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Weavile Support Guide

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     A common question that a player new to Weavile may have when approaching the character is in what support to run. Worry not, hypothetical Sneasel, as this article will provide the collection of supports that are currently recommended to run in the 1.3 version of the game. The list may not be entirely appropriate-judging on what we can tell of Pokkén DX and arcade patchnotes, several supports on this list have been nerfed and several off this list have been buffed, but these are all solid choices. So with that out of the way, let us begin.



     While Jirachi isn’t as much of a guarantee as Cresselia, it does allow a well-played Weavile to get burst twice in one round and to make one of those bursts absolutely overwhelming. Furthermore, Jirachi will presumably only get better for Weavile in 1.5, as with the double Signal Slash to charge support faster, the ability to get two bursts in a round becomes an even surer bet-and likely, both of those bursts will have the synergy buff.



     The attack buff from Eevee is great for contesting enemy bursts even in stickier situations where you haven’t the meter yourself, plus the health recovery can be a lifesaver. As far as we know, Eevee will be the same in DX so feel free to get used to it



     Frogadier isn’t as common an option as many of the buffing or defensive supports on this list, but it is great for putting pressure on your opponent, stuffing their counters, and starting up combos.



     Umbreon is a great “DP” assist, providing a great way to relieve pressure and get opponents off you. While the debuff isn’t great, the synergy drain certainly can be a lifesaver, and it complements Weavile’s natural meter denial quite nicely. Furthermore, Umbreon has some strong usage for wall combos. It does unfortunately have a longer charging time, but come DX this shouldn’t be a problem for Weavile.



     While Espeon is arguably inferior to Cresselia in the current patch of the game, with Cresselia being nerfed and Weavile’s ability to build meter increasing, Espeon may just replace it as the premier healing and debuff removal support.



     As always, any healing is greatly appreciated, but the real reason you run Togekiss is for the speed buff. This amps Weavile’s already naturally high movement speed to hilarious levels, allowing you to easily play keepaway and apply tons of pressure in neutral.



     One nerf down, one to come. On the current 1.3 patch of the game, Cresselia is a strong way to guarantee two bursts in a round while at the same time granting more healing. Sadly, Cresselia is being nerfed again in 1.5, with reduced synergy gain. Furthermore, Weavile’s newfound ability to quickly build support means Cresselia’s once per round restriction hurts a bit more. Its viability in DX largely depends on how much synergy is actually gives-if the level is at or below that of Jirachi, it will be highly not recommended.



     Reshiram is an effective tool for getting opponents off of you, whether it lands or hits their shield. Sadly, like Cresselia, it will not be as useful come Pokkén DX, as a once per round call does not mesh well with the Double Synergy Slash. However, Reshiram is getting a damage buff to compensate, so we will see.



     Snivy is only situationally useful, but it provides some excellent pressure and defensive utility outside of the opponent’s grab range and can be used to make up for Weavile’s lackluster anti-air game.






(Magneton doesn’t have the best usage practically but can be very good for psychological damage. Weavile does have a few confirms into it, so if you want to meme on your opponent, be sure to learn them. It is also getting buffed in 1.5)


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