the 2x punishes but in field vs blaziken you can nightslash anyway

If mistimed you will usually clash with the opponent. This results in a synergy gain for both players. This is something you can purposely do to get your way to burst faster. 

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9 minutes ago, Drakonzeta said:

2X doesn't work on burst mode blaziken. For that one, you have to night slash.

Is it because burst blaziken's counter becomes a mid? Just checking

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Mind if I add a few notes to this? If you think it's of any value, perhaps you can work it into the OP. I've done a little bit of testing on what you can do out of a jab cancel to avoid CA's in Duel Phase, should you happen to jab on a counter frame. A lot of the time, you might still be able to save yourself from getting hit. In addition, I've tested wether Taunt will directly punish an uncharged CA or not, which I imagine could be helpful. Most of the suggested moves in the OP can be used fine as special cancel out of jab.


- Blaziken: As stated above, you can't get under his CA while he's in Burst. Thankfully, Night Slash is still an option, and of course it can be used out of a jab to save yourself from getting hit if you're quick about it. Taunt won't punish.

- Pikachu: Taunt won't punish. Nothing else to add. Just try to Knock Off the CA.

- Lucario: Same thing a Pika. Taunt doesn't punish.

- Gardevoir: Alongside Night Slash, Knock Off can also avoid the CA, though the timing is obviously a little more strict. I also found it clashed a lot if you're early with it. Taunt *does* punish this uncharged CA, according to my testing.

- Libre: Taunt doesn't punish.

- Sceptile: This guy's a little interesting. Sceptile will rear up a little while winding up CA. If you jab into Sceptile as it does this, Night Slash is not going to save your from this CA, as the jab will push you too far forward beforehand. If you accidentally end up jabbing Sceptile's CA, your best bet is probably to Taunt and hope they don't charge (or else you'll at least prevent a crit) or try to stop jabbing immediately and block. Not much else you can do at that point. At least if you do Taunt this uncharged CA, it is guaranteed to punish.

- Gengar: Knock Off can also be used, but the timing is tighter. Taunt doesn't punish it.

- Machamp: If you jab Machamp on a counterframe, there isn't much you can do. Like with Sceptile, pray you can Taunt an uncharged CA, or immediately stop attacking and Low Profile it if you can. Thankfully here too, Taunt will punish if you get it.

- Braixen: Taunt doesn't punish it.

- Mewtwo: Taunt will punish uncharged CA.

Lamp Chandelure: Knock Off also works. And given how slow this CA is, I imagine it surprised absolutely nobody that Taunt will punish the uncharged CA.

- Suicune: The only character I'm not certain of, because I don't know how Suicune's CA.Y influences this interaction. I can at least tell you that raw uncharged CA can be punished with Taunt. I'm stuck testing with the AI, so that's all I could really figure out. I'm going to try to get someone to help me figure this one out properly.

- Weavile: Taunt will punish uncharged CA.

- Charizard: Taunt punishes uncharged CA.

- Garchomp: Taunt doesn't punish.

- Shadow Mewtwo: Pretty much the same deal as Machamp. Taunt uncharged CA (will punish) or stop attacking and either 2X or 8Y. Either should work. 8Y will punish directly.

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