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Current feelings on gengar MU's

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Gengar is a character who unfortunately does not do well at all against Weavile and M2. Additionally, he struggles against Sceptile if not in advantage state, and loses FP, making it even harder to deal with. As far as DLC goes, They are ranked purely on observation as well as players of that characters opinions on the mu. For EX, Rara believes scizor beats gengar, and Scizor's kit from the footage I have seen is well equipped to dominate gengar. 

Feel free to discuss, let me know what you think.

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@TheCrimsonGunkGeno this was made when gunk was universally assumed to lose all mu's simply due to being considered the worst character in the game.

But if I had to guess? Gunk cant zone out gengar like he can some characters (astonish beats zoning), his homing 1 is bad making him rely on poison jab and fY to shift, which (jab) we check with scooby and fY is slow, gunks main tool to break gengar zone in DP (venoshock) is super slow (punishable with astonish on reaction) so we need to be debuffed for you to catch jump. gunk Anti Air (8Y) is supposedly buns it has a garbage hitbox. Need a lot going for you to win but end of the day probably will be even of slight gengar advantage

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