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Vs. Chandelure - "Lighting Up The Candle"

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Here’s a Match-up breakdown on how to defeat a Chandelure!


Field Phase:

The first goal you should be doing is approaching until you get mid-close range. You should always anticipate a laser because everything that chandelure does when there a threat from a distance is reactable except laser and you don't want to eat a laser from full screen and have a more difficult time approaching in duel phase. There's two things you want to do after blocking laser and that’s either using Sunny Day or dashing forward to close the distance. Having Sunny day active will give you more options to punish chandelures tools such as n/sY and bY. This is why I suggest for you to start holding the A button before the match begins to use Sunny day after blocking a laser. You can out run Chandelures nY strings easily by moving to the side and punish with psybeam only if you time the psybeam to hit him before the laser comes out (mid/close range only) or have sunny day active to cancel out the last few nY strings so use this as a reaction tool. delay side psybeam has Iframes against projectiles and yes that includes laser so if you anticipate a laser, you can can dodge it. You can also dodge charged laser and can easily react to the charged as well. This is extremely helpful for 2 reasons! One is that it gives you enough time to move in closer while the psybeam is traveling to your opponent and two is that you can avoid some shield damage! bY Is helpful from mid range as long you can charged the bY on the perfect distance to connect against the chandelure. You want to hit them right above to the point where it won't get destroyed by his laser. bY is also useful to catch jumps if their going for an airborne attack (mainly laser). I would recommend to catch jumps only if you’re throwing something out beforehand such as delay psybeam, nY, sY (only from mid/long range), or on block against lasers.  After jump laser, a chandelure will either just drop down or use the swing right after for another attack, you can punish the swing by timing your bY or punish the landing with a boomerang. Upon his landing, you'll have the advantage to put some pressure on him. If your right under a chandelure after a laser, they could go for a j.X and that’s punishable on block from grabs. You can also punish anything chandelure commits to after the nY string with a flame charge (at close range) if you’re at the right height to dodge any of the attacks after nY  such as laser, Smog, and Will-O-Wisp. As long there within boomerang distance, a chandelure can't commit to all of his attacks and expect to be safe and they'll have to respect that. He’ll often jump only when he’s within that range so be careful when you try to throw out anything.


It’s actually okay if you happen to get hit by a jump laser since it doesn’t knock you down and most of the time they’ll only use jump laser when your in mid/close range so after the phase shift they'll be airborne and you’ll be able to either guess if they'll just land and you could punish or swing or commit to an attack which gives you an upper hand on putting out some pressure because his frame data isn't the best. sY can be pretty effective on mid/close range because you can cancel into a psybeam or a delay psybeam. Like I said before, they’ll probably jump or try to use there projectiles against you and you’ll have an answer to each! Timing the psybeam to punish the nY strings, using delay side psybeam to dodge jump laser (anticipate charged laser because its a knockdown), and using enhance psybeam to give you an easier time to punish if he uses a projectile.



  • The first goal you should always do is to start setting up Sunny day or move in close as fast as possible.
  • Always dodge charged laser with a delay psybeam
  • Sunny Day gives you more options on neutral so try not to throw it out unless you know it’ll hit or for dodging purposes.
  • Take advantage of chandelures frame data and know when you can and can’t put out some pressure.



Duel Phase:

In duel phase you want to stay mid-close range at all times where you can easily punish and put out some pressure against a chandelure. Chandelure will sometimes go for j.Y > j.A to try to dodge your attacks from the ground if there anticipating it (mainly boomerang), You can punish the j.A by jumping fireball, flame charge, or flamethrower. I would recommend for you to use jY since Its one of the safest option If he doesn’t commit to an attack or you could light screen the j.A after the jY for a more safer way to punish an airborne chandelure with a flamethrower. You can kinda zone the chandelure in duel phase by iad (Instant air dash) back and using your fireballs repeatedly. After blocking the first set of fireball he won't be able to throw out a projectile fast enough to cancel out  the 2nd set of fireballs but they can use Will-O-Wisp to force you to either block or jump.. He can CADC back to absorb synergy so use this wisely, mainly for time stall or when a chandelure already has full synergy. If you happen to see a chandelure charging there 6[A], you can cancel the projectile with a flamethrower to avoid the chip damage. Some chandelures will go for the 6X follow ups but know that every raw 6X, 6XX, and 6X delay X is punishable on block so you want to use 2X or 5Y to punish 6X, 8X to punish 6XX, and 2X to punish 6X delay X. Just know that he can delay the second X to make it stronger so It's pretty much a guess if he’ll either he’ll go for raw 6X or go for the 6X delay X.



  • Patience is the key to winning at mid range and waiting for a chandelure to commit to an attack for an punish.
  • Controlling the pace of the match when you have the advantage and forcing them to make a mistake.




I highly recommend Emolga, Togekiss, and Farfetch'd as those are the best supports against chandelure.


Emolga can be used for many purposes such as support cancel, trading against his projectiles, giving a speed debuff or just having emolga ready can put a fear to a chandelure player. Most Chandelures tend to use a support to take away all of there debuffs from overheat so do note that they will remove Emolgas debuff as well.


Togekiss is another support that limits chandelures options (Mainly in field). You can easily outrun every projectile and even laser as well, The only move you have to look out for are n[Y] and s[Y]. As long you don't overdo yourself and allow yourself to get hit you can easily put out any pressure or waiting for a punish.


Farfetch'd can be really effective overall. from mid to close range it can be used to trade against a chandelures s/nY or just for a pause button. even if you mistime the farfetch and they punish your call with a jump laser from mid/close range, you'll have an upperhand from field phase to duel phase because Like I said before, they’ll be airborne while the phase is changing.


Burst mode: (assuming only one has burst mode active)


Braixens burst mode:

Braixens burst can give you a slight advantage on both phases. Having burst increases your run speed which makes you able to dodge chandelures projectiles just like Togekiss. For duel phase, there many options chandelure can't commit to such as every Y attack (except charged laser), Will-O-Wisp, and the 2nd hit of smog. Having burst will give you an easier time to punish with more options.


Chandelures burst mode:

The only threat is the fact he has a counter attack burst and can use it after minimize, everything else is completely the same.



We have the tools to deal with chandelure, Its just the execution is pretty strict. From dodging lasers, to getting sunny day, approaching in neutral, and punishing an airborne chandelure, all of it comes from execution and timing. If you can master this, you'll easily be able to defeat a chandelure with ease to seal him away once and for all!


I hope my guide helped you in a anyway! If you have any questions or thoughts about the guide, feel free to leave your replies down below! :Braixen:

*Going to be editing this with more information and etc.*



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