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Weavile Bread and Butters

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So, while the optimal combo list is still being worked on and continuously expanded as new combo routes are discovered and new situations for optimality are thought of, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and highlight some not necessarily optimal, but easy and effective combos off of Weavile's most common starters. Once you've got these down, we highly recommend learning more advanced combos, but these will serve you well as you're learning the fundamentals of the game.

For the purposes of this article, we will be using numpad notation, which if you don't know, can be found here. Also, if you want to see any of these combos in motion, you can check out a video helpfully recorded by RickyTheThird here with timestamps for each combo. With that out of the way, let's get started

Despite the extensive-sounding name, this is far and away the most important combo to learn in Weavile's arsenal. Thankfully, it is also fairly easy. To translate for those not yet entirely familiar with numpad notation, this is three jabs into a forward x into either knock off or fury swipes, the former for meter steal, the latter for damage. Generally, you're going to want to go for the knock off ending unless you think you might get the kill with fury swipes. Since Weavile's jabs, particularly 4Y are some of his best tools, being able to confirm into a good amount of damage, meter steal, and oki off of them is a valuable skill.

Another combo starter you'll see often is Night Slash, either raw or comboed into after a 5X. Technically, on the majority of the cast you can land the 5YYYX Knock Off variation but there's a few characters such as Chandelure on whom the combo doesn't work, so if you're not sure, this version is safer. Again, you can pick the Knock Off ender for meter steal or the Fury Swipes one for damage, though the same advice as before applies.

8Y j.A1BR 6A/5A8A[A]
The notation may seem a bit confusing here, but have no fear; the first one is exactly the final dojo combo for Weavile. The second is a bit trickier, but is still simple enough to comprehend. Like before, this represents a meter steal versus damage choice, though unlike before it's not a Knock Off vs Fury Swipes choice. Still, 8Y is a powerful tool (that I personally need to use more) and being able to confirm off it is nice

j.Y bY fA/j.Y fA AAAY
And finally, for something in field. j.Y (the snowball) will be the most common thing you actually need to worry about combos for in field, so these are some solid options. Unlike the previous combos, the choice isn't between meter steal and damage, but rather between meter steal and positioning-these combos actually end up doing the same damage overall! Another note to keep in mind is that these are also good to do on an opponent frozen by your ice traps-if you have the time, that is. If you don't, a simple homing can do solid damage but if you can, use a restricted version of one of these-bY Knock Off, AAAY, whatever.

And those are some basic bread and butters for Weavile. Most of them aren't optimal, but they're all easy to perform and effective. To all the new Weaviles incoming with Pokkén DX and all returning Weaviles that want to refresh their combo game, I hope you found this useful. Knock 'em dead out there, and remember to SHWAAAA

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I still argue Chandelure can be caught by 4A > YYYX > A > AAAAA, it just takes timing. He has to be caught closer to the ground than just mashing Y at the start or the scoop will carry him too high. In such cases, yes, 6A would be preferred, but once you catch him in the right spot, fury swipes guaranteed every time.

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