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Shadow Mewtwo's 6X loops

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What are his loops?

SM2's loops are identified by the name of the move, simply put. The first one is named the jY loop and the second is the Divekick ( jX ) loop. Both loops provide what is called "healthless" combo routes, in other words meaning he doesn't use any HP during these combos! This is a great way to conserve your HP without sacrificing (too much) damage or in some cases, doing optimal damage. 
Focusing on his jY loop, it's primary purpose is to corner carry. The way you perform is depends on the character but the main thing is you do 6X - iAD jY - repeat. 
Below are the character specifics, mainly what type of jump you do:

Neutral  Charizard Machamp Blaziken Sceptile
Backwards  Mewtwo SM2 Gardevoir Garchomp 

Forwards  Weavile
Cannot loop  Pikachu P.Libre Braixen Suicune Chandelure Lucario Gengar

Do note the PSP that these loops consume, all characters that are neutral jump or forwards, except Sceptile are 3PSP meaning you could do a maximum of 4 reps which carries the entire length of Ferrum Stadium. All characters that are back jump and Sceptile are 4PSP meaning you can do a max of 3 reps with less carry. 3PSP loops scale more than 4PSP, so keep that in mind when doing a 3PSP you should end the combo earlier (say 2 reps instead of 3) to get more damage.

A very special thing to note is that there are "hybrid" loops which basically means you are doing both 4PSP and 3PSP loops in one combo. This works on all 4PSP characters and Machamp/Blaziken. Doing a 4PSP loop on the latter two is the same as 4PSP: simply jump back! This increases the amount of heathless damage you can do and allows for an ender even after '3' reps on a 4PSP loop, pretty neat! Lastly, when doing a 3PSP rep on a 4PSP character you can only link a 13f move or faster (5Y 6Y 8Y 2Y).  


SM2's Divekick loop is a corner only loop that is easier execution wise than the one above. This has some quirks with it too, the notation is 6X - jX - repeat. Just like the jY one the direction needed to jump depends on the character, in this case you need to hit jX low enough to reduce the time of recovery making 6X able to link again.

Neutral Pikachu P.Libre Weavile Braixen
Backward Blaziken Lucario Sceptile Mewtwo Chomp Chandelure Garchomp SM2 
Cannot Loop Machamp Gengar Charizard Suicune

Divekick has no PSP even when in combos, so you can do this basically 5 times fully as the 6th 6X will shift. The damage is decent for heathless, around the 250's when optimal. For Braixen you can also back jump to have more consistency. Given you can do multiple 6X meaties in the corner and get a frame trap, the probability of getting this loop is higher overall than the jY variant. A thing to note is that the combo takes a few seconds to actually complete, in other words it's not that bad in case you want to run down the clock a couple seconds. 

What are they for?

To simply reiterate the purpose for these loops, it's for heathless/optimal damage, corner carry, or time stalling. You can be creative to use the loops however you wish, but these are the primary uses. 

How practical are they?

The loops are very situational and one of the few things that actually require good execution. Being able to hit confirm it midmatch is something that takes some time. For the jY loop you at least need space to get off the loop more than once and the chances of you getting more than 3 are very, very rare. In short, the jY loop is the optimal midscreen combo SM2 has and has great reward off his arguably best button 6X. However the required things you need right; execution, spacing, the opponent's character and your PSP don't come in neat little boxes frequently. Highly rewarding, highly situational.
As for the Divekick loop, being able to hit confirm in the corner is easier due to 6X's cancel window. The main issue here is doing jump back and jX quick enough but not too quick, meaning you have to hit it low and fast enough to link 6X again but not so fast that you jX immediately on top of them.
With practice in matches and in training mode using options like "Random Block" to practice hit confirming, timing, etc you can become consistent in doing them. But keep in mind that execution is only one piece of the puzzle, and sadly most of the time you don't get all the ones you need in a match.

What combos can I do off _ loop? 


For jY loops there are some videos showcasing various combos:


For Divekick loops here are is an example from Bolimar


General information and closure 

These loops don't work in Burst because:
A) His jY is single hit
B) His jX has PSP and wallsplats

Overall, these two loops are very nice to have in your arsenal when having a creative and damaging way to conserve HP other than Recover. It's one of the more harder things to do but it's worth it whenever you get the chance. I recommend for mid-high -> high/top level SM2's practice it to give you an idea on how you can effectively reduce your usage of HP without giving up stuff such as damage, pressure, meter etc.   

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so I've done some research on j.Y loops and Im getting pretty consistent at them, here are some things to do / theoreticals:

-Using 6Y for easier execution and more universal combos (issues with j.Y pushing characters too far for 6Y to connect with another j.Y)

-Popplio makes almost everything baby easy with training and allows 2PSP j.Y loops (6X 6JR5JY), also has aerial loops lol.

-6Y might be the optimal healthless mid-screen (6Y J.R fY *f for falling j.Y*)

-abusing Popplio to get a specific type of j.Y much more universally while making it connect with i19s (like 0 PSP j.Y(6X 6J.R5JY), scaleless j.Y (6X 6J.R6JY delay R until half jump, still i19) or any other hybrid)

also tested everything on shieldsword:

b: i19 (universal input)

n: i15 (easy)

f: i11

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