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Optimal Combo Spreadsheet + status overview

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This thread is for the optimals spreadsheet for Pokkén Tournament on Wii U. You can find the thread for the DX spreadsheet here: 



As some of you may know, I've been working for a quite a while now on a spreadsheet that lists Weavile's best combo options under a particular set of circumstances. (See the spreadsheet's 'Intro' page for more information.) Though the spreadsheet has always been accessible from the Weavile Discord's pinned messages, and from the Weavile forum's resource megathread, I've come to the conclusion that the spreadsheet deserves its own thread, if only to make it easier to find. Should've done that a long time ago, honestly. In addition to drawing attention, with this thread you can easily check the status and progress of the spreadsheet and its individual pages. This spreadsheet is still very much a work in progress, and it will likely remain so for a long time to come. There's a lot of data to collect, compare and write down. Here is the link to the spreadsheet:




Currently the spreadsheet is edited and maintained only by myself, and I'm the only one with the right to edit the contents. However, anyone is free to view and comment on its contents, through which you can make suggestions or indirect contributions to the spreadsheet if you so like. If you'd like editing rights in order to make direct contributions of your own, you may contact me through Discord or these forums, so we can discuss the matter. Currently, my ability to play the game is heavily limited, so progress is slow right now.




Note that 'complete' is relative to current knowledge. Superior combos may always be found in the future and render the currently listed combos sub-optimal by comparison.



Field Phase: Complete. Most combo's recorded into a video, thanks to RickyThe3rd.

Duel Phase: Complete.

Duel Phase Wall: Complete.

Burst Mode: Complete.

Burst Mode Wall: Barely started.

Support: Page created, but currently no progress has been made.

Anti-Air Field Phase: Complete.

Anti-Air Duel Phase: Currently only Y starters are filled in.

Shield Break: Complete.


Possibly to be added in the future:

- Wall-specific variations of any pages that currently don't have them, like Support and Shield Break combos.


If you spot any omissions or errors anywhere in the spreadsheet, PLEASE let me know.

You may contact me by pinging me or sending a direct message on Discord, messaging me on these forums or leaving a comment in this thread.

Any other thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this spreadsheet are also always welcome.



April 9th, 2018: I have no plans to resume work on the optimals spreadsheet for the Wii U version. This project is now closed.

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A better combo for 4A against the wall I found was 4A 2X 5YAAAA (183 on Pikachu), But with a sidestep you could 4A 2X j.A*B1R 5YAAAA (206+30 on Pikachu)


Also a shield break setup I found: j.AR6 (3-5 hits) 6[X]4A (Works uncharged but won't shield string) Ninetales 8X (Shield break) 6X! j.A*B1R4 6j.Y (I somehow got 4 hits) j.A*B1R 5YAAAA (74 chip+272+30)

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