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Optimizing Mewtwo: Combos

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Optimizing Mewtwo: Combos


Mewtwo's combo execution requirement is about average, but there are a couple nuances in his basic combos that you should be aware of. In this article, I'm going to break down all his combo starters and how you might have to adjust them for specific conditions.




6X - Sometimes, when you do this move from max range or after a phase shift trap, you will hit this move at a range in which 8Y will not connect. You'll know this happens when only 1 hit of 6X registers. If this happens to you, rather than using 8Y as your followup, finish the combo with 2XX 2AAA. 


8Y (anti air) - Depending on the height at which you land this move, you might want to change your combo to make the ender easier. If you land a high anti air, follow up with iAD j.Y iAD j.Y iAD j.Y 6YX. If you land a deep anti air, replace that combo with iAD j.Y 8Y iAD j.Y 6YX. If you wall splat after any one of the j.Ys, remember to wait for them to fall down before you continue the combo.


j.X - j.X is a divekick-type move, and depending on the height and spacing at which you use it, your followup options may vary. After iAD j.YX in particular is when this property is most important to consider. If you land the j.X low to the ground, you can link a 5X into any combo ender. If the j.X hits higher up (usually if you delayed the airdash), your best bet is to go for 2XX. 


Standard, max damage, or Synergy? - When you get a wallsplat, you have a couple of different combo enders you can use. Namely, 6YY, 8AAA, and 4AX are all useful for satisfying different conditions. 8AAA will yield the maximum possible damage if you hit its just frames, but it consumes a big chunk of Synergy. However, you can actually substitute a standard wall combo for a Drain Punch combo (read more in the Combo thread) and gain around 20% of your Synergy meter, as well as get some health back. However, using these combos will sacrifice a considerable amount of damage. To get a balance between the two, end combos with 6YY; no meter will be consumed and you'll still get very nice damage. When you land a 2XX or an anti air 8Y, your combo enders are limited, but you can still add in a Drain Punch for extra synergy but less damage. Know how to use each combo ender depending on how you want to handle your Synergy.


Drain Punch combo ender - Something interesting to note about Drain Punch is that it always recovers 30 health. If you have 30 recoverable life, regardless of whether or not your opponent has rage, you will always recover 30 health upon connecting with it. This means that after some combo starters, you can end a combo with Drain Punch, and depending on how much recoverable health you have, it will be optimal. Even though it does less damage than most enders, once you factor in the recoverable health, the health difference is actually greater when using certain combos. For example, after a midscreen iAD j.YX, you can check to see how much recoverable health you have. If you have recoverable health, you can use 5XXX. Otherwise, finish with 5X6A. Experiment in Free Training to figure out which situations will lead to optimal "damage".




I hope this thread was helpful to you. If you want something clarified, or if you think I missed something, don't hesitate to ask. Take care!

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