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Vs. Suicune - "Setting Fire To The Rain"

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Vs Suicune :Suicune:


General Advice

  • Suicune can’t zone without giving you free Gauge (both Support and Synergy)
  • Field Phase is absolutely terrible for Suicune. You can run the clock until you feel like shifting to Duel.
  • Besides s.Y, j.Y, or an assist in Field. Suicune has no way to stop you from CADCing their projectiles for free Synergy
  • You can use Golf Swing to bait Mirror Coat in field and get a free Sunny Day
  • Try not to use s.Y in Field at long range since they’ll be able to Mirror Coat it before you can get out of the way.
  • Light Screen shuts down a lot of what Suicune likes to go for in Duel, forcing them to come to you. (You can also Light Screen Suicune’s 5X and 6X)
  • 2Y is a consistent check if you block Suicune’s CA. If it’s uncharged you get a punish, if it’s fully charged they’re forced to block, and if they do the uppercut afterwards you duck it.
  • Boomerang breaks all of Suicune’s projectiles in Field except for j.Y and Hydro Pump


Recommended Supports



  • ryB3zoX.pngIt won’t necessarily help you keep up in damage should you end up with a health deficit. But Emolga is still a solid choice for punishing Suicune for over using CA and the slower movement helps if you want to play an extended Field Phase.


  • maboYYP.pngPaired with Whimsicott, Jirachi is a support you’d use for when you want to completely melt Suicune’s health. Jirachi gives you about 1/5th of your Synergy Gauge at once, and gives your Burst Mode a boost in attack and defense. When you add on the attack buff Braixen can give herself, you’re looking at near 280 damage combos whenever you’re in Burst off of almost any touch


  • 4al5CZl.png:This seems like a wasted pick because we can negate their zoning by mostly our movement alone. But honestly Whimsicott is a solid choice against Suicune, as well as a big middle finger to their entire moveset in field. If you really want to have no reason to fear Suicune’s projectiles in either phase, Whimsicott is the choice you’d make. (You can also charge another call of Whimsicott while your current one is active, so that’s even more pain for Suicune)


  • nLCuYbX.pngThe second half of the Farfetch’d set, Electrode allows you to gain an upper hand provided you call it in reaction to an attack. Dealing 80 HP in chip and 160 on a clean hit Electrode will make Suicune think twice about a lot of his attacks. However just like Farfetch’d, it’s a tough support to use correctly.


  • N9c8HPA.pngMore of an advanced support choice, Farfetch’d allows you to pretty much win field for free when called correctly. The best way to describe it would be a “free cancel” since you recover from the support call animation as fast as you would if you called something like Eevee. When you include the high potential damage output out of every call, you can keep up in damage with Suicune without having to sacrifice much.






    Double (Braixen) vs Burnside (Suicune) [Online Set]


    Double (Braixen) vs Allister (Suicune) [Online Set]



    Detailed Summary



    Field Phase


    Suicune is very likely to start off the round with a 5Y or an Aurora Beam, it’s best to start off blocking until you get a feel for the player. Once they’ve made the first move, it’s time for you to get moving yourself. Aside from standing still or catching you off guard, there’s no way for Suicune to hit a moving target as fast as Braixen. As long as you keep moving side to side you’ll be able to stack Sunny Days freely.


    Side-Y is best used a close range as you’ll be able to break the tracking of his CA with Rolling Psybeam and it isn’t in a range where he can Mirror Coat on reaction. Golf Swing is great for herding him where you want as well and can be used to bait Mirror Coat allowing you to punish. You can also do the same by aiming golf swing away from them, just to get Suicune to stop moving for a moment.


    Sometimes Suicune may put up his Ice Wall during Field. It’s not a threat in the slightest if used in neutral. If they’re close enough they leave themselves wide open to eating a boomerang and if you choose to, you could just walk away and continue to stack more Sunny Days. If anything, you should pay close attention to his feet as it’ll be the only thing you’ll be able to see they’ll tip you off to what Suicune is about to do next.


    If Suicune takes to the air at any point, that’s your queue to wait and see what they do next. j.Y is a very unlikely option from them, but if they dare to go for it you can trade with Boomerang leaving you with a hard knockdown and a chance to get some free chip with Fire Spin. Their jump Homing Attack is quite easy to deal with if they’re outside of Burst as it doesn’t move as fast, simply using CA is good enough as a punish. And if they use Blizzard? That’s just a ton of free meter and a free shift to Duel for you if you want. Be aware of empty jumps, jumps where they land without using a move, if you CA early hoping for a move you leave yourself open to a grab, it’s best to wait for one of their slow animations before you do so.


    A large amount of Suicune’s moves can either be traded with or outright beaten with boomerang, allowing you to either play an extended Field Phase or make them regret hitting buttons. Suicune’s s.Y and j.Y are moves you can trade with, leaving him knocked down. And his f.Y and b.Y are moves that Boomerang will completely blow through. Aurora Beam is a special case however. Not only will Boomerang blow through that move, you can avoid it with a s.A of your own and even punish it on block if you’re in Boomerang range.



    Duel Phase


    Your normal Suicune will usually try to zone you out with constant j.Ys and Aurora Beams in this phase. That’s where they’ve messed up, especially if you have the health lead. Light Screen is the most consistent option to keep your shield healthy and your health up. Even if they run an assist like Emolga, meant to catch you CADCing their j.Y, you’ll be able to block in time and only take a little bit of chip damage. Meanwhile you’ll be gaining synergy gauge and support gauge while they’re wasting time gaining nothing. It’s possible to trade against j.Y by using Psybeam, but the timing is pretty tight and it’s not worth it most of the time unless you’re Enhanced. It’s best to continue using Light Screen, even if you’re down on health.


    Once they realize their zoning doesn’t work Suicune players usually tend to get aggressive, you need to stay calm however. Many of Suicune’s close range options are unsafe, quite risky, and they work best when you’re afraid of him.


    If the aggressive route is what ends up happening, Suicune’s 5X and 6X are both able to be Light Screened. Try not to CADC forward as Suicune can put up another 5X/6X and catch you out of your dash, it’s not worth it to CADC in this matchup unless it’s Blizzard or Aurora Beam. There’s actually a “spacing sweetspot” against Suicune, just outside of his 6X range. Anything melee attack at that range will whiff and you can always block the projectiles since only Aurora Beam and Blizzard are the only moves that’ll chip.


    Suicune’s 5Y pressure is pretty bad, an uncharged CA after the first hit is pretty safe and will force him to CA himself in order to keep up pressure. If he continues with it, you can continue blocking as there’s no threat to the string itself. Suicune’s 5YX will put you right in range of 6X however, so make sure you block the 6X that’s bound to come next before you make any more moves.


    Hail and Icy Wind aren’t threats in neutral as both are nullified by Light Screen with no real danger to yourself. If he’s in boomerang range, you can usually snipe him out of the animation before the moves ever come out.


    If Suicune decides to take to the air, it’s best to hold guard until you see him do a move. Trying to anti-air him will only lead to pain as Braixen’s anti-airs are quite poor as reactive tools. It’s best to wait for an animation then CA in response. If they come down with a low j.Y continue to block. Even if they grab you, it’s 90 damage compared to a full combo or taking a constant 80 from 5X and 6X, just let their play pressure play out.


    Suicune’s 6Y and 6YY (donkey kicks) are both punishable by grab or Light Screen. It’s best to get a feel for the player before you try to punish 6Y though, or you’ll find yourself at the end of a combo. However, you should never miss the chance to punish 6YY if you block it.



    Defense: The Quick and Easy Version


    If you get knocked down by Suicune in Field, large chance he’s going to set up an Ice Wall. The Ice Wall itself isn’t scary as it deals no chip, but it keeps you locked in place. The single best option is to continue blocking. There isn’t a big enough gap for Suicune to grab you in between the hits of the wall, and the most he can do until it disappears is try to get you to push more buttons. Don’t get scared, just keep your guard up. The worst that can happen is that he grabs you again, that means you take 60 damage and now he’s no longer in a good spot to continue pressure and you can reset the situation.


    In Duel it’s a bit more tricky, as 5X and 5Y become bigger threats than they have before. 8X also becomes a slight issue as it’s plus on block. Overall, the game plan for defense hasn’t really changed. Blocking is always your best option, Suicune’s pressure only really comes from the grab mixup and a with a weak grab it takes a lot of them before you need to worry about losing.



    Fighting Burst


    This is going to be pretty short. Fighting Burst Suicune is exactly the same as fighting normal Suicune for us except for a few things.




    Keep those things in mind and you’ll be fine. You can still Light Screen Icy Wind since the wall itself will destroy it with no risk to you, but be careful if the counter frames of Light Screen activate you’re at risk of being hit with their Burst Attack. And as always be mindful of their Burst Attack, it has counter frames so if you get too aggressive you risk getting crit and losing the round.


    That's all I have for the Suicune matchup. As always, you can ask questions if you are confused about anything. Hope this helps and have fun making Suicune players cry!


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